[UPDATED with video link] [News] An old video of Ah In gets attention

*** LINK 1 (Naver) & LINK 2 (Youtube) TO THE VIDEO — many thanks to what_life & janjher!! ***


Guh-roh sahyung once looked like this?

On the 28th, a video from Yoo Ah In’s minor role in the 2003 SBS sitcom ‘Live Correctly’ was uploaded on a certain Internet community’s message board, receiving explosive interest from netizens.

‘Live Correctly’ was directed by ‘Unstoppable High Kick’s Kim Byung Ok and is about the manager at an orthopedics hospital, Noh Ju Hyun, and the hospital director, Park Young Kyu, and their families. The complex entanglements of the hospital’s doctors and nurses were highly entertaining and received much popularity. In the revealed video, Yoo Ah In is seen at a hof [T/N: a chicken and beer bar/restaurant] drinking beer and exchanging fun stories with Jung Ryeo Won and Park Heejin, among others. It appears to be an episode where the sitcom’s nurses Jung Ryeo Won, Park Heejin, etc. are drinking at a hof and happen to meet a group of men that includes Yoo Ah In.

Yoo Ah In looks much cuter [in the video] than he does now. Yoo Ah In, who sits across from Jung Ryeo Won and Park Heejin, throws out pick-up lines, such as “The patients at your hospital must be happy. The nurses are so pretty,” and “I bet Ryeo Won-ssi would be a lot of fun at a nightclub. I bet you dance well, too,” showing a special interest [in her character]. The enormous popularity Yoo Ah In is currently enjoying has allowed for these rare videos of his bit parts to see the light of day.

Netizens showed a great interest in an image of Yoo Ah In that is quite different from his chic and charismatic image today. Their reactions included, ‘I thought I had seen everything Yoo Ah In had appeared in, but it’s amazing that you managed to find this,’ ‘Yoo Ah In has really worked hard,’ ‘Yoo Ah In was good-looking back then, too,’ and ‘His pick-up lines are so funny,’ showing a hot response to the video.

Reported by Kim Pyo Hyang
Source:  Sports Chosun

Translated by jaeshinah

*NOTE* The video was originally posted on YAI’s DC Inside gallery but it appears that somebody reported it and it was taken down. I looked to see if it was re-uploaded but I couldn’t find anything… I will update this space if I do.

14 thoughts on “[UPDATED with video link] [News] An old video of Ah In gets attention

  1. Haha. His hair style back then reminded me of one of my male teachers during my high school years. Of course, he looked way better now… that manly beast. XD

  2. It seems like he barely aged after 7 years. Lol. It’s nice to read more about our dear YAI. But, I was just wondering, what could be the reasons for the video to be taken down.?

  3. Many many thanks what_life,jaeshinah!! 🙂
    He’s so cute! ^^

    Yoo Ah In.
    Since my heart was stolen by his character, his unique and a lot of things about him,
    his photos, interviews,video clips, each of his words and
    many other things about him always make my eyes as difficult to blink!

    There was a times, I myself did not realize every moment that passed everytime i see a video clip about him.
    Same with this one. lol

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