[NEWS] Ah In and Yoochun totally flirt on Twitter

Yoo Ah In and JYJ’s Yoochun showed off the friendship that developed during ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal.’

Despite their busy personal schedules in the aftermath of the drama, the two co-stars of popular KBS 2TV drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ drew attention for their greetings through Twitter.

On the 22nd, Park Yoochun tweeted to Yoo Ah In, “Do you carry around your phone for show? I called you before leaving for the U.S. but your cell phone was shut off.” Yoo Ah In then responded, “I’m looking forward to Saturday. Yoochunee Yoochonee Yookchunee [6002] Yootonee Yoothunee” and called Park Yoochun several nicknames while communicating his anticipation and encouragement regarding JYJ’s upcoming concert on the 27th.

Fans reacted with comments including, “Oh, so Yoo Ah In is also coming on Saturday,” “It’s nice to see your friendship,” “I want to call Yoochun by nicknames, too,” and informed Yoo Ah In about the ‘Be My Girl’ dance event JYJ’s audience is planning, saying, “Make sure you show up with the choreography memorized. Don’t show up without it,” among other responses.

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will be holding the ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ on the 27th and 28th at 7PM at Seoul Jamsil Stadium Complex.

Reporter: Hong Saem
Source: Review Star

Translated by jaeshinah

26 thoughts on “[NEWS] Ah In and Yoochun totally flirt on Twitter

  1. ahh cute side from YAI, called several nickname for yoochun….we will also looking forward for your next project mr. yoo… so curious what you’ve been done lately….

  2. Thank you jaeshinah … I saw his tweet about looking forward to Saturday but didn’t really understand what he was referring to. Now, this makes me really want to go to JYJ concert on Saturday 😦

  3. Yes I believe Ah-in is going to see JYJ on Saturday, Yoochun told him to learn the dance in advance lol. I just love the bromance between them XD

  4. “Do you carry around your phone for show?” I heard this a lot from people around me, It’s a lovely and cheeky sarcastic from my annoying friends……. hahaha
    Nice to know they still keep in touch, would be lovely that Ah-in’s going and dance…. wow!!!

  5. Soooooo nice that their friendship are remain after SKKS.
    I wonder Mickey might plans something to surprise his audiences and YAI. It would be fun if there is,,,,,,,,, shall wait and see.

  6. anyong!!! YOO AH IN…hope to see a new drama from you soon….
    i miss your acting and your unforgettable face on the screen so much!..
    and am waiting for the sky and sea..
    where do think i can watch ?
    is this movie on the site already?
    ahhhh… am so eager to watch it..
    btw, kamsahameda!!
    may god bless you and good luck on your career..!!

  7. It’s funny how his twitter is stalked 24/7. The moment he tweets 5 seconds later someone already took a screencap of it! We truly live in the age of information technology lol

  8. Yoo Ah In will come to JYJ concert? That’s interesting.
    If only I could go to the concert! haha..

    BTW, lol,he’s so cute call Yoochun with all the nicknames. ^^

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. nice to hear that they so cute I mean YAI he so cute at least i know little more about him … thanks a lot and so much love to people behind this site… everyday… when i open my eyes in the morning… when lunch time during work… or as soon as I got home, this heaven make me alive… Saranghe… keep it up

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