What Kind of Music Yoo Ah In Listens to?

The other day javatar shared with us a link to a Naver Music article where Ah In talked about the music he likes. Ink Cho has helped compile a sample of songs from the bands that he mentioned. (InK: YAI picked out these 10 songs to introduce to his fans.) So if you’re curious about what kind of music our philosopher Uhm Hong Sik listens to, these are the answers:

  • 아폴로 18(Apollo 18)의 [Red Album (Expanded Edition)]



  • 서울전자음악단(Seoul Electronic Band)의 [2집 Life Is Strange]

서울의 봄 (Spring in Seoul)

고양이의 고향노래 (A Cat’s Hometown Song)

  • 장필순(Jang, Pil Soon)의 [5집 나의 외로움이 널 부를때 (When My Loneliness Calls You)]

빨간 자전거 타는 우체부 (Postman Riding The Red Bike)

나의 외로움이 널 부를 때 (When My Loneliness Calls You)

  • 언니네 이발관(Sister’s Barber Shop)의 [5집 가장 보통의 존재 (The Most Ordinary Being)]

의외의 사실(Unexpected Fact)

아름다운 것 (Beautiful Thing)

  • 검정치마(The Black Skirts)의 [201 (Special Edition)]

강아지 (Puppy)



And here is a song Ah In recently mentioned in his tweet, by Fall Break

Fall Break – Sometimes I’m Dying To Hug You

I’ve been sick of kpop lately, listening to a lot of Clazziquai, Humming Urban Stereo, and Linus’ Blanket nowadays. I really like the second group he mentions (서울전자음악단-Seoul something?). The songs will be my walking music from now on 🙂

43 thoughts on “What Kind of Music Yoo Ah In Listens to?

  1. Seriously, I haven’t heard any of them before. Now when I think of it, my understanding in Korean music is just shallow. Indie bands are actually the real musicians ‘coz they write, sing and play their own music. Unlike the artistes/musicians that we have been exposed to all this while – too commercialized (but still good to listen to). Lol.

  2. oh my gosh. AhIn and I listens to the same music. !!!
    Black Skirts and Sister’s Barbershop is awesomeeee!
    all the more reason to love him teehee 😛

  3. sorry, could anyone tell me the date of this Naver Music article. this 10 choice of songs are kinda moody and soul songs that i feel could lead someone into depression. just my thought. unlike his recent song by Fall Break, seems a bit refreshing and has a mild happy feeling.

  4. interesting taste I heard all of them … I like all kinds of music, i love indie or experiment music too b’coz they make music with strong concept… against the current…. so at least I know if he’s got good taste and don’t mind if it should be different from others … he had principles… that make me more in love with him… my infection getting worse. but i am happy

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  6. just finished listening to the songs. all are great and i like Apollo 18’s Warm the best. gotta find and download it.. hehe~
    thanks everybody for posting this~ love you all~ ^^

    • i know im listening to it right now…im gonna go download it …its awesome , my type of music

      i listen to english indie bands, my exposure to korean indie bands are nil….

      kinda not surprised YAI like this type of music, he is after all a true artist too

        • OMG this priceless comment of yours! You definitely have to wait for the Cine21 interview translation, because Ah In says something EXACTLY like that about his fans there :):) 🙂

          • what??? is this a new cine21 interview or the one from before????…..my eyes just lit up with ur comment, his interviews are priceless and more the better ^^

          • really? really? really?
            arrr…. can’t wait to see the translation.. well, what can i say, great minds think alike? hahahaha…. am so happy coz i have lil tiny part that is like Ah-In… *^^*
            thanks Tinysunbl for leaking the info… hehehe

            • we are all in one guys!!!
              yoo ah in’s virus, really infectd all of us, good thing we’re not a zombie yet…
              :0 lol!!!!
              peace to everyone!!!

  7. 장필순 (Jang Pil Soon) and 가을방학 (Fall Break) are my favorites of the above!!! Their voices settle me and place me at peace somewhere deep inside my heart, as cheesy as that is. These will definitely be regulars on my iPod. I know nothing about the k-indie scene so I’m thankful to Ah In for introducing these amazing songs. ❤

      • Yeah. It’s a great thing that Ah In helps these underrated bands garner more attention from the public. Kudos to him and to the bands of course.

        Apollo 18 rocks! I’ve always been into shoegaze/ambient/noise/post rock stuff. Thanks for this post! ^^

          • Yup Yup!!
            After this article’s been published, he fans decided not to share mp3s of these indie bands just because other fans wanted to check them out. K fans started to recognize that YAI would’ve wanted to introduce these great bands and as well as to help them out economically.
            I still don’t know how to find these K indie mp3 in legit way. I’m still listening to them thru utube which is pathetic 😉
            Anybody knows how??

  8. Never listened to Korean Indie before, some of it is quite good!
    Not related to this thread, but I was wondering if anyone knows if YAI has done his national service yet? Was just having pervy daydreams about him in uniform……………^^ drool…………………

    • omg that’s a dreaded prospect! Not seeing Ah In in 2 years? No way. How can I stand that?

      I hope Korea will change its law. No take it back. Considering the current political situation, there’re no way the military requirements will be less strict. But I don’t want to seeeeeeeee Ah In going to the military 😥 The strict and disciplined and highly conformist environment of the military doesn’t seem to fit Ah In very well.

  9. Thank you for this posting!
    I’m beginning to really enjoy K-Indie bands/ singers after listening to 10cm. Great songs to chill…

  10. Thank you for posting his music selections! I’m actually rediscovering music because of him. Haha okay not really but his song selections are really good. I knew of Pet Boys because of him. Their songs are good. Even though I know quite a few K-indies, these are quite exceptional. I really like Sister’s Barber Shop. They’re my kind of music. One thing though, does The Black Skirts sound a little like Orange Range, a Japanese rock band? Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to Orange Range for a while. The genre is stuck.

    But seriously, Jang Pil Soon is so mellow. I’m in a happy mood right now. I need to stay away.

  11. wow nice to see something different from the kpop that i love,as an earlier writer wrote never heard of any of these artists but i welcome new stuff,thanks for this.writing from the caribbean

  12. I’m widening my horizons beyond K-Pop (which I love) and appreciating the chance to listen to the music listed above. I especially like Sister’s Barber Shop — Unexpected Fact and Beautiful Thing. Also like Seoul Electronic Band — Spring in Seoul. Thanks very much for sharing this with us. Yoo Ah In is becoming more my kind of guy with each passing day.

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  15. Ever since this article has been out, I’ve been in love with Fall Break and I created a playlist with many songs in YAI’s list along with other songs. And then just today, I was watching Marry Me, Mary, and I saw that Fall Break’s “Sometimes I’m Dying to Hug You” was in the background:D It made my day.

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