[NEWS] Ah In and Park Min Young MC’d@ 2010 Golden Disk Awards

Dec 9, 2010-Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young attended the 2010 Golden Disk Music Awards as two of the award announcers. I’m watching it live right now, and will update as I move along…

Again Ah In is spotted with waist-less pants. I’m not a fan of the lower half: looks like he’s wearing pajama with (ugly) rain boots

Here is the cut:

Moarrrr pics:

These are ridiculous:

Half-baked quick recaps

Pics collected by janjher and jaeshinah

52 thoughts on “[NEWS] Ah In and Park Min Young MC’d@ 2010 Golden Disk Awards

  1. is that a harem pants? tsk tsk YAI is really creating his own fashion statement. but, not a fan of the pants too. PMY looks good! im glad that she’s not the typical korean actress who’s stick thin. i like the fact that you can actually see flesh on her.
    thank you for the updates Tiny.

  2. Grumpypant looking Ah In is really cute. I wish he had a movie role like that.
    Sorry for lack of commentary on Park Min young. She’s cute and chic…but all I can see is YAI lol

    • i cannot believe how the women stars are dressed here on the red carpet. it is FREEZING tonight in seoul. it’s unbelievably cold!! i’m amazed at how brightly they can smile while wearing summer clothes. i would cry from the cold. it isn’t easy being a star!! poor minyoung T__T (though she looks gorgeous)

      also I love the nickname Grumpypant Ah In. Hahahhahaha it’s so perfect =)

  3. *UPDATE*
    OMG screammmmmmmmmm!
    Ah In just appeared, ~30-40 minutes into the award
    He seemed a bit shy, didn’t look at the audience much
    Park Min Young did most of the talking, and Ah In cracked some jokes
    ~The signature shy laughters that kill me~
    Park Min Young turned attention to IU, who was a bit blushed. They recalled and teased how IU is a fangirl of Ah In
    Everyone laughed
    Ah In said something, and I suspected I hear “saranghamnida”-“I like you”????
    OMG so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Forgot…he had some incredibly cute expressions while he talked to Park Min Young and when announcing the award. Camera showed no Younha, but I might have missed her.

      The way I see it, he’s most active and jittery when being around ppl he knows/feels comfortable with. He isn’t the type who feel comfortable easily in front of a crowd of strangers. That’s why he doesn’t want to do reality shows. Anyway anyhow I’m spazzingggggggggggggggggg

    • AWWW!! i’m even at home right now but i didn’t think to turn on the tv. hahahhaa fail……………… (: oh well. i’m sure it will be up on youtube soon enough… how adorable that IU was blushing!! gosh that feeling of utter embarrassment when you were around your crush back in middle school………. imagine it happening on live TV! hehe whatever—Ah In, just remember that IU is too young for you, ok? hehehe ❤

  4. Wow, thank you Tiny dear, for doing a live report.

    I must agree with jaeshinah, I miss his long legs in skinny suit pants. But never mind, he’s gorgeous in every style.
    Ah In and Min Young look sweet together.

    • lolololol@body switch. I’d like to body switch with Ah In’s best male friend then. Imagine all the time they’d spend together at the sauna kekekee

      In the mean time, some cute screencaps:

      • Ok Let’s have body switching with Ah In’s Best Buddy!! you mentioned Sauna! DIng DONG!!! LOL!!!!
        Tiny and Jaeshinah: GOod Job!! really Good job!! thank you so much for this live stalking!! I love this haven so much!! mmuaahh!

  5. Ouh! Yoo Ah In-ssi,your taste in fashion a bit wierd *smile*.
    Naah,never mind,you still make us fall for you in your creative ways.
    Hmm..Those last few pictures above of Ah In a bit more serious eh,compare to Park Min Yeong’s.She tends to crack her beautiful-gorgeous smile infront of the cameras.Why Ah In-ssi??Don’t hide your super-hot smile,okay.You may rock your fans with that. ‘Say chesse!’

  6. I just remembered it was today. haha wow you’re fast 😀

    Aaaannnddd the fashion. hm.. first Mr. Yoo’s: love the top, hate the bottom. I’m not a big fan of Aladdin pants, or rainboots on red carpets for that matter. But his jacket, looks like chainmail! I want to touch it. And I love how he always pulls his cuffs (or sleeves?) so it’s seen under the jacket sleeve. His jackets always look so big on him. He’s so friggin skinny!
    Minyoung didn’t blow me away either. It was rather plain and safe, I mean black and white? Sure it’s like the color combo of the season but wth. We need color on Korean red carpets, seriously. But considering this is a music award ceremony so I guess they should pass by the long shot.
    But I love both of their hair! It looks very, very nice, and Minyoung’s is enviable.

    • a lot of stars have been wearing black in recent weeks because of the attack on yeonpyeong island when 4 people were killed. i’m not sure if it’s still affecting fashion choices, but it might explain the profuse amount of black we’ve seen on the red carpet!

      • I think the lots of black has been seen even before the Yeonpyeong Island incident. Especially on the not-so-big award ceremony and I’m not talking about awesome black. Maybe I expect the razzle dazzle of Hollywood. I’m just wishing too much, actually. The black-white combo is actually pretty big in Hollywood so… Good for her for being up-to-date?

    • Totally Agree with you! When I saw Ming Young Dress..*what?* How come so plain.. and her top is such a turn off.. it’s just look like one of my granny undergarment there.. Sorry MinYoung.. no offence..
      YAI’s style is definitely HIS style.. strange, unique, uncommon and it’s him! No complain because I love him so much. Whatever he wears (or nothing else) he’ll look good in it. Hihihihihi

  7. gosh his eyes, his smile … he killed me …
    bloody nose and dry my blood …..
    oh if I were Park Min Young … I will use super glue, I will stick to him … and hope the glue off after 100 years, hahaha 🙂

  8. i like it when YAI grins/smiles/laughs than when he played cool.. hehe
    about the lower half of his clothes, my first impression is that they look like wee bit like riding pants and boots. i guess if his jacket were a lil bit shorter than he will look like a rider. hohohohoho~~~ am happy to see him nonetheless ~~~~

  9. OMG,i love this!
    thanks you so much tinysunbl!!!
    And,they look sweet together..
    *so tired and sad using this on-screen keyboard!* 😦 😦

    but,this is really make me smile! thanks again!! 🙂

  10. OMGGGG thanks for posting this!!! I love yoo ah in. park min young is so lucky! i mean! arm in arm with YOO AH IN! hahah thanks so so so much for this post and the exquisite pictures! ^_^

  11. man..u guys r so fast with pics and videos. too bad i can’t watch it live. i love seeing them together. haha. i really miss our Gol Roh’s low voice. haha. great pictures. i wonder wat is he thinking when they were taking the pic at the red carpet. his expression was so stiff in a cute way. he looks like his spirit had fly to a different world or something. lol. is he remembering the good times when they were shooting SKKS?

  12. Ah In is so cool! i really love his laugh!

    he was so cute when he was gesturing on how min young was dressed! kekeke! and when he was fiddling (?) with min young’s cards XD they look cute together!

    wow! IU was totally put on the spot!

  13. want to look back all the pictures last night! ^^
    YAI cute expression and adorable laughs carried away in my sleep and dream.. LOL


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  15. Those two look good together. Ah in is looking so Jae Shin here, dashing as he linked arms with Min Young….ah….. I hope they will have another drama together.

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