[Video]Yoo Ah In Dozed off on Set of SKKS

This NG cut is so cute it deserves its own post. Watch Ah-in fall asleep WHILE filming the sleeping scene@0:57 haha:

Credit: crazykaiyi@youtube


The second episode of Ah In’s cute sleeping saga

Credit: Janjher, thanks Elliela for the link

27 thoughts on “[Video]Yoo Ah In Dozed off on Set of SKKS

  1. OMG!! i actually only just watched the videos. T___T he is so cute!!!! poor boy must have been exhausted, to fall asleep like that as soon as he lies down. what i wouldn’t give to fall asleep next to him!! ^_____^ seriously wouldn’t that be the most wonderful nap ever?? Sigh… I will adore Jaeshin for always. i’m so so so so so so so so so thankful to the casting director for recognizing this beautiful gem!!!!

  2. uhm… behind the scene vids always fill with the laughter, but seeing YAI fall a sleep on the set made me a lil’ bit worried, must be so tired then… High Cut photo is cool, the outfit kinda weird but Ah In-ssi always can make it works

  3. ah in must really tired when filming, fall asleep on the set, but he still cute even he looks so tired there.
    thanks tinysunbl, janjher, elliela for sharing the videos, love ya….

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