Yoo Ah In’s (sort of) cameo in Mary Stayed Out All Night

This is so random and funny. Those who are watching Marry Stayed Out All Night may notice…Yoo Ah In’s face gracing their TV screen, since apparently the DP decided to use a He Who Can’t Marry poster to decorate the set:

Ep. 5


Why DP-nim? Why this among many other KBS dramas? Why THIS????

Screencaps courtesy of janjher

20 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s (sort of) cameo in Mary Stayed Out All Night

  1. I was wishing to comment about this in the previous posts, but I felt it would be so random. Lol. I kept on seeing this on MSOAN, and it always makes me smile. I don’t get the relation between the 2 serie, but maybe there’s some secret there.? I wonder if they’re hinting something. Rofl.

      • Yaah! I was thinking the same thing…. then… (laughed!&thought!)… maybe I’m just taking Ahin’s side, when I watched MSOAN.
        I wonder…. his 2 ex co-workers have in their mind about the poster!!! >,<'' (just curious)
        Take a good care of yourself & goodluck for your study…. and thank you… tinysunbl…♥X♥X♥

  2. OOOOh, OMG charm Yoo ooo ah in …. up to poster … I don’t know what to say … certainly extraordinary charm … You are also great, it can be noticed as much detail, because the poster I’ll start watching that drama …. have nice weekend

  3. THIS. I kept on replaying the part where 2AM was singing onscreen and where I could see YAI’s face behind Kim Jae-wook. Such an amazing shot, director! Kim Jae-wook sandwiched between 2AM’s prettiness and YAI’s. 😀

    • “Kim Jae-wook sandwiched between 2AM’s prettiness and YAI’s.”
      lol your description makes me laugh so hard. I’m pretty sure such a sandwich is more dangerous to health than 10 big Mac combined

  4. i was screaming when i read the title of this post. LOL.
    at least it is now confirm that i am not hallucinating seeing him in this drama. haha. ^^

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  6. Ah In is really a hot commodity nowadays, maybe they wanted to put a SKKS poster but would be too obvious (kekeke) so they opted for a subtler one…

    wish i was watching MSON but after SKKS …it seems like i don’t have any desire to watch any new drama 😦

    waiting for Ah In’s new project!

  7. You got me there! I thought he really did appear @ MSOAN! hahahha! But it’s only a poster…LOL. We’ll he does appear (sort of), and he’s smile on that poster is absolutely adorable! But, hopefully next time, it’s for real…he does work with the two lead actor right? One on a photoshoot (?) & the other @ Antique…so maybe for old time sake, he’ll be invited for a short cameo

  8. HEH, you didn’t like ‘He Who Can’t Married”? That was a good remake of the Japanese version. I JUST noticed recently from watching SKKS (on ep 18) that Geol Oh is Yoo Ah In from HWCM! WOW, he looks so mature from last year when I saw him in that series (and Antique Bakery); facial hair really does wonders to his masculinity and it looks like grew into his ears. He was boyish cute before but now he’s manly! I’m cheering for his character with Daemul but unfortunately I already know who she ends up with from the first episode. They have better chemistry and I FEEL for his character. Too bad they the writer went with the predictable matching.

    Oh, do you think perhaps the DP or0 production crew of Mary Stayed Out… are same people who made HWCM. That’s what I thought but I haven’t seen Mary Stayed…

    I adore site, got redirected from soompi.

    • hi ann! it’s possible that the production crew might be the same (or at least similar) for Mary and HWCM, because they are both KBS dramas. well, I guess that’s pretty obvious. they definitely wouldn’t be promoting a former SBS or MBC drama on their show =P

      as to the predictable pairing–because SKKS is based quite closely on an original Korean novel, I guess there wasn’t much liberty the writer could take regarding the ending. I read a fantastic analysis of this once… talking about how at first, the person wasn’t sure LSJ and KYH really should be together, but she realized that LSJ treats KYH like she’s actually a man–that is, an equal. Now this sort of falls apart later on in the plotline…and then picks up again (esp at the end when it’s clear they share cleaning chores equally!) but still, it’s true that he’s very tough on KYH and doesn’t make any excuses for him because he thinks for most of the series that KYH is a boy. It’s a pairing of equals. whereas MJS finds out rather quickly that KYH is a girl, and he’s always protecting her and watching over her so she won’t get hurt. he’s especially worried for her physical safety. that’s exactly what KYH doesn’t need… she needs someone who treats her equally, like LSJ does. she needs someone who can see her as a person before a woman, and who doesn’t adhere to normal gender roles–like LSJ does (most of the time), and like MJS can’t, once he finds out she’s a woman. That was a real ‘aha!’ moment for me. I think it makes a lot of sense^^

      A lot of us here are soopmiers too ^^ come back often!!

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