[RUMOR] Ah In to star in the movie ‘Wandeukee’?


Yoo Ah In, who received much love from viewers through the drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ has emerged as a strong candidate for the male lead role in the movie ‘Wandeukee’ [T/N: ‘Wandeuk’ is a name; ‘Wandeukee’ is how you would call out the name], raising anticipations that he may co-star alongside Chungmuro [T/N: Korea’s version of Hollywood] character actor Kim Yoon Seok.

The movie ‘Wandeukee’ is based on an original bestelling novel [of the same name] and tells the coming-of-age story about a nineteen-year-old youth named Wandeuk who comes from a poor family, doesn’t do well in school, and is a rebellious troublemaker who refuses to lose to anyone in a fight. Wandeukee meets an eccentric teacher named ‘Dongju’ who, though originally Wandeuk’s sworn enemy, gradually transforms into a lovable advisor, and as Wandeuk learns kickboxing, he matures and finds both dreams and hope.

Yoo Ah In has emerged as a strong candidate to play the role of poor, rebellious problem child Wandeukee, and Kim Yoon Seok has already been cast to play the role of teacher Dongju, who appears to live just to bother Wandeukee for fun, but actually deeply and genuinely understands Wandeukee.

A representative from ‘Wandeukee’ revealed, “It’s correct that we are in the middle of talks with Yoo Ah In, but nothing has been determined.”

The novel <Wandeukee> received the Young Adults Literature award at the 1st Changbi Awards in 2007. In March 2008, over 700,000 copies were sold, crowning it a bestseller. Afterward, many devoted readers expressed their opinions that it should be adapted into a movie.

Director Lee Han will grab the megaphone to make the movie ‘Wandeukee.’ Lee is known for his movies ‘Love Story’ [연애소설, 2002], ‘Almost Love’ [청춘만화, 2006; ‘Almost Love’ is the English title, but the Korean title translates directly as ‘Youth Cartoon’], and ‘My Love’ [내 사랑, 2007]. After completing casting, the movie will begin shooting in January.

Reported by Cho Kyung Ee
Source: OSEN

Translated by jaeshinah

39 thoughts on “[RUMOR] Ah In to star in the movie ‘Wandeukee’?

  1. OOOOOOOh I CAN’T Wait… what can i do to make this happen…. What should I send a supernatural energy …. in Indonesia many shamans who can make things happen …. hahaha … I will pray more from now on …. and crossed my fingers for him…

  2. wow.. kickboxing, but he once mentioned that he didn’t like moving too much…
    mmhnn, i think he is actually very good in sports, he did well in all the action scene, how come he doesn’t like to exercise.. haha ^^;;

  3. New project!! New Project!! I want his new project!! He”ll play as rebellious kid (again… he’ll good at it), doesn’t do well at school (hmmmm he doesn’t do well not because of his IQ..but he doesn’t like the system, so familiar with it), always fight (Tat taratta ta…moon Jae shin… Moon Jae shin.. Moon jae Shin). Its complete package! If YAI takes this role he’s going to nail it!

  4. You know.. I always wanted him act in a love story drama/movie… coz the roles taken up by YAI so far.. NEVER GETS THE GIRL… including The Man Who Can’t Marry (in the end). Haha. But still… Wandeukee might be a good movie… it’s kinda YAI-ish.

  5. Don’t worry~
    this time, he’ll get the girl~ i’m not so sure about the happy ending, yet i heard there will be some love scene in the plot~~~

  6. I smile at reading “story about nineteen year old youth.” With such a baby face, of course he can easily pass as a nineteen year old 🙂 Dear producers, please seal the deal immediately! jaeshinah and Ink, thanks for the news!

  7. One concern is he may be type-cast into “rebellious, coming-of-age” role. But Ah In can be in a movie in which he just stares at the screen and do NOTHING and I’ll still watch. I watch the entire first ep. of Strongest Chilwoo just for a 2 sec appearance of Ah In!

    • True. I’m quite concerned about this, too. Nonetheless, considering YAI’s personality, I’m sure he’ll find a way to break free when he starts feeling he’s getting seriously typecast.

      • yea hopefully he will take on more different roles next time such as main lead in a romantic drama? YAI ssi .. please answer our prayers!

        • Yes, romantic dramas! Especially those tear-jerkers, wow. I want him to cry in despair because of the lover, then I’m going to cry alongside him. He should add something like that to his resume someday. I bet he’ll do well.

    • lol….. you’re soooo sweeeeet tinysunbl…. ahhh! I wish he pops up to say hello here, this’s my Xmas wish…. keke
      If I remember well from one of his interview he said he wants to try something different for his next drama or movie, that why he needs more time for more options….. but any role will do for me as long as he’s happy.
      So!!! how do you enjoy watching Strongest Chi-woo? I watched it long ago before I know Ah-in, I didn’t even notice that he’s in the 1st ep. I just paid extension on Oh Man-suk. I think I’m going to watch it again…. nice nice weekend…… Thank you all.

  8. i think its fits YAI….. a movie would be good but i wont be able to watch it till its released on dvd and subbed…so hoping for him to return to the small screen as well….but any project is better than no project…but then again i want him to have a break too

    • no, park min young is starring in a movie called ‘Cat’ and there’s nothing new about ah in’s potential role. the article only linked their names because they are both SKKS stars and they may both be in movies for their next project.

  9. Oh, I read about this yesterday and wondered what Wandeuki means. Yes, I hope he accepts the role. It means a buffed up, meated up, toughened up Yoo Ah-in! But, totally agree with tiny and his stereotype “coming-of-age, misunderstood kid”. Come one, this guy is like 24 and he’s playing a 19-year old? He’s already a young adult. Unless in Korea, mid-20s are still “coming-of-age”. Maybe he should be “of-age” when he’s 25. Let’s just hope people. But still, it’s nice to see him in another project.

  10. Like what others have mentioned, I also do not want Ah In to get typecast in just one kind of role… but based from what I heard/read about him, he doesn’t seem to be the type to agree to just about anything just for the sake of having work. I believe that Ah In himself will not allow it (getting typecast) to happen… ^^

    Nevertheless, if this rumor turns out to be true, I’ll be one happy YAI fan! 🙂

  11. I thought the same…. I don’t want him to shave his facial hair T_T Well, he’d still be great, but…We’ll see ^o^

    Hope this is true, or at least that we will be able to see him soon on the screen !

  12. he is certified fit the role hope he will do this it will be his prime performance to hit the limelight as lead man.But do hope he will not be in line with this one type character because I do love him in many roles in the future.

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