Another Yoo Ah In lookalike?

Some of you might remember when Younha made headlines for, apparently, looking like our lovely Yoo Ah In.

Well, another potential lookalike has been spotted by Korean netizens. Someone uploaded some pre-debut pictures of Infinite’s Sung Yeol and he’s gathering attention for his resemblance to Yoo Ah In. Check it out for yourself!

Click under the cut for some post-debut pictures of what Sung Yeol looks like now~

Hmmm. I can see some resemblance in the pre-debut photos, particularly the first one, but I’m not so sure about the rest. I can’t deny he’s a cutie, although as a 1991-er he’s basically a toddler—hahaha=)

What do you think~? Do you see a resemblance?

30 thoughts on “Another Yoo Ah In lookalike?

    • Agreed!
      When I saw this guy’s pic, there were two other K celebrities popped up in my head but not YAI.
      Anything related to YAI is HOT nowadays~lol

  1. no one like my Jaesin … em first pic… little . …second …. somewhat … the rest I’m not sure …. no one like him …

  2. Eyes? No, nose? nope, teeth? nada…Lips…definitely not! What the…can’t see the resemblance at all! he look like Eli of U-kiss more (pic. 1 & 2).

  3. Not a Chance! The first picture resembles just a liiiiitttlee.. Probably because of his hairstyle and angle of the picture taken. Our Ah In can’t be compared to anyone because he’s the only one.^^

  4. Hahah reading our grumpy fangirls’ comments are so funny. At this pace, the above question will have no validity. Even when a YAI’s clone is brought in, we would probably claim that our YAI is absolutely unique lolololololol.

    But seriously, that guy’s eyes, nose, lips, skin,(without tiny scar on cheek, dimple on neck and the acnes)…nope not our Ah In lookalike!!!!!

  5. “He is looking like Eli of Ukiss” that what I though when I saw the pictures. Anyway, he definitely does not look like our Ah In ! (btw it’s my first time posting here, I’m moved XD)

    • i’ll say i agree with the earlier pics but when it came to the “now” the boy just turned into something else!pffft!
      YAI is moving forward…turning into a man. this lookalike(they say) has a long way to go. eat more apples Sung Yeol and maybe just maybe you’ll turn out mighty fine like our YAI.

  6. The first and the second picture really resemble our good looking bunny YAI, the other pictures, hurmmm…I can’t see any resembled…For me even though Sung Yeol look like our YAI,still YAI is the original one…The handsome of them all…

  7. I can not see any resemblance between them and Ah In!

    Yes, Yoo Ah In is Yoo Ah In.
    Hot, handsome, cute and sexy in his own style..^^

  8. i didn’t see much resemblance between the two… ^^;;
    however, in the last photo Sung Yeol looks a bit like Soong Jong Ki.. hehe

  9. they’re not the same, how come media say they look a like, YAI more hotter than him, no one can resemble to our YAI, YAI is the only one

  10. yup there are some resemblance but YAI’s nose is more natural… and my ♥ beats faster at the sight of YAI that’s the BiG difference XD

  11. Ya, maybe a tiny bit resemblance in the first pic. But the rest, i don’t think so. they look so different. The 2nd pic look somewhat like park hae jin.

  12. Sung Yeol in second pic has some resemblence to YAI, especially the eyes .. but maybe because it is taken at a certain angle. Other than that … naaahh … there is a certain charisma and charm in YAI that cannot be easily resembled? Sorry Sung Yeol, you are still cute tough.

  13. In the first picture, there might be a little resemblance on our YAI maybe because of the hairstyle and the angle the picture was taken but for the rest of the resemblance at all. YAI is YAI no one can be like him. Good day to all. 🙂

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