Arena header released~

[UPDATE] Mathed2001 has made English subtitles for the Arena video posted yesterday~! Enjoy 🙂

<333 Can you spot Ah In?? LOL just kidding. I know he’s literally the only one you and I see. ^__^

I know the banner is way too wide for the layout but I hate to make Ah In’s beautiful face smaller and I figure he’s on the left side anyway… hehe please ignore the awkward dimensions of the post and just focus on the pretty.

The cover of Arena Homme Plus (January) and probably a couple teaser photos will be released on the 19th, and the magazine will go on sale on the 20th~!

Sadly we are not going to have a YAI Haven mass purchase for this magazine, but it will be available with international shipping on Kyobo and G-market. I will post the links when they go live (right now they only have the December issue…ew who needs that. No one, that’s who), probably as the pictures are released. Remember that the December Esquire magazines sold out in just a couple days on those websites so once you see the Arena Homme Plus photos, make up your mind quickly. ^__^

Source: Arena Homme Plus

11 thoughts on “Arena header released~

  1. Something happened to the picture link. I can’t see it. Mind checking it back?

    When I checked the link you provided, there is Jude Law! :DDD

  2. thanks Mathed2001 and jaeshinah. Needless to say, YAI looks the coolest and handsomest among these people. And I have to say even with the serious expression, Park Myung Soo still looks funny to me 🙂

    • I’m afraid the Esquire Dec. issue is sold out by now. 2 weeks ago Jaeshinah helped us international fans got the magazine from Korea, but she had difficulties buying the mags since they ran out at main bookstores. You can try checking online sites…

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