Updates on Fan-made Videos of Ah In

I updated the fan-made videos of Ah In.  In case you forgot to check under the Music Videos of Fan-Arts, there are three videos were added.  And here they are!

First is a fan-made video. It is adapted from the story of “Duo Yun’s Life” written by Shelly and Wu Yun. All the characters of “Duo Yun’s Life” are the same as the original book titled “Sungkyunkwan Scholars’ Life.” In the original book, Duo Yun is Jae Shin’s “little” wife. [The video was made by Shelly – YooAhIn@youtube]

P.S. There will be some differences between the video content and the actual content of the article…

Guel Ro and Duo Yun – Duo Yun’s Life Part 1 by YooAhIn@youtube

Part 1: The story of “Duo Yun’s Life” is about a little girl named Duo Yun whom was picked by Moon Jae Shin’s aunt for him as his wife. Duo Yun appears to be gentle but in fact, she is quite clever. After knowing that she will be married, she sneaked out and wanted to take a look at her fiancé. But, instead, she saw someone in a fight. What she did not know was that “someone” is her fiancé… On one hand, Jae Shin does not care about getting married. But, on the other, Duo Yun is so happy and is preparing for the wedding. After getting married, Jalgeum four go to the palace and learn that they are going to Qing Dynasty for three years. Since then, Duo Yun has been waiting for Jae Shin’s return at home…

Guel Ro and Duo Yun – Duo Yun’s Life Part 2 by YooAhIn@youtube

[If you have trouble viewing the above video – Part 2, you can try it here also.]

Part 2: In this part of the video, during the three years that the Emperor asked the Jalgeum Four to stay in Qing Dynasty, Duo Yun, meanwhile, is studying and working very hard in Korea. After two years of hard work, she secretly goes to Qing Dynasty without telling her family to look for Jae Shin. Is Jae Shin going to see his little wife Duo Yun in Qing Dynasty?  [~~To Be Continue~~]

And for those who loves Heuk San, here is the third one~~

Seductive Heuk San by ShellyShu2001@youtube

I will keep searching for nice fan-made videos and adding them to the collection.  Please do come back and check them out~~  Hope you enjoy them!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Updates on Fan-made Videos of Ah In

  1. OMG the story is sooooooooo good! It really consoles me in my hunger of seeing Ah In in a movie. And I love Shim Eun Kyung!!!!!!!!!!! If the age difference isn’t too big, such a talented pairing would be amazing.

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us and for your hard works!

    Thinking about it, all of Ah In’s female co-stars are very good: Kim Hye Soo in Shim’s Family, Kim Hye Soon in Chilwoo, then Kim So Eun in HWCM…I’m not so confident about Park Min young…she’s okay but she’s not as solid as the others. Haha most of his female co-stars share the last name of Kim. Who will be the next?

    • You are welcome, Tiny~~ I am just glad that I can contribute something to this great site~~ 🙂

      I will tell Shelly that you like the story… and the videos. I am sure she will be much more motivated to do the third part now~~ Ha ha~~

  2. Guel Ro and Duo Yun video, im feel touching! and amaze!
    Heuksan video is also amazing! *love the snow too,haha!*

    And i really really love all of this!!!!
    Great!Thanks a lot!!!

  3. WOW!! I love Duo Yun’s Life!! The Video and the story amazed me! YAI please change your mind if SKKS 2 would be made, please be the Jae Shin.. No one will be able to replace your most powerful performance! Seeing the video, now I really miss Jae Shin. I want more! Thanks for sharing the video.. love it so much!

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