A smorgasbord of randomosity fueled by my incredible procrastination skills


It is past midnight on a Tuesday morning/Wednesday night here in Korea and I am restless because I have lots to do and ZERO desire to do it, and my brain is too tired to translate anything at the moment (there’s no new news, as far as I can tell, so we should be all caught up^^ The number of older interviews awaiting me, however, is a different story) so I have taken the liberty of indulging myself with Korean YAI-related sites and you would not believe the gems I found. Seriously. Get ready. ^______^


An amazing fan by the username of 과수원 (Kwasoowon) has posted some of the funniest Photoshop jobs ever seen on planet Earth, basically.

Small caption: “Pissed off”
Larger caption: “Hey now.. you dump me for a new guy and that’s the best you can do?

Top caption: Whaddya want

Caption: Noona, I’ll sell it to you for cheap

Caption: Hoo—Business isn’t going well.
[The exact translation is “Business is dirtily not going well” and it’s much funnier in Korean but I can’t think of a way to express it in English properly! The original Korean caption is funny because on the first level, it’s kind of a crude or crusty expression and on another level, it connotes that business is going poorly because of some external reason of bad luck, not cause of any fault of Ah In’s, and with the cigarette in his mouth the irony is too real!! Lol I give up, that’s the best I can do]

Caption: Oi, why don’t you buy a sweet potato?

Caption: Forgive me just this once..I won’t be late from now on..

Caption: Are..you all changed..?
[As in, clothes… no crazy Transformers kinda thing going on here]

Ah In: Aaaaaaaaang~
From outside: You said you’d cook!

Small caption: It’s cold out….
Larger caption: It’s late, what’s going on.. showing up like this without calling..

Caption: Why aren’t you answering my calls

Source: The full collection can be found here at DC Inside!!! =)


Continuing the lulz, O M G. There are no words!!!!! This is Song Joong Ki wearing his punishment hot pants for the SBS variety show Running Man, on which he is a regular cast member. Ah In’s expression while patting his shoulder, juxtaposed with Joong Ki’s very white, hilariously knobby-kneed legs, is priceless!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha. ^_______^ I will never get over this!!

Source: DC Inside, but I can’t remember the exact page… -___-


NG cuts of the lulziest scene in the history of lulzy scenes!! Seriously I couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot throughout the entire two minutes and thirty-six seconds of this chunk of pure brilliance. Park Minyoung’s adorable attempts to keep a straight face at the end are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Really, who wouldn’t be able to keep from smiling at the sight of two boys like Sunjoon and Jaeshin Yoochun and Ah In Sunjoon and Jaeshin fighting over who gets to sleep next to her? OMG BOYS. YOUR CHARM. IT OVERWHELMS.

Source: Therarasaurus’s Youtube via Seider’s Naver blog


What are these rectangular units of Ah In perfection, I hear you ask? Is, perhaps, the editing of Ah In into nearly-perfect golden rectangles part of an effort to make him even MORE flawless than he already is?? ^____^

You’d almost be right.

These photos are 960×640 and have been edited by the ever-astounding SEIDER@Naver (purpledoll3) in order to fit your iPHONE BACKGROUND!! SERIOUSLY. Is this your lucky day or what?! =)

She says that some of the LQ photos have become very blurry in the process of editing them, but if you download them to your iPhone you won’t be able to tell that they’re not high-quality because the resolution will be much lower. She used a large variety of photos so you can switch back and forth between different backgrounds for fun ^^ I haven’t posted even a quarter of all the ones she has made–go to her blog post (source URL at the bottom) for the rest!

Instructions, translated from Seider:
1. Go to her blog post on your iPhone.
2. Place your finger on the photo for a second and “Save this photo” will pop up.
3. Save.
4. Go to ‘My Photos’ > ‘Camera Roll’ and find the photo.
5. Choose to set as your background photo.

Source (many, many more iPhone-sized backgrounds here): Seider’s Naver blog (purpledoll3) **If you upload these to your own site, do not forget to credit the original source!!** =)


Apparently this is Ah In’s back, at Incheon Airport this morning~! A fan saw him at the airport and was reportedly too shy to take a picture from the front, so this is what we’ve got! Omg look at those long, beautiful, far too skinny legs. Eat something, please. Rumor has it Ah In is currently in London, England! Anyone here from London who feels like honing their stalking skills err, what? KIDDING. Sort of. =D I wonder what he’s doing in London? Filming? Modeling? Learning English? Lolwhat? Here’s hoping he has a wonderful time in London (one of my favorite cities in the world!!) and a safe trip home. ❤

Source: Daum Tellzone via DC Inside


A London-based Korean fan went out to the airport to meet Ah In after his 11-hour flight~! She didn’t take pictures out of consideration for his tiredness (a DC Galler wrote, “couldn’t she have taken one of his back…” LOL) but she did get this autograph^^ The upload of the full picture and signature isn’t out yet, but……… omg!! Click here for the full picture, courtesy of janjher and tumblr~!

Source: DC Inside, of course=)

33 thoughts on “A smorgasbord of randomosity fueled by my incredible procrastination skills

  1. OMG YAI is so skinny by looking at his back! Please eat some more!! But I agree that he has beautiful long legs.. I wonder whose legs is skinnier,Our Ah In or Joong ki? I Can’t stop laughing when I saw Joong Ki in PINK HOT PANTS. His legs is so skinny and his knees.. Oho.. If I don’t see the face I will think the legs belong to somegrampa. 😛 LOL

    Thanks for posting this fun pictures, jaeshinah!!

  2. I’m not sleeping yet and this post will keep my eyes wide awake all nite long 😀 (and LMAO at part TWO) … thank you Jaeshinah!

  3. THANK YOU for all of this! ^^
    Nice, interesting,awesome!!

    Part 1, picture no. 8 and 10, oh, so cute! ^^
    No. 11 too! Oh, Part 4 is also great!!

    Oh, no no. I liked all of this!!

    Thank you for all of this! As always,thank you Jaeshinah!!

    Oh,and he was in London? ^^

    Wherever he is,hopefully he is always in
    healthy and happy condition! ^^

  4. Thanks, Jaeshinah!! I saw the news about Ah In in London earlier at Baidu but wasn’t sure what the source is. I almost e-mail you about it too… Ha ha~~ What a lucky fan~~

    Also, thank you for translating all the captions in those photos… Every time I saw photos with captions, I always wonder what they are… ^^

      • Me too!! I always thought the fan accounts are more personal too.

        Jaeshinah~~Did you get any sleep at all?? No pressure but… really looking forward to read the translations!! Ha ha… But, seriously, I know how time consuming translating can be. Take you time~~ 🙂

        Oh, by the way, I just heard (at Baidu) that there are Korean fans in London who saw Ah In eating in a Korean restaurant. Apparently, they ate at the same place!

  5. The NGs vid! I admit re-watching that scene billions of time. Probably my fav in SKKS. And Yeorim’s random fear of Gumiho! It never gets tiring hahaha

    The fan-arts are hysterical lololol. My fav are the potato selling and Ah In’s conversations with himself pics!!!!!!!! The fan is jiang. Thanks for sharing.

    I don’t have an iphone but the wallpaper is Ah in of course haha.

  6. ..oh and thanks for the pics,its nice to know i wasnt the only person who wanted these specific pics for my phone,the other versions didnt show on my phone

  7. *bows* *crracckk.. my spine :P* Jaeshinah, Kamsahamnida!
    THREE IS JUST L.O.V.E. ^__________________________________^
    ps : wondering did both of them had to get some massage or apply ointment after such… “impact”.. OUCH … 😀

  8. OMG! Love! LOVE! Love those amazing pictures…and hilarious caption! hahhahah, made my day!
    #TWO, Ah In’s expression while patting his shoulder, juxtaposed with Joong Ki’s very white, hilariously knobby-kneed legs, is priceless!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha. ^_______^ I will never get over this!! (ME TOO!)—-is it photoshop as well???
    #8, thats my line! (but, coming from YAI…wayyyy cuter! )

    Thanks Jaeshinah & DC Insiders :)! After a halfday discussion with those irritating crocs at internal revenue office, I needed this to brighten my day! Thank you! Thank You!

    AH-IN in LONDON? WOW, our YAI going GLOBAL! YEYEYEH! Lucky fangirls! Can’t wait to see the fan account! (but no pressure JAESHINAH, take your time… 🙂

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