More Pictures from The KBS Award

YAI received one of the Best Couple Awards with Song, Joong-ki.

But, that was about it. What is wrong with KBS????

All these pictures shows where they are from: some news pictures of lovely YAI, and those beautiful shots of Baked Banana from DCinside Gallery.

Live Report of KBS Drama Awards 2010!

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I decided to do a live report of KBS Drama Awards 2010. I won’t be translating spoken words, because seriously I don’t understand that much. If I do understand, I will tell. This post will be updated as the award ceremony is proceeding.

I didn’t watch for the beginning, only about 20 minutes in. Update: So I ended up editing quite a few after the awards are over but overall they’re live reports. I didn’t want it to be a raw live report so all of you can read it well. I did not read any news at all, all the things written are according to what I saw. There might be some wrong things so I might need to fix them later.

The award ceremony is MCed by Choi Soojung, Lee Dahae and Song Joongki. The ceremony will be divided into three parts. I might post the winners list when I can get my hands on it. In the following post, I will only write down winners/categories that has to do with Mr. Yoo or Sungkyungkwan Scandal.
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KBS Drama Awards 2010 Schedule

In case you want to watch live, here is the schedule:

Part 1
(3 other awards omitted)
Best Couple

  1. Park yoo chun + Park Min young
  2. Yoo Ah In + Song Joong ki
  3. Moon geun young + Jang geun seok (geun-geun coulpe XD)
  4. Yoon si yoon + Lee young ah
  5. Jang hyuk + Lee Da hye

Rookie awards
Presenter Lee Min ho, Kim so eun
Nominees M: Park yoo chun, Yoo ah in (debuted since 2004, Yoo Ah In is a rookie? WTF?) , Yoon si yoon, Joowon, Ji chang wook, Taek yeon
Nominees F: Go ah sung, Kim Ha eun, Oh ji eun, Su woo, Lee si young, Ji yeon

Part 2

(4 other performances omitted)

Popular Awards
Netizen Awards
Presenter Yoo Ah In, Koo Hye sun

Credits: KBS World@ Facebook, Shared by: DBSKnights

[ITW] Arena Homme Plus, January 2011

Korea’s young style icon, actor Yoo Ah In

Actor Yoo Ah In + Style

This year, the public’s overflowing fervor for Yoo Ah In was rightly explosive. Every single word of the script he spit out during the drama, the expressions of laughter and tears he showed, and the words he wrote and submitted through his mini-hompy were all captured and actively consumed on the stage of the Internet. What is it about this young man that has captured the attention of so many?

Feature Editor: Lee Ki Won | Fashion Editor: Lee Kwang Hoon

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Ah In Is Finally Back Home!!

The news of Ah In being back home is all over the internet.  I thought all the haveners should know too!!  The first three pictures were shared on seeklyn’s twitter.  All these photos are from “bakedbanana” and “gkdisdnwn1.”

Airport 1

Airport 2

Airport 3


Airport 4

Airport 5

Airport 6

Airport 7

Airport 8

Airport 9

Airport 10

Airport 11

Airport 12

I am not sure if seeklyn is the same person who took the pictures or maybe just reposted the pictures.  But, the pictures are from “” and “”  Doesn’t Ah In look great?! ^^

Also, since some of you were wondering where Ah In was and what he did in London, here are few more pictures of him in London.  The first three are from Ah In’s tweets and the rest are from a post by diotima8383@naver.

As you can see, this one was taken at his hotel…
London Hotel 1

This one was taken at the restaurant called “Wapping Project.”
Wapping Project Restaurant

This one was taken, again, in his hotel…

London Hotel 2

Now, for the rest of the photos… since I can’t read Korean, I really can’t tell you what Ah In was doing…  The first one here seems to be with a fan.  But, the rest looked like he was interviewed on the street…

London 1

London 2

London 3

And here is an additional picture posted on the link of the Seoul Newspaper NTN which was on Ah In’s agent’s twitter. The picture was posted on Ah In’s mini-hompy on the 29th. The background is the world largest Ferris Wheel. Based on the news, it is confirmed that Ah In will be attending the KBS Drama Awards on the 31st. OH~~~ How exciting!!



YAY! It’s the 120th post!

Date :October 26, 2011


Time : 2:00 PM

Event : YAI HAVEN First Year Anniversary

It’s been year since the first article was posted and the Haven was founded by our very own  Tinysunbl, who’s nickname  came from the first  English newspaper she read “The Sun”. To commemorate this special event , the HAVENERS decided to finally meet up, POTLUCK style.

The first to arrive is AYA RYUUSEKI, bringing with her YAI Lasagna, her personal favorite and the YAI Leche flan for dessert. She said, that this dessert, no matter how much you eat, you still love it. One can be addicted to it.  “ I’m pretty much saying that I’m falling more and more in love with Yai the more I learn about him. I’m addicted!” she added .

Come next is LISDARINA, her real name, with her the YAI  Fried rice! Hmmmn, yummy. Being a nosy haveners I ask, why fried rice? She said, she’s having this once a week,  for it is a something that brightened her day! Without it, her  life will never be complete!The same goes to a life without seeing Ah In. Never complete! haha!! (Same here dear –Asha)

EUPHUNE, a Cassies and now a fellow HAVENERS, brought with her the YAI pat bing soo , it is kind of ice cream in korea that made from many kind of fruits that reminds him of our Yoo AH IN  coz he’s refresing to her.

The spicy chilli sambal with anchovies and potato on the far corner of the table was brought by MIRASCHINN, (whose Nickname  is a combination of her real name and schinn is from shin, in gokusen the first season). Next to it is the Filipino dish called Sinigang, brought by JAS. It’s a sour soup but it can be a little spicy because one of the ingredients is a long chili pepper. Jas said, this soup reminds her our our YAI because like the soup, , he add a little spice to himself .

For drinks, ESHI, brought a case of  Grass Jelly and Lychee drink. She’s completely in love with this drink and wanted to share to the fandom and she said  she love this drink strangely enough for the same reasons that  she love YAI, its refreashing and different . But, if you want something tradional KOREAN drink, our Korean American Haveners Angel Jaeshinah brought some Makkeoli,  it’s a traditional rice wine and it’s a bit sweet, quite strong, and very Korean. She said she feel like Ah In would be something alcoholic., so why not give it a try…

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[Contest] Write a letter to Ah In and win a copy of Cine 21~!

Hi everyone!!

YAI Haven is thrilled to announce our first ~contest~!

The rules are simple.

Write a letter addressed to Yoo Ah In–it can be any length, it can be typed, drawn, whatever you want–but it has to be in English, and it has to be submitted to OR by 11:59pm on December 31, 2010, KST. =)

We will post the letters on YAI Haven, along with an announcement of the winner, two weeks later. Empty your heart=) Write whatever you always wanted to say to Ah In.

*NOTE* We’re not actually sending these to Ah In~! This is just for the Haven.=)

The writer of the best letter will win a copy of the November issue of  Cine 21, featuring Ah In.

Yay! Good luck!!

[Interview] Japanese Station Interviewed Ah In – English Subtitles

Since SKKS will be aired in Japan soon, a Japanese station interviewed Ah In with, of course, Japanese subtitles.  Thanks to Ah Shin De Shin Fu @ Ah In Baidu, Japanese subtitles were translated to Chinese.  So, when you watched this video, please keep in mind that the subtitle translations were done from Korean to Japanese, Japanese to Chinese, and then finally, Chinese to English~~  Hopefully, it is close enough to what Ah In was really saying…  It is a video that is over 7 minutes AND with Ah In talking pretty much the whole time!! ^^  So, I hope you enjoy it~~

Ah In Interview by mathed2001@youtube

Vote for Yoo Ah In as Best Actor in JKN’s Stars of 2010!

Newspaper Jaekyung Ilbo ( if you use Google Chrome, like me, you might find that it warns you against this website…I’m not sure why it does that, but it’s a valid and correct URL!) is asking its readers to vote for the top stars of 2010. As you will see, there are actors for actors and singers, including our very own Yoo Ah In! He is up for the award of “Best Actor” against Kang Dong Won, Ko Soo, Park Shi Hoo, Won Bin, and Jang Geun Seok, and… dun dun dun…at the moment I voted, he was leading with 32.38% of the votes! However, Jang Geun Seok and Won Bin are not too far behind, with 27.9% and 20.54% respectively, so go give Ah In your support by voting at the link above!

You do not have to log in to vote. All you have to do is type the letters in the blue box (this IS case-sensitive!) and click on the red button on the LEFT (투표하기) to vote! (The right button, 결과보기, is just to see the results.) After voting, you will be able to see the current votes as they stand. There must be Sungkyunkwan Scandal fans on this site, because not only is Yoo Ah In in 1st place in his category, but so are Yoochun (Hallyu Star category) and Sungkyunkwan Scandal (drama category), and Park Minyoung is in 2nd place for Best Actress. =)

Voting will close at midnight on 12/30 and results will be announced on the 31st.