A Few More Fan-made Geul Ro’s MV

Below are a few MVs that were made by choipd2@youtube.  I thought the music and the quality of the MVs are very nice.  Choipd2 is willing to share all of these MVs with us.  I hope you guys enjoy them!  I certainly did~~  But, I do wish I can read the captions she put in the MVs… I am sure that will make the experience of watching her MVs even more meanful~~  Just like when Jaeshinah translated the captions on those photos, they became funnier…  [jaeshinah~~did you hear that??  Ha ha…]

성균관스캔들 걸오MV[Geol-o’s story] – 홍벽서의 후(吼)

성균관스캔들 여림MV [Yeo-rim’s story] – 여림별곡(女林別曲)

성균관스캔들 걸오MV[Geol-o’s story] – 슬픈 영화(影畵 : silhouette image)

The art work in this one is so beautiful~~

10 thoughts on “A Few More Fan-made Geul Ro’s MV

  1. lovely MV(s)! last one my fave! The colors, the music..everything is sooooo romantic and sad…and MJS face is all over the scene which I like! :). Thanks for sharing!

  2. The music on that last MV is giving me chills. It’s like when I’m watching oriental war movies where the hero fights a battalion and then dies, reminiscing his beloved–kind of like that. Also, I can’t help but remember Jet Li in “Hero.” >.>

  3. Thank you mathed2001,thank you Choipd2!!!
    Perfect,touching and amazing !

    *chop chop! once again, all this snow is really give amazing and fantastic feeling when watching the video here ..! I love it!haha.. ^^*

    • Many scenes are great and touching in all of this video!

      And among them, my heart also touched by one scene in the video
      Yeo-rim’s story started minutes 04:45 to 04:47. Ah In in the room.

      When I get sad,frustrated,I like to be alone in the room and make an expression like that… Tears flowed out automatically .. hehe ..

  4. o gosh this great… first just watch the video… second watch again… third watch again… gosh… this beautiful… it’s not eazy made like that… B’coz i made MV too… good structure story and image selection… quality sound and picture… just perfect. I Hope can made something like that too, ehm… with my favorite edit program WMM 😉
    that so suitable for infant like me T,T

  5. I exchanged with choipd2 and asked her about those writing in the videos. She said those words are important to the videos. She does not feel her English is strong enough to do a good job in translating. So… could any one who can read Korean be kind enough to translate? She also said she is willing to do the English versions too if she has the translations… 🙂

    • sure sure if InK or ancientkingdom unnie don’t see this first i’d be happy to^^ i need a few days though… gotta focus on work for the next 3 or 4 days and then i’ll be FREE t______t

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