Saturday Hangover #3

seeksik gallery

What’s up everyone? This is truly Saturday hangover. I clean forgot yesterday was Friday! Bad me. I had such a mixed week, feeling both busy and relaxed at the same time (maybe too much relaxed haha)

Quick annoucement:

  • Check out the fancam and pictures of Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki@JYJ concert yesterday. (Thanks mathed2001 for compiling them) This SKKS bromance really explodes!
  • A lot of reviews sent to me were marked as spam and I almost deleted them. So if you email me your review, expect a reply email from me. If I haven’t replied within 48 hours, please shoot me an email again. I apologize for the inconvenience. (Clarification: I’m the one who will collect the reviews, but if you want to to send yours to ancientkingdom unnie for English-Korean translation, please also CC me the email, so I can keep a record. I’m a stat freak!)
  • There are a viikii page and a live journal community for Yoo Ah In nowadays. Check them out (links at blogroll)!
  • Haven calls for volunteers: see this video page? There are so many new (old) youtube clips of Ah In that I can no longer keep it up to date. Would one or two of us here step up and take charge of that page-keeping it up to date by adding and organizing all the videos.?

13 thoughts on “Saturday Hangover #3

  1. After 11/30, I should be able to help you keep up with that page… if you can give me some instructions. I am sure it will not be too difficult. 🙂

  2. omo they were at the concert??? lucky fans. wish PMY was there too, but then again, she might as well not. you never know what those fans are capable of…j/k.

  3. omg!!! wish i could go there and see yoo ah in, in person,,, ived been in korea before…
    if only i could turn back time….we invited in sokcho sorak, hanwa resort for the polynesian festival… ahhhh….
    agree to all you guys..they are so sweet and very supportive.. 🙂

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  5. I coulnd’t stop shutting my mouth. It voluntarily keeps making big smile. Now my jaw is hurting with dry teeths <— result from staring YAI picture and fancam. (replayed so many times).

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