52 thoughts on “[Fan acct] Korean fan meets YAI at London’s Heathrow

  1. reading it made me nervous like watching action movies … this really cool … I imagine the situation … wow … catch up time … actually being in a critical moment. … you jaeshinah great … thanks for sharing … love this man but I do not have the courage to meet directly with him … I can not imagine if it happened to me … in the middle of a busy airport heatrhow, I’d just be staring at his back… and sorry for myself …

    • LOL ekawachyu I felt exactly the same way!! My heart was pounding even though I knew how this story would end, hahahahaha.
      Also I totally understand the last part of your comment!!! If I saw Ah In I would scream and run in the other direction. Just instinctively. I don’t think I can handle meeting him!! I would cry tears of happiness and just look at him from very far away. While feeling sorry for myself. HAHAHA what is wrong with us!!

      • lol i know id be nervous to go and approach him,especially as he’s moving to his destination i wouldnt have time to build up the confidence lol……but maybe i’ve changed?i’ve done some daring stuff this year lol

    • that is what i feel too!!, and if ever that will happen to me,
      o my gosh!! o my gosh!! i act the same way,
      and and while im reading this, o my gosh!! i am so nervous and i can feel what she totally felt that time, omg!! it is so exciting and its like i am reading a pocketbook,.. even that moment is short but there are lots of things happened to her, how she felt, how she looked nervous, how ahe acted like a crazzy girl and most of all she is totally lost her mind ,… gosh!!! it driving me crazzzzy again,..
      btw, girl i admired you… and your so lucky you met ah in, in person
      thanks jaeshinah for sharing,,, love you !!

  2. I wanted to leave a message for 슟_슟 but her blog was all written in Korean T T 슟_슟 don’t feel bad, you did well! It’s so gracious of you not to take his picture and the paintings and gifts … it’s just so sweet of you. I think I would freak out too if I were to meet YAI. Thanks for sharing and translating jaeshinah.

    • you’re welcome leena~! actually the link I gave isn’t her blog, it’s the SKKS DC Inside gallery ^^ So it’s all Korean fans, but there are some Korean fans studying or living abroad so if you wrote it in English they would understand. And 슟_슟 is also in London so I assume she understands English perfectly ^^
      Anyway I totally agree with you…she’s so sweet, and very considerate for not taking photos. I don’t care that we don’t have airport photos of Ah In. This fan account is so much more wonderful to have in their place ^^

  3. I have to agree with ekawachyu~~ Reading this does feel like watching the movie!! What is next? I want to know….

    Ah~~~ And, you can feel her nervousness from the time she learned about when he would be there all the way after she turned around and left~~ Wow~~~

    Thank you Jaeshinah as always!! And thank 슟_슟 (shoot_shoot) for sharing her experience~~ And look at her art works!! Beautiful~~ 🙂

  4. omgggggggg lucky you!
    I hope he’s still in London so that by luck I can suddenly bump into him. Even if I don’t get a chance to see him, I’m just glad he step foot in my country 😀
    Thanks so much for the fan account ^^

  5. *envy envy envy*

    she got to meet Ah In, stand next to him, oooh i’m so jealous!

    thanks for sharing! and translating!

    she’s so brave, i’d probably chicken out and just watch him from afar T.T

  6. Agree with everyone here, reading it like watching an action movie LOL, so exciting, so nervous.

    It was a great memory, and wow, 슟_슟 is so talented, the drawings are so good.
    Thank you 슟_슟 for sharing and jaeshinah for translating.
    Is there any one else in London? Hope to know more fan accounts if lucky fans have chance to meet him in person.

    The weather is freezing cold in Europe these days, please take care, Ah In-ssi.

  7. Thank you 슟_슟 for sharing and jaeshinah for translating!

    My heart beats so fast while I read this. Not sure y…it must be a real adventure!
    Ah in needs to come to the BIG APPLE next time. Plz plz plz

    The weather seems to suck everywhere. It’s – something here already. So cold and I’m feeling a bit sick.

  8. YAI’s fan is awesome! She’s really has high consideration to think in YAI’s situation (having 11 hours is tiring) and she’s very talented. Her drawing art are so cute I really want to have one of those! Definitely YAI made her nervous. But Who wouldn’t be nervous standing before YAI. If it was me, I wouldn’t have much courage to call and run after him. Still,Me want to meet him too!!

  9. Thank you 슟_슟 for sharing your wonderful expirience! Reading this fan account is like reading an action adventure suspense movie! I was like, holding my breath while reading it! LOL! Awwwwww, the gestures are sooooo sweet!

    Thanks Jaeshinah for translating! You’re an YAIHaven angel! =)

  10. Wow.. lucky you 슟_슟!.. Thanks for sharing the beautiful moment with us..

    And to Jaeshinah, thanks for the translation… 🙂 As always, you’ve done GREAT and BIG hug for you.

  11. OMG!! I just knew bout this forum through SKKS gallery
    and thought I’d leave a message here kkk
    How sweet of Jaeshinah for translating my rubbish writings!!
    Thanks alot!

    yeah, it sure was a adventure kkkkkk

    however, glad that u guyz r enjoying my adventure as I did!!

    • Ah~~~You are here!!! Thank you thank you and thank you~~~ I am soooo happy that you came~~ And thank you for sharing this story with us!! Please do come back and visit more often!! 🙂

    • WOW, 슟_슟, welcome to the haven! Envy your talent dear as well as the expirience with our YAI! Please drop by again anytime! Thanks for the wonderful story! You’re dedication to YAI is so touching and sweet! Let’s spread the YAI virus!

    • wow brave girl is here … I admire your courage and determination …. I really love this guy but I do not have the courage to deal with him directly … if only I who experienced it … sure at the moment I was sorry for myself, crying all day in the room (useless). thanks for sharing you so talented… your painting so cool… you writing so cool too, and of course for our Jaeshinah, thumbs up girl…

    • yaaayyy…. the 슟_슟 herself comes to visit our haven… your story thrilled all of us and you r such talented artist as well, love your art works and thank you for sharing ^_____^

    • Wow, 슟_슟 herself is here. Thank you for sharing your great adventure, and we LOVE your art, you’re so talented. Please do visit us more often.

    • Omo! you are here!!! Thank you that you didn’t faint before YAI so the story Part II could happened! LOL and Thank you so much for sharing your YAI experience It’s very interesting and real close to what I feel. And most of all, I love your drawings! they are awesome!! I wish have you can post your Geol o drawing here!! Once again.. Congratulation that you’ve met YAI!! love love love!!

  12. if anyone knows he is coming to the caribbean PLLEEAASEEEE tell us/me lol,i will take a day off work to go and meet him..even if its for a second!!

  13. 슟_슟 You’ re SWEET!! Thank you for sharing this! Wonderful and interesting!
    Your artwork, it is beautiful!

    as always,thank you very much for this translation!

  14. omo omo.she totally has the nerve to say that silly explaination about her changing answer.how dare she do this.who does she think she is???!!! But,neway,im pretty sure our yai wont bother a single thing bout her.


  16. aww, you should have given him one of your lovely drawings! i’m sure he would have appreciated it so much 🙂

    thanks for sharing!

  17. thanks for sharing..i really didnt know that he was in london..too late..but as i was reading this fanaccount..my heart is beating so fast and excited and giddy at the same time..she so lucky! too bad i wasnt in london at the time..im here in the philippines..did he had a vacation or he had some photoshoot or filming? bec. how come he came with a stylist? anyway, she is so considerate in not taking pictures..i totally understand that she cant even remember some details..i think she was still in shock..i would be if i was in her shoes..gosh, is he really that tall? 180cm? if it were me im not sure i would be even coherent..maybe mumbling something to him and just do some gestures..and just stare in his face and lips…okay..im going to stop spazzing..hehehe..love love hong sik..

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