10 Asia reporters pick SKKS as 2010’s best drama

Fourteen reporters from 10Asia gathered together to vote for what they believed were the best drama, director, writer, and actor in the drama world in 2010. <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> was selected as the year’s best drama with 6 votes, just edging out <Chuno>with 5. As the article mentions, the reporters who submitted their votes are simply writers who diligently and lovingly watched Korea’s dramas over the past year, so their votes are more reflective of personal taste than professional critical opinion. Though they did not win, two reporters also selected Kim Kap Soo [the actor who played Lee Sunjoon’s father] as the best actor, and one reporter selected the Jalgeum Four of Park Yoochun, Park Minyoung, Yoo Ah In, and Song Joong Ki as the best actors of the dramas of 2010. =)

This year’s drama: KBS <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>

Though KBS’s <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> was “not this year’s most well-made drama, it was the most meaningful” (Yoon Hee Sung). “It didn’t go down the path of naive hypocrisy or malpheumisms packaged in coolness, and in this generation in which it is hard to speak of dreams, it was a drama that showed rare balance and frankness and tossed out the most basic questions necessary for dreams” (Baek Eun Ha). “Besides the outside shell of the romance and coming-of-age stories, it managed to confront and question again and again issues of principles, problems of the time, reform, and intelligence. It was ‘this year’s discovery’ that nobody saw coming” (Cho Ji Young). Indeed, not only the Sungkyunkwan scholars but also viewers and critics fell completely in love with Kim Yoonshik—no, Kim Yoonhee. Of course, one cannot ignore the drama’s weaknesses, including that “the second half deteriorated and the story wasn’t unified from time to time” […] “But the energy from that [lack of unification] allowed the drama to be a youth, sageuk, and political drama [all at once]” (Kang Myung Seok), turning this opinion into a positive one. More than anything else, this drama asked serious questions about the way we should live our lives, and did so with the voices of young people speaking toward a young generation, and made an effort to awaken our exhausted and emasculated age to the world. Thus our most honest feelings about <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> can be summed up in the words of Yoon Hee Sung: “It wasn’t a drama that made its viewers laugh or cry, but there was no other drama that warmed our hearts like this.”

Source: 10 Asia’s 2010 Ten Awards
Translated by jaeshinah

21 thoughts on “10 Asia reporters pick SKKS as 2010’s best drama

  1. wow .. This second best news … after I upload, my fanmade … I’m not surprised … SSK is good, very good … cinematography … script, cast … all of them. Thank you Jaesinah , hopefully you have enough eat and rest today … keep healthy , you make my day more beautiful

  2. Awesome piece of news! It’s great to hear that Sungkyunkwan Scandal is credited with honor. I have no regrets chasing and drooling over this drama for more than 10 weeks (ignoring the fact that I am in my final year – with thesis and all lol).

  3. I agree with their opinions. I really didn’t have that much of an expectation when I started watching SKKS. I thought it was your usual teen romance drama, with the only exception of it being a period drama. I was pleasantly surprised that it also tackled various social and political situations from which I learned a lot. Sungkyunkwan Scandal was able to make a good blend of romance and intelligent drama without becoming cheesy or overly serious.

    Thanks for translating 🙂

    • me too, my initial impression is the same as you. and i had another thought… the boys around her stupidly never realised that she is a girl. but SKKS is different, Yong Ha immediately knew Yoon Shik is a girl and in fact, he goes to all the trouble to reveal that she is a girl. i still watch SKKS until today. never get bored of it. because of SKKS, i got hook to Jae Shin character and now to YAI.

      thanks again jaeshinah.

  4. yes yes yes!!!! finally!! skks drama succeded !!
    congratulations to all the staff of skks, especially the quartet, you did all great!! bravooooooo!!!
    and of course to my moon jae shin, this drama got high rate becuase of you!!!
    love you so so much!!!
    jaeshinah and tinysunb thank you! thank you! again, for making us happy!
    more power to you both!!! and eat your meal on time, to prevent sickness…

    • you’re right SSK win because our Jaeshin … character who looks outstanding … The second is the Yong Ha … they are like the broth in the soup … soup without the broth what would happen …. hahaha,
      the power of stories.. a beautiful love story doesn’t feel cliche … although the theme is on offer remain about love triangle (very korean drama) … political intrigue as a spice is also very interesting (although it sometimes feels to have the same portion in terms of romance ….)… and the most I like is cinematografi … many beautiful pictures … beautiful shot…. I am so happy with that

  5. Hello Jaeshinah. I have an inquiry. I’ve heard that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was based on a book or novel. It has I think 2 books. I was just wondering if it is available in English? I would like to purchase those books. Thank you so much for translating news about Sungkyunkwan Scandal and of course about our Yoo Ah-In. I am just new in this fandom thing and I’m happy that it all started with Yoo Ah-In. Keep up the good work.
    I really hope you will answer my question. Oh, additional question: Do you have any idea how much the books cost? Thank you.

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  8. Glad to see despite the rating that SKKS is being recognized!

    Also OT, but I see Kim Soyeon being named twice!! Heeee! And Life is Beautiful has a really heartwarming writing as well. Great choices!

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  10. Of course it is! I srsly thought that My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho was the best until, of course, SKKS came along! lol good job 10Asia! You totally picked the right choice ;D

  11. Congrats to the whole cast and crew of the SKKS, they deserve the recognition! Looking forward to all the awards SKKS will bring home this year! Specially our YAI.

    Thanks Jaeshinah! Your an angel for keeping us updated to all those good news!

  12. Congratulations to all the parties involved in making SKKS!
    One of the most beautiful experiences in life to follow this wonderful story!

    And the unforgettable time when I get to know
    the amazing and remarkable person
    Uhm Hong Sik,Yoo Ah In!!

    Thanks for sharing this!!! 🙂

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