Guel Ro and Duo Yun – Duo Yun’s Life [Part 3]

Finally, our friend, Shelly finished Duo Yun’s Life Part 3.  Ya~~~

Guel Ro and Duo Yun – Duo Yun’s Life Part 3 by YooAhIn@youtube

Part 3: Adapted from the story of “Duo Yun’s Life” written by Shelly and Wu Yun.  All the characters of “Duo Yun’s Life” are the same as the original book titled “Sungkyunkwan Scholars’ Life.” In this part of the video, Duo Yun can’t go directly to Moon’s house to look for Jae Shin because she came to the Qing Dynasty secretly. In order not to let Jae Shin find out about herself, she dresses herself as a boy performing on the street to earn some money. One day, she sees Jalgeum Four walking happily on the street together. The two walk right pass each other. Duo Yun can’t call out Jae Shin and Jae Shin does not recognize Duo Yun. A moment later, Goo Yong Ha thought he saw someone familiar. Jae Shin hesitates a little then turn around trying to run after “him” but “he” is no longer there… Duo Yun’s master saw Wen Ning who is Jae Shin’s attendant. So he told Duo Yun to follow Wen Ning. This way, she could take a peek at Jae Shin. But, when she gets there, what she sees is Jae Shin and Yoon Hee are jokingly playing together. Duo Yun can’t understand. She remembers she asked Yoon Hee why she can’t like Jae Shin before. Yoon Hee told her that Jae Shin was just like her brother. Duo Yun was crying and begging Yoon Hee to like Jae Shin. Duo Yun wanted Jae Shin to be happy. But, Yoon Hee’s answer was no. And now, looking at Jae Shin and Yoon Hee are so happy together, Duo Yun does not understand why she starts to feel heartache. Therefore, she decides to return to Korea… [~~To Be Continue~~]

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