Yoo Ah in for Arena Homme January 2011

Translation by me:

YAI: I have to become a person good enough to match these clothes—I will work hard.
Q. How does it feel to become a rising star this year?
YAI: I feel good and it’s exciting and I’m happy…those feelings just like that, I’m happy. I think it’s all good things.
Q. Is there anything that’s different from the past [because of your newfound fame]?
YAI: Nothing’s different.
Q. At all?
YAI: [Laughter] Nothing’s different.
Q. What are you doing now that the drama is over?
YAI: I’m preparing for my next project, that’s what I should do. I should live well.
Q. About your next project?
YAI: I’ll be able to see you all through a movie. Filming will begin at the beginning of next year, and it will premiere in the latter half of the year, and I think I will be able to greet you all again then.

Screenshots taken by fabulous Korean fans at DC Inside~!!

By 시아무 (Shiahmu) at DC Inside:

By BlackTea at DC Inside:

By 무한무쿠 (Muhanmuku) at DC Inside:

HE LOOKS SO GOOD!!! ^___________^

Hooooo boyyyyyyy. *fans self*

If you’re like me and you need to cool yourself off, Yoochun’s got you covered ^^


Source: DC Inside


31 thoughts on “Yoo Ah in for Arena Homme January 2011

  1. *runs to Chun to get splashed with water*

    WHOA THAT IS SO HOT!!!! AH IN!!!!! *____*

    Is it that kickboxing movie he’s talking about? Yay so excited! And very excited for the magazine too! Thank you for sharing and translating ♥♥♥

    • you know, he doesn’t say anything about what movie it is, but considering the rumors that have been going around the press, i think we can safely assume it is ^^
      please be shirtless, please be shirtless, please be shirtless
      wait lol what? hahahaha^^

        • Echoing your chants! Lol. What an eye candy! thanks for sharing. A nice gift to end d day! A guaranteed gudnyt sleep 4 me.:-)

          • i’m so with u asha!!! definitely a gudnyt for us, wahhh so adorable our young master… <3<3<3
            i saw this vid earlier on Facebook, then i realized "damn there's no english subs", thank god we have our Jaeshinah!
            thank u-thank u-thank u for the translation!!!

  2. “YAI: I’m preparing for my next project, that’s what I should do. I should live well.”
    Yes YES! YES! you deserve it babe!! Can’t wait your next project.. next half year???? that’ll be YAI and Harry Potter time! wheeee xD double dossage of happiness.

    I love he is in suit! so gentleman!! I love the Arena Video. love it so much!! Smexy! cool! During interview, i see Gur ron in him!! I can’t overcome my Guh oh addiction.. it seems Ah IN = Guh Or in modern life.. awwww *_-

  3. Thank you Jaeshinah the Adorable!
    Thank you DC Inside,Awesome!!

    I’m sleepy. But this makes me do not need strong coffee
    at this time. Just enough to see all of this to refresh the eyes!

    His laughter is the best and cute laugh I’ve heard and seen!

    1:11 to 1:15 minutes, I love it. The way he walked.
    Cute! haha..

    Best of luck always to Yoo Ah In!

  4. how can Yoo Ah In works the camera so …
    … unpredictably unmonotonicly wonderful is just.. beyond me.
    he works his oh-so-expressive eyes..
    he plays with his body language oh-so-adorably-eye-catching
    he subtly modulated his smile, facial expression with such confusing intepretation…
    dear Yoo Ah In, how did you do it ?

    Saankyu Jaeshinah ! Keep yer tummy full and keep warm !
    and Saankyu too all of your sources and all other commentators… hehehe ^___^

    ps : I don’t exactly know whether I’m expressing my thoughts using the right words 😀

  5. Why .. oh whyy does he have to be so cute?! From the clothes to his hair fit him to the T. I’m dying … I wish to see him with a six pack in the new project … on second thought maybe not, I don’t think I can handle it 😀 Jaeshinah thank you, thank you, thank you for the translation.

  6. BAHAHAHA! The Yoochun hose screenshots are HILARIOUS!! Whooo, ahhhh he’s so lovely in a suit! The other outfit had me giggling! Reminded me of an alien, space jacket suit thing from wacky space movies years ago and the music too lol

  7. I love everything about this boy and now turning into a wholesome man…YAI please dont blow your head up ok. stay cool. Saranhae. . . Hey guys, I had a compilation of YAI pictures in You Tube – The Best of Yoo Ah In – My One & Only Love…

    head over hills in love with you guy…

  8. stared without blinking … i don’t care computer radiation , thanks jaeshinah, i hope this pict. fit on my laptop… and i dont have to delete my work file… hehehe thanks jeashinah you spoiling us

  9. thank you Jaeshinah! YAI’s pictorials are always different. he’s got a totally new look here. dandy, dapper YAI.
    if he’s going to do that kickboxing-themed movie then he’s got to bulk up right? lots of exercises for the guy who
    does not like the gym that much..hahaha! excited to see a muscled YAI next year. does this mean he’ll be showing 6-packs instead of the 2-pack abs he showed in SKKS? woot woot! can’t next year come soonest please!!!

  10. Yoochun knows how to amuse himself huh? he’s a funny guy. i can see why YAI was able to say his prejudice towards idol stars was broken down by meeting Yoochun.
    don’t lose the child in you young man!

  11. Thanks for the translation, jaeshinah!
    So he’s officially on board Wandeukee? Nice! But the latter half of the year is looooong. I remembered waiting for SKKS to premiere felt like forever. Anyways, good luck to Mr. Yoo on his new project!
    I like this shoot. It’s Mr. Yoo, what’s not to like? The hairstyle is awesome, as always, and his expressions: priceless! Can’t wait till the spread comes out 😀

    And Yoochun! This boy amuses me every day. It’s only three pictures but it cracked me up!

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