Ah In Surprised Fans during Service Trip

It’s not like this is the first time we learn that Ah In and his Korean fans are awesome.

Here is Jaeshinah‘s summary of fan-accounts about this community service event:

Ainese members organized together to have a service day for Ah In fans at ‘St. Mary’s Village‘ which  is a home for the disabled in South Chungcheong province (where Daejeon is, a couple hours south of Seoul by train). They began at 10am, which means that the members who came from Seoul, Pusan, and all over the country had to leave very early in the morning. I guess they organized the trip on the Ainese website and Ah In saw it but was totally quiet about it ^^ They arrived and began helping wherever needed and they realized how much work it really is to run a home like that and how many hands they really are short of.

After working in the morning, the Ainese members went to serve lunch to the patients in the home and have lunch with them and suddenly………. Ah In appeared!! Everyone completely froze and they couldn’t tell if the food was going in their mouths or their noses. LOL. Ah In didn’t want this to be a big deal so he came very quietly and in normal clothes, as the photos show^^ Ah In hadn’t had lunch and so they shared lunch with him and then they all went to help again. Ah In’s manager and other people from his company who wanted to come help also came along.

Apparently all the patients in the home were so happy to see Ah In ^^ They all knew that he was Jaeshin from Sungkyunkwan Scandal and they loved him so much, even though many of them couldn’t speak. The author of the blog said it made the Ainese members so proud to be fans of a star giving and receiving so much love with the patients at St. Mary’s ^^

One Ainese member came a bit late and followed Ah In in… she thought, hmm what a familiar back…but without thinking she just totally passed him by without another glance and went inside and only realized later she had passed Yoo Ah In without another thought ^^ Hahahaha. (tinysunbl: LOL, we should all be familiar with his back silhouette by now)

The afternoon volunteering was helping with snack time and feeding the patients pastries and milk. Many of them can’t speak and can’t move without the help of wheelchairs, so they needed the volunteers to help with everything–feeding them, wiping their mouths. The patients were so happy and grateful for their help that the Ainese members felt embarrassed because what they were doing was such a small gesture and they wished they could do more, but everyone’s hearts were filled with warmth =)

They had about an hour left over in the afternoon, so the Ainese members got to spend some time with Ah In. They sat around comfortably and asked him about things they were curious about and just talked casually for a little while. They hadn’t prepared anything, of course, but everyone was really nice and polite and it sounds like everything went very well ^^

Ah In shook everyone’s hand and gave everyone autographs. And some lucky fans even got hugs. The author wrote that it really felt like their love for Ah In was making them into better people. Their love didn’t just stop at liking Ah In, the actor–it inspired them want to gather together and do good deeds and become better people, little by little.

Ah In talked and laughed openly and without any reservations with the patients at the home and his bright smiles for the patients will remain in the Ainese members’ hearts for a very long time. =)

Pictures from seider‘s Purpledoll3 Blog and various sources, collected by Janjher; Fan accounts collected by Jaeshinah from various Ainese Fanclub members. Thank you!


49 thoughts on “Ah In Surprised Fans during Service Trip

  1. Wow! I don’t know what to say! My admiration for this guy is now to the highest level! I’m always thinking, if this guy can be involved in a charity events or support any charity cause I’m done! In my eyes and heart, he’d be perfect! Nevermind that he’s smoking & drinking since 15, for me he’s just perfect! I’m so proud to be a fan!

  2. I’m speechless! Ainese fans are awesome! Knowing that AH IN himself joined the service really touch my heart! Beautiful face, beautiful mind, beautiful and wonderful personality!Now I know His action really speaks out more than he says! I’m so proud to admit that I adore this perfect man by 110% (maybe for the rest of my life) *_____*

  3. *touched and overwhelmed by this heartwarming experience*

    As if it’s not enough to have a beautiful face and mind… it has been proven that his heart is indeed beautiful as well – Yoo Ah In is an angel in disguise ♥

  4. wow….wat a great surprise for the patients and the Ainese members. haha. i guess when u do good deeds. u DO get something good in return…right? AhIn is sooo loving and only make us love him even more.

  5. My eyes glazed see all this ..
    Cry unbearable..Cry full of pride ..

    Adorable kids! Great AINESE members!
    And thanks a lot for sharing all of this!

    • I do not know, but suddenly felt to write all this.
      perhaps, a little expression of the heart to Yoo Ah In .. LOL!

      “Yoo Ah In/Uhm Hong Sik…
      Your name truly embedded in our hearts.
      We will not be able to turn even a second
      from you. And we would not want to turn away from you.

      You are too precious and special!
      Too difficult to be expressed in words.

      Support you, admire you, love you, proud of you, everything about you is something very wonderful happens in our lives.

      Keep healthy and happy.
      Keep smiling and laughing with joy.
      At a time when you are sad, we’ll be your shoulder to lean.
      At a time when you are happy, we’ll also give you
      smiles and laughter of the most beautiful in the world”

      Love you forever and ever…

        • thank you,Asha!
          I’m shy .. suddenly feeling to write it crossed my mind.

          Felt a little shy to tell this, but I felt how wonderful if one day be able to see him though not meet face to face. Maybe separated within a few miles. If it becomes reality,I will write the days, hours and time it happened in the diary. And put the diary in a really beautiful frame,and bring wherever I go! ^^

          LOL! sorry..too much imagination! haha!

          Regardless, indeed he is really amazing man and
          have a beautiful heart!

          And lastly,YAI FANS around the world are truly amazing! Love all. LoveYAI

          • *how wonderful if one day be able to see him though not meet face to face. Maybe separated within a few miles*

            lol.. actually I mean, if I only can see him with separated by a distance of several kilometers, it is enough to be a very wonderful memories. LOL..

        • Thank you mathed!
          It is just the expression of feeling from the bottom of the heart with full of love.
          For our beloved,Yoo Ah In.^^

          I was very shy.. but i really love him..

          Love our Yoo Ah In ,love you all forever!

  6. “I guess they organized the trip on the Ainese website and Ah In saw it but was totally quiet about it” <— stalking his fans website, yes you are really netizen too, ^___^ I'm so proud of YAI and Ainese….

  7. hi there.. Finally.. our yoo ah in just tweeted!..again! but, we need translator! LOL! all HAVENERS missed him.. right?? hehe!

    “seeksik 유아인
    그래, 굿발! 테이트 모던. 좀 모단하게 볼 수는 없는것인지 모던모던 나불나불 블라블라 우린 결코 모던하지 않아하하 ”

    and he posted a picture too..
    here it is!

    (he’s not wearing his colorful socks!! LOL!.. YAI’s lovely feet!!)

    Hope this info can brighten up your day!
    God Bless, HAVENERS!! 🙂

    • I don’t understand korean but the picture… that bed looks mighty empty and lonely for those pretty feet alone. Ah In, may I join in? ;-p

      He is soooo sweet!! I love how he just surprised his fans and joined in the volunteer activity w/o much fanfare. A kind, humble and discreet man.

  8. oh i was really touched with this article..he’s so caring and loving..he’s so famous yet he reamins humble and has concern for other people…Please marry me now ah in!!..i’m already blinded and speechless because of your awesomeness!!

  9. oh dear..i n not even his hardcore fan (>micky) but i n in tears when i read this..such a humble heart of Gold…what i love is he is so human …..thank for sharing this..love dropping by once a while here cos i guess my heart does palpate slightly higher whenever i see him in news..Gosh i dont know what SKKS did to me!!!!!!!!!U ppl are so great here too!!!

  10. NOW we can add one more than a million reasons why we must love this guy …
    I can not turn away from him … I dedicate myself to him … 😉

  11. Ok…i’m crying rite now T____T I just can’t believe there’s a man as awesome as Ain is truly alive. I am really PROUD to be one of his fans. His toughts, his heart, and every single piece of him are simply amazing. Words r not enough to express how i feel. Thanks for always updating us with these kinds of awesomness. It keeps my spirits up in every single day.

  12. That’s so nice of him. I really admire artist who do charity works and do not broadcast them to the media. That is what helping is, you do not need to tell it to anyone, you just do it. I really am happy to be a fan. He is really such a nice guy.

  13. I really love this story, no matter how many times I read it. ^^
    One thing though… I wonder why he never took off his green puffy coat. Really now, was it that cold inside the building? Cause everyone else looks perfectly comfortable sitting around in their regular clothes. Hahahaha. I want to see what’s under that marshmallow, Ah In!!

    ❤ He makes me so proud to be his fan.

  14. What an awesome boy! Surprising us once again, he’s sucha sweetie ❤
    /Envies the fans now yknow ^^
    But this just adds on to the list of WHY WE LOVE HIM 😀

  15. Ah In’s surprising appearance makes me feel so touched! And nice gesture from Ainese members was so great, their love and kind manner were so admirable!
    Even when sitting here, really feel the warmth Ah In and his fans create and keep (despite the coldness in winter this time in Korea)
    This star and his fans are awesome ^^

  16. this boy always make me love him more and more, he is the real angel without wings…
    his thoughfull mind, his beautiful face, his genius words, and now his humble personality, this boy always make me move with what he have done…the korean ainese must be lucky to seen YAI in person, i’m happy for them and feel envy too…
    thanks for sharing this, love Ah In and Ainese as well :bigYAIhug:

  17. first of all jaeshinah and tinysub,thank so much to both of you!!!
    for bringing news and updates to us..
    lucky! ainese people for seeing ah in in person,
    oh my!! he is so downhearted … no pretencies on his face
    I can see ah in’s eyes that he likes and love what his doing ..
    his gesture is so cool …
    wowow!!! love you forever ah in!!

  18. thanks for sharing this..
    my goodness..i dont blame ainese members that they just got speechless and the food is in midair..keke..but all kidding aside..YAI really has a beautiful heart..he didnt do it for publicity..bec..look at his clothes they were just simple normal clothes..and we could feel his heart that really are willing to help..
    lucky girl who can make his heart tremble and fall in love with her..

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