[Fan acct] 2010 Golden Disk Awards (from purpledoll3@naver)

The following photographs and fan account of the Golden Disk Awards from 7 December 2010 are all taken/translated from seider@naver (purpledoll3)! Red carpet photos & account may be found at her blog here and event hall photos & account may be found here.

These photos are so, so much better than anything the professional reporters were able to take~!! Not a surprise. Korean fans are amazing =)


part I: the red carpet

Luck was on my side, and I was picked to win a Golden Disk Awards ticket.
So, loo-loo-la-la I went.
I wondered if Yoo Ah In-ssi might arrive early, and showed up much earlier than the start time of the ceremony.
I was thinking, at the Arena Awards Yoo Ah In-ssi had arrived earlier than everyone else, and what if he did the same today..;
But unlike I had anticipated, he arrived exactly on time. Though I spent a lot of time waiting on the street outside,
my happiness at being able to receive his incredibly cool real self made the memories of shivering in the cold trickle away.

I was waiting right in front of the Golden Disk Event Hall, and Yoo Ah In-ssi came walking from far away.
Together with Park Minyoung-ssi!
They comfortably trotted over, a god and goddess..keke
Standing next to Minyoung-ssi, Yoo ah In-ssi seemed even taller
Their faces were as small as my fist, and their skin looked vibrant and firm, and it was good to see.

Yoo Ah In-ssi’s special characteristic…that idle, loose way of moving?
Though he moved at the same speed as Park Minyoung-ssi, it was almost like slow-motion…the kind of movement where you could feel how relaxed he was.
With that kind of movement, he walked over and stood in the photo zone.

Last time at the Arena Awards, I didn’t photograph him in the photo zone so I didn’t know, but
this guy, kekekekekekekekekekeke
I guess he puts on that kind of expression in front of reporters on purpose. Kekeke
Last time at Arena, the face he showed toward his fans was so shy and had such a bright smile,
But when the reporters said ‘This way!’ he responded with a chic expression.

Anyway, I took tons of photos in the photo zone, and followed Yoo Ah In-ssi into the event hall.
Okay then, would you like to follow me into the event hall now to see Yoo Ah In-ssi? ^_^

part II: the golden disk awards

Though I did win a ticket, it was a seat in the corner, so
I couldn’t take any shots of anything but Yoo Ah In-ssi’s back and side.
Please make allowances for that and enjoy the pictures~.^^

At the awards ceremony,
BEAST, Secret, etc. etc.—a variety of idol singers performed, but
I only waited for Yoo Ah In-ssi’s entrance as if my neck would fall off.

Finally, Yoo Ah In-ssi enters!

Kyaaaaaa~! the cheers exploded, filling up the entire hall.
The screams were as loud as they had been for the idol singers and the enormous sound made me jump with surprise.
I think it must have been from popularity they earned through Sungkyunkwan Scandal among the idol fans present in their teens and twenties.
Because I don’t think there were many people who came to the awards ceremony just to see only Yoo Ah In-ssi.^^;
The great majority were idol fans. In the spaces between the waving placards and glow sticks,
I stuck my camera through and only looked at Yoo Ah In-ssi.

With Park Minyoung-ssi, he sweetly walked out and took his place and began speaking,
But the mic was too low so he had to bend way down to speak.
It looked like such an uncomfortable position, I wanted to go over and raise the mic for him.^^;
The comments!!
‘I love you,’ or ‘It’s an honor for my family,’ I couldn’t hear any of those.
I suppose the connection was good on the television broadcast, but
The event hall was too loud and we couldn’t properly hear the comments of the people standing on stage.
So without any disturbance of mind, I only focused on pressing the shutter.

I wanted so badly to photograph him from the front, but because of the fault of my seat
I could only shoot one photo after another of his side.

Though the sight of Yoo Ah In’s back quickly going away after presenting the awards was regretful,
I filled my eyes with his receding figure and put away my camera.

/end. translated by jaeshinah.

FOR HQ-SIZE PICTURES, go to Seider’s original blog posts! Again, links to Part I & Part II.


If you want to REUPLOAD the photos, seider requests that 1) you leave a comment on her blog with the URL of your website, and 2) you reveal the source as her blog. (To leave a comment, scroll to the bottom of her post and press the link that says “뎃글 (#)개” with the letter “N” in white type/orange background right next to it. Leave your name, make a password for yourself, write your comment, and press COMMENT).

If you want to EDIT the photos you MAY, but seider requests that you make sure to reveal the source and give credit to her blog.

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20 thoughts on “[Fan acct] 2010 Golden Disk Awards (from purpledoll3@naver)

  1. OMG this is soooooooooooooooo cute!
    “I only waited for Yoo Ah In-ssi’s entrance as if my neck would fall off.”
    “Because I don’t think there were many people who came to the awards ceremony just to see only Yoo Ah In-ssi”
    The comments make me go “awww.” I’m so happy for seider since she’s got to see her fav star. She totally deserves it. The pictures are of very good quality. It’s amazing how she could take all of those pics. I would be too excited to do anything in her shoes!

    Thank you for sharing and translating, seider and jaeshinah!

    • hehe isn’t a really cute fan account? ^^ I love it~!! I go to seider’s blog occasionally to see if she has any new interviews or tidbits or fanart (she’s amazing) related to Ah In on her blog, and my mouth dropped open when I saw these beautiful photos. It’s amazing she got to go to the awards! And it’s doubly amazing that we get to benefit so much from her fantastic photography =D

      • Purpledoll3 is so awesome!! She’s so cool, able to take tons of Ah In pictures. If I was her, I probably be busy screaming and then pass out! hahahahhaha!! I like her writings.. it’s so cute! Thank you Jaeshinah for being language and culture bridge that really benefit for all of us!

        Ahhh Ah In so Adorable!! He showed us his ability to make colorful and rich facial expressions for his photographs. Compared to Min Young who only 1 expression (which is polite smile. I’m so bias!!) Our Ah In shows Serious expression, cool and macho expressio (I love this best), Cheeky expression, Eye glancing expression, handsome smile expression, Whitening Toothpast Ads Smile expression and sooooo many face expressions. I believe he did all those expressions on purpose. While his signature shy smile and adorkable laugh expressions definitely subconscious one. Aaaahhh Ah In really drives me crazy… hihihihihihihi
        ly subconscious one. Heheheheheh I love him

  2. There is so sweet feeling when read and see this.^^
    And lovely,beautiful photos as well!

    Thank you so much to PURPLEDOLL3,JAESHINAH!! 🙂

    The last photos in part 1,OMG! *dies!*
    I could swoon with eye glance like that!

  3. oh oh oh!!!!!! Last pic from part 1>_<
    soooooo warm and happy glance at Min Young!!!!!!
    Thank u so much Jaeshinah!!!! Please send my GIANT thank to purpledoll 3!!!^^

  4. love it… thanks for you… this great…love it SUPER LOVE IT (my nose bleeding again….)
    JAESHINAH saranghe…. don’t skip your meal :), thank to purpledoll too

  5. Out of all the photos, I loved the first best. I love how it shows movement and flow. It’s just a great photo. The saturated color, how they both looked at the same spot. It may be blurry, but I love it a lot. All the other photos are good too. I also agree that fans sometimes take pictures so much better than reporters.

  6. Thank you so much for gathering and translating seider’s blog, jaeshinah~~:) And please send my thanks to seider too! She is so cute~~ And her photos are just amazing!!

      • I just left Seider a message (from me) to thank her (and you ^^) on her blog.

        I will go back to Baidu and see if they posted any pictures of hers. From past, I know they will note the sources when posting photos. But, they might not know about Seider’s request to leave the URL due to the language.

        Thanks, Jaeshinah~~ 🙂

  7. Wow, these photos are amazing. Thank you Jaeshinah and Purpledoll3! Yoo Ah In’s serious expression is too cute 🙂 and Park Min Young is so pretty.

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