Director’s Cut for SKKS DVD CONFIRMED =)

YAY!!! I’m sorry; I usually try to leave my own sentiments and feelings out of my posts, but I’m BURSTING with excitement right now! =) This post will include:

  • ENE [the company producing the DVD]’s official announcement of the director’s cut DVD, translated from Korean
  • News about the confirmed Director’s Cut DVD of SKKS, translated from a Korean news source [okay, so I know this is totally redundant, but… I did this before I thought to look at ENE’s own website for the news. I already had it done and didn’t want it to go to waste, so I’m leaving it T___T SORRY! haha]
  • Information about what, exactly, a *director’s cut* DVD includes, as well as information on subtitles (it’s good news!) and price
  • Instructions on how foreign fans can order. Those who want one should send a thousand kisses toward cecilia@soompi because she is an angel~!

From ENE:
[12/07/2010] ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal Director’s Cut DVD’ release has been confirmed

We apologize for not being able to release details about the progress of the Sungkyunkwan Scandal DVD until now.

We are overwhelmed with shame that it took longer than expected to come to a consensus in the negotiations between the publisher, KBS Media, and our company in order to put forth the director’s cut DVD. [T/N: haha the sentiment is a bit dramatic but that’s the translation].

Our ENE Media worked hard to persuade the publisher and KBS Media to satisfy your requests for a director’s cut DVD, and fortunately, we have reached a favorable conclusion. We think of your efforts [to make this DVD happen], and we thank you once more.

Because there are many variables that go into the decision to produce a director’s cut, it was difficult to give you more information earlier, and we request your understanding. Details concerning the production of the SKKS director’s cut DVD will be decided upon consultation between Raemong Raein [래몽래인],  KBS Media, and our ENE Media, but we would like to inform you that the content of the DVD will come from KBS Media, and our company [ENE] will purchase the completed DVD [from KBS] and will have exclusive marketing and distributing rights. We will be gathering your opinions on what should be included in the DVD and will do our very best to ensure that things that all of you agree should be included—to the extent that they are feasible—will be reflected in the final product.

Because the specifications of the DVD have been changed from an uncut version to a director’s cut version, we would like to inform you that it will only be available in a director’s cut version [i.e. you can’t buy the DVD in any other form—the only version available will be the full director’s cut with all the snazzy bells and whistles]. As a result, all who have pre-ordered the uncut DVD will be receiving a director’s cut DVD, and we request the unavoidable understanding of any customers who specifically wanted an uncut and not a director’s cut DVD.

Due to the change to a director’s cut DVD, the order period for the DVD will be extended. The dates of the order period will be revealed separately on this website later on.

We would further like to inform you that due to the change to a director’s cut, the release of the DVD will be delayed by one month from the end of January to the end of February.

We will be informing you of all future information related to the DVD production through announcements [on our website]. Thank you.

Source: ENE Media’s official website for the SKKS DVD
Translated by jaeshinah

KBS drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ Director’s Cut DVD to be released!

‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ which received so much love it was said to have launched a ‘Pye-in Syndrome,’ will be releasing a collector’s edition director’s cut DVD. [T/N: Pye-in means a “crippled person” and is also a play on the English word ‘pain,’ and in this context indicates someone who’s loves SKKS so much they’re ‘pained’ or ‘crippled’ by their love. The drama that originally launched the word ‘pye-in’ was MBC’s 2003 drama ‘Damo‘–thanks to ancientkingdom for this info^^]

KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ which ended its run on November 2 of this year, was originally set to have a regular ‘uncut’ DVD release. However, even after the drama ended, the unceasing love of ‘SKKS pye-ins’ continued, and together with the requests of countless fans for a director’s cut DVD, it has become known that a director’s cut DVD will be released in February 2011.

Recording an average of more than 10,000 viewer comments on its message board after every episode, the ‘Sungkyunkwan hot wind’ blew both on- and offline throughout its entire run. Though it received lower viewer ratings than expected, it also produced masses of ‘SKKS pye-ins’ afflicted with ‘Sunjoon Ache,’ ‘Guh-roh Ache’, and ‘Joongki-holics.’

Securing a larger viewer share among 30~40 year olds than among teens, SKKS received love from a wide variety of people, without distinction of age or sex. The novelty of a drama whose material was set against the background of studying Korean literature received favorable criticism for ‘opening a new horizon for youthful sageuk dramas.’

The ‘flower scholars’ who comprised the Jalgeum Four (Park Yoochun, Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In) and were the main characters of the drama have been receiving love calls for movies and dramas since, and are becoming known as blue-chips [T/N: having a reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to bring in money] of the advertising world.

The Sungkyunkwan Scandal DVD is expected to include a large number of never-before-seen scenes that were cut from the original television broadcast.

Besides this, the main characters will also provide interviews and commentary on the drama, as well as additional videos that show exciting and interesting “making of” material.

Reported by Lee Kyung Ki
Source: Frontier Times
Translated by jaeshinah

What is the difference between a director’s cut DVD and a regular ‘uncut’ DVD?

The following is quoted from, maintained by cecilia@soompi:

A director’s cut and ‘Uncut’ version are vastly different. A director’s cut dvd is one where the director re-edits the whole 20 episodes of the drama from episode 1 to 20. The background music, parts which the director felt was lacking, scenes which fans wanted or did not want.. with all these considerations, the director will re edit the whole drama and insert the scenes which were edited out due to running time restraints to make the drama more complete.

For dcuts such as You’re beautiful and Tamra island, the duration of each episode was made alot longer than the version broadcasted. […] A dcut dvd includes commentary by the actors and director on the most memorable scenes, extra videos (making videos, NGs which were not seen on KBS homepage) and will include content reflecting what FANS want (as i said before, dcuts are fan requested dvds).

For example for the You’re beautiful dcut dvd, the extra vids included the concert and an extra 28 making videos. On top of that, the director himself re-edited the background music himself. Because it takes alot of work to re edit the whole series, that is why usually dcut take a few months to be released. […]

Another important note about the commentary – for a dcut, commentary is carried out and recorded with the main cast and director seated at the same place TOGETHER where they discuss and comment on the most memorable scenes of the drama.

** All of the above information was excerpted from **

Will there be English subtitles?

YES, English subtitles will be included! [How good they will be is another question altogether, and it’s true that KBS World subtitles can vary in quality, but it’s obviously good news no matter what!].  This is taken directly from Question #12 of their FAQ section. Unfortunately, they state that Chinese/Japanese/etc. subtitles will not be available.

How much does the DVD cost?

Although the ENE website does not yet have any information on the final price (the order page isn’t open yet), Cecilia’s post from 11/03/10 indicates the price was set to 121,000 KRW [a little over $100 USD… keep in mind the KRW is a bit weak right now! Just keep an eye on currency conversion rates if you want to purchase], whether or not an uncut or director’s cut DVD was to be released. As far as I understand, Cecilia has primarily been receiving her information from the Daum cafe set up to support a SKKS director’s cut DVD (straight from the mouths of the Korean fans at the heart of the effort to make a d-cut), so I trust it’s quite reliable.

Moreover, ENE’s announcement on how to pre-order an uncut DVD [dated from 11/02/2010: the information in here no longer applies] indicates a price of 121,000 KRW, and their plans to send a director’s cut at no extra cost to those who have already pre-ordered indicates, I believe, that the director’s cut will likely be the same.

Sign me up. How do I order?

Like the angel she is, Cecilia has agreed to help foreign fans order the director’s cut DVD. She will update her scandaldvd wordpress site as ENE releases information. **If you want to purchase the DVD, watch THIS SPACE!!** <– CLICK ME! All the necessary information will be uploaded there.

A treat for reading this far:

Ah In’s face is how I feel right now! Source: seeksik-gallery@tumblr (:



a very happy jaeshinah~!

P.S. Just in case, the place to watch for news on the director’s cut DVD for fans who can’t read Korean—once more and in huge letters:

18 thoughts on “Director’s Cut for SKKS DVD CONFIRMED =)

  1. OMG! Finally! I’ve been sooooooo waiting for this!

    I’ve been following Cecilia’s SKKS blog, and, really, I can’t help but hate ENE for all the things they did. Nonetheless, this news is still a bit of heaven for all SKKS fans like us (although I really just want to see YAI over and over)! Yay! Yay! Yay! *roll over* Yay! Lol. So happy!!

  2. Oh my Gosh!! I really can’t wait for this one. I would really purchase this one. I just hope that I have money on the time of the release. Thanks to all of you for posting.

  3. I Am madly in love with Moon Jae Shin! I adore Gu Yong Ha! but I don’t really like Sunjoon and Yoon Hee 😦 (*Quickly hide from SJ & YH fans*Please SunJoon and Yoon Hee Fans Don’t hate me… It’s just my subjective opinion). I don’t really focus about the plot story of SKKS. I watched SKKS because of Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki. I am dying to buy the DVD Dcut ONLY IF the DVD shows lots and lots of YAI’S scenes (behind the scenes, NGs, everything about YAI activites during SKKS making). Therefore, My dearest YAI diehard fans, If you buy the DVDcut.. Could you please tell me whether it is a good buying (lots of YAI in there) ? I’ll wait your comments about the DVDs cut.. It will help me to decide whether to buy or not. THank you friends!!

  4. hi!! i would like to know if the d-cut is going to be available to other asian countries because the cost of the d-cut ver. is rather expensive especially if the shipping cost is not already included.
    and thx to all for contributing to this website:) i look forward to it everyday!

    • You’ll always be able to buy the DVD on international shipping websites like after it’s released. However, ENE hasn’t set up the ordering page yet, so no one knows whether they themselves will ship it internationally, directly. hope that makes sense. the best thing to do is just to keep an eye on the site i linked above. they will update you on all necessary information.

  5. Thank you for gathering all the information, jaeshinah~~ 🙂 That is a great news…

    It is too bad that there will not be Chinese/Japanese sub. in the DVD… I don’t know if I have the heart to tell those fans in Ah In Baidu… ><

  6. I want to buy one but I’m short in money right now and I don’t really have a credit card 😦 Ooh I really do want one. Maybe I should think about it. $100 on student’s budget is a bit…

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