Win a signed ‘SKKS’ script, OST, or poster from KBS!

Have you all seen this? It was posted on KBS World’s website on 12/9 =)

KBS World is giving overseas fans the chance to get involved in the 2010 KBS Drama Awards [I’ve been translating 연기대상 as ‘Acting Awards’ but I will follow KBS’s nomenclature and use ‘Drama Awards’ from now on! This is the same awards ceremony for which our favorite SKKS bromance was nominated for Best Couple, as reported in the post below this one] and also win a few fantastic prizes along the way! Read on for details:

Important notes!!!

– If you win a script, OST, or poster, it will be autographed by either the cast or the main producer! OK so how disappointing would it be if you got the producer’s autograph but not the Jalgeum Four, but still!

– The event closes on 12/20/2010, midnight KST.

– It looks like English is the language of choice—I would try to write or speak in English if you can! No guarantees that they will be able to understand any other languages than English (and Korean, obviously).

– Go to for the full post!! (No, that’s not a typo in the URL…believe it or not. LOL.)

– If a YAI-Havener wins, I fully expect pictures galore!!!!! =D

13 thoughts on “Win a signed ‘SKKS’ script, OST, or poster from KBS!

  1. To participate in the contest twitter message is ok for me.. but a shout out in video format? Self introductory?? Aaaaawww That’s too difficult for me.. The prize is reeeeaaaaaally tempting me.. Should I anesthesize my nerves so that I’ll be immuned from all embarrassments and go for a very goofie video shout out?? YAI YAI… to think about really make my world up side down! hahahaha

  2. F***! I would kill myself if I win and receive the producer’s signature! Well, maybe not that bad but still…very traumatic indeed…

    lol@the typo. Was thinking of cracking an Engrish joke, but since KBS has become my fav TV station lately, I’d not criticize it to much hahaha

    Some ideas for the Haveners:


    Gulro saying “if you keep doing it, it become a habit” or

    A scene in which Gulro tries to get rid of Yeo-rim, or

    Hongbeokseo in action! ->if you manage the action and costume part, high chance of winning lol

    The famous library scene and Gulro’s gaze

  3. Waaa … thanks jaeshinah. And yes, someone from YAIhaven should really participate and share all the glory with us (pictures and clip). Come on gals, you can do it!! 🙂

  4. This seems too good to be true! The prizes are amazing, but I only want the ones that are SKKS related. I wonder if there will only be one winner…

  5. omg they are actually going to broadcast the awards night with English subs …YAY!!!!!!
    i always watch it without the subs …loving KBS so much

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