[High Cut] Song Joong Ki’s first impressions of Yoo Ah In?

What were your first impressions of <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> co-stars Yoo Ah In and Micky Yoochun? Was there any competition amongst the 3 kkot-mi-nams [literally, flower-pretty-boys]?

“I had thought Yoochun would be ‘weak and soft, a bit prickly,’ but when I met him he was actually incredibly manly and sentimental. And from the moment I met Ah In, his eyes weren’t ordinary. Enough that his gaze made me a little nervous [T/N: This is meant as a compliment]. As to competition, hmm…if we’re talking about looks, height more than face! Because all three of us are slender, I found myself wanting to look a bit bigger [by being taller].”

Source: High Cut interview with Song Joong Ki via Seider’s Naver blog (purpledoll3)

Translated by jaeshinah

22 thoughts on “[High Cut] Song Joong Ki’s first impressions of Yoo Ah In?

  1. Is YAI’s gaze kind of intimidating Joong ki, made him nervous? LOL! Btw, what does he mean by ‘height more than face’? Is YAI’s face too cute and baby face that JK can’t believe YAI’s taller than him?

    • the subject and object are implied a lot in korean grammar, so it isn’t clear if he’s talking about just YAI or Yoochun + Ah In. looking at the question, though, my guess is the latter–that he was more jealous of Ah In + Yoochun’s height than their faces. although i don’t know if Yoochun is taller than SJK or not. YAI definitely is. hehehe.

    • No… No… No… i think YAI is the best… my heart just for him… maybe Jong ki was interested with lips and eyes but for me whole body, talent, whole package… sorry YAI it was wave for a while… but now i am yours…. hahhaha

  2. yup, joong ki is the shortest but the cutest!!! i love his face more…hehehe…but also like YAI’s face –when he’s on his Geol Oh look =)

    so, i think SJK is satisfied with his looks (don’t mean anything bad about this) but he wants to be taller =)

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