[Videos and Photos] Yoo Ah In at the 2010 A-Awards

As mentioned in this article, Yoo Ah In will be honored tonight at Arena Homme Plus and Audi Korea’s A-Awards.

It has now been revealed that Yoo Ah In will be receiving the Style Award tonight!

The other winners include: Incheon United FC soccer coach Huh Jung Moo (Leadership); MBC’s Infinity Challenge team (Innovation), movie director Ryu Seung Wan (Creativity), actor Jang Hyuk (Passion), architect Seung Hyo Sang (Intelligence), and Mnet representative Park Kwang Won (Charisma).

The awards ceremony will begin tonight (12/1) at 7pm.

Reported by Lee Yong Seok
Source: News Prime

Translated by jaeshinah


Award venue

Finally our chadohnam 차도남 made his appearance on the red carpet. He had some incredibly cute expression here:

Click under the cut for more:

So cute:

The “rough” boy image:

More pics here, from all possible angles:

Now let’s wait for some fashion expert fan to identify the clothing brand. The shirt he tucked inside looks (potentially) like another backless halter shirt to me-tinysunbl

And (some) pic(s) inside the venue:

Here is a fancam of him saying “hello” to fangirls:

Red Carpet and Acceptance Speech:

Thanks to janjher, Ginko, and greenrosetq(@KST) for sharing

67 thoughts on “[Videos and Photos] Yoo Ah In at the 2010 A-Awards

  1. wah….when I watch him talking I just want to hug him tight and never let go!!!!
    I thought that I’ll jump in my laptop and run straight to him to kidnap him an take with me!
    I’m so unlucky that I live in Poland…

  2. OMG HIS “annyonghaseyo” was the hottest thing ever OMGOMG AHAH. thanks for this artical. feeling all spazzed up now! hahah!

  3. oh! i’m sooo proud of him! well, he so deserve this award. if we’re talking about STYLE–then it’s definitely YOO EFFING AH IN. hehehe… he got style written all over him. but the one I appreciate the most is his ACTING STYLE– coz he’s such a GREAT actor. ^^

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