Netizens interested in YAI’s look in ‘Sky and Sea’

The movie ‘Sky and Sea’ is the first Asian movie to be nominated for an award at the 8th annual Tirana International Film Festival, and its nomination has sparked sudden interest among netizens in actor Yoo Ah In’s appearance in the movie.

‘Sky and Sea’ is a movie about Haneul [her name means ‘sky’], who has the spirit of a 6 year old but is a musical genius, and her friends who receive comfort and sincere friendship through Haneul. Jang Nara, Juny, and Yoo Ah In were the main stars. Yoo Ah In plays a troublemaker pizza delivery boy who begins to open his heart because of Haneul’s innocence and friendship.

‘Sky and Sea’ premiered in October 2009, so Yoo Ah In’s appearance is not very different from what it is now, but if Yoo Ah In has a bit more of a masculine feeling now, then in the movie his immaculate complexion and bright smile allow the feeling of a pure boy to permeate the movie. His appearance at the movie’s press premiere, in a fashionable black jacket and cute straight-cut bangs have especially earned attention.

Netizens who have found the photos showed their curiosity. ‘Before he became Guh-roh sahyung Yoo Ah In looked like that, I see,’ ‘He seems like a pure young boy,’ and ‘No matter how much I see it and see it again, it’s a face I’m happy to see,’ and sent other words of hot support.

‘Sky and Sea’ stopped screening only 12 days after its premiere because of the problem of cross-screening. [T/N: Say there are 3 movie screens in a theater: Screen A, B, C. When a movie comes out in Korea, a theater will normally reserve Screen A for one movie and show it several times a say: say, ‘Sky and Sea’ will play at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm. They will do this for several weeks before audiences start dropping off, and then they will begin cross-screening like this—-10am: Sky and Sea, 1pm: Harry Potter, 4pm: SS, 7pm: HP, 10pm: SS. But movie theaters began cross-screening for ‘Sky and Sea’ as soon as it premiered, and the director/producers felt like they were treating the movie like it wouldn’t be popular from the very start, so they were angry and pulled the movie.] Moreover, Yoo Ah In criticized the movie’s producer Joo Ho Sung, who is Jang Nara’s father, by saying he abused his authority by directly filming the movie himself, etc.

Reported by Kim Pyo Hyang @ Sports Chosun
Translated by jaeshinah

12 thoughts on “Netizens interested in YAI’s look in ‘Sky and Sea’

  1. Awww, too bad it was cancelled in 2009 and yay for the nomination! This means, SKY and SEA will be available on the net soon right? Finally, we’ll be able to watch it! YAY! thats YAI power! Hope they’ll win!

  2. No wonder I couldn’t find Sky and sea!! I hope this movie will be re-premiere and they make the dvd out for it. I also saw the trailer and really waaaaaant to see YAI’s acting there. Please oh please.. Let the movie win! So everyone will know how powerful his acting is!

  3. That bit with the theatres was only the end of a long list of..insult? attacks against the film and Jang Nara as well as her claims he ‘bribed’ the film way into all the nominations it got last year at the Korean film awards and so on.
    Joo Ho Sung took over the film when the biggest sponsor pulled out half way in the making of it and used his daughter money to do so, and the money was so tight they didn’t have any for promotion [making claim of bribes even more wild] and depended on Jang Nara name for promotion at events and the like. Something Joo Ho Sung spoke out against Yoo Ah In in that he did little to help in promotions. So sounds like some bad feeling there, indeed so much so that Joo Ho Sung was going to sue for the comment made by Yoo Ah In, but was talked out of it by Jang Nara.
    I think the fact the film and Jang Nara got nomination for the Korean film awards the fact she won best actress is a foreign film at the Chinese film awards for her role and now the Tirana International Film Festival show, whatever made it a flop when it was shown in Korea, it had nothing to do with how good the film was or the acting in it.

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