[Random] The (imagined) drama between IU, Taeyang, and Ah In

I remember giving IU a shout-out on this site since she recently named Yoo Ah In as her ideal man.

Well, now I take it back.

After receiving the phrase that even the most timid fangirl would bungee jump to get from Yoo Ah In “cho doh saranghamnida,” IU confessed in an interview the reason for hitting the “like” Yoo Ah In button. She is known to be a big fangirl of Taeyang, so why the switch?

“I kept talking about Taeyang so much on broadcast programs, that my mom gave me a warning. She said that if I talked about Taeyang one more time, she would disown me. That’s why I named Yoo Ah In as my ideal man instead of Taeyang…”

Err….is it a legit reason girl? To read more about this, you can read the allkpop article here. Anyway, if this post has a point at all, it is to present to you some of the (angry) fangirls’ hilarious reactions to this drama-that-is-never-drama episode:

and now my heart’s bleeding when I saw those “love you too IU” vid, darn! what a waste ^___^

Just go for Taeyang girl

what the heck? IU plz go for Taeyang! the competition is already heated here

IU pls make up ur mind! Can’t hit on both stars!

And here is genius Asha‘s series of “Ah-in responding to IU’s explanation,” which makes me seriously ROFL:

Reaction to IU new confession/betrayal-How embarassing

It says: “She said what? Who. How embarrassing!” LMAO

Reaction to IU new confession/betrayal-I still have Youna

“be happy with your choice. I’m happy with mine! I still have Younha hahaha” LOL

Reaction to IU new confession/betrayal! GIF-Who cares…

“She said what? Ahh, well everyone knew my confession was just scripted@ GDA. Besides, who needs a pickle Fangirl! I have the Haveners (in heart) who love me till the end…heart” -LOLOLOLOL

Source: allkpop, various tweets, and Asha’s Tumblr

40 thoughts on “[Random] The (imagined) drama between IU, Taeyang, and Ah In

  1. What,what and what??
    Probably I’m late to know about this…

    Tiny and everyone, err..Can I say something?

    “Err..IU, can you return it back the golden words ‘saranghamnida’ from Yoo Ah In
    to you that day? Return to Yoo Ah In and to all his fans!”

    LOLOLOL! opps! Very very sorry,
    I do not have any bad intentions.
    Just want to express my feelings. LOL..

  2. I do not believe in this girl, when I started to like it … I’ll be taking it off the queue number … she can’t do this on My YAI … but don’t worry there are millions of girls are preparing to throw herself to you. We can breathe a bit relieved now … reduced our competitors … hahaha I really like this post fun… joyful, Thanks to Tinysunbl and Asha preparing to sharpen nails again now and let’s go back to the line … Do not forget to queue number….

  3. Aigoo! That script such a waste. How could she do that to Ah In?? How would Ah In feel when he knows its just non-profit-fake admit. Still,though I feel sad about this news,with that confession, IU really doesn’t deserve to have Ah In word.

    • You right This girl does not deserve a golden words from our YAI … false confessions … ugrgh … ugh .. fake admit… ugrgh
      This makes me sad and irritated, I hope YAI not affected by this news, he does not deserve it, Saranghe Oppa
      …. urgh … sorry … sorry if I could not help myself …

  4. LOL some people are just… I think it’s okay to be fans of more than one person, right? It’s such a shame how people are taking it seriously, as if she’s “dating” Taeyang then “cheating” on him with Mr. Yoo even though clearly she’s only being fans of both men. I like both Taeyang and Mr. Yoo. They’re both amazing people and both of them can make a girl’s heart racing. But what I don’t like is her reason of choosing Mr. Yoo. She could’ve used other words. It makes it seem like he’s only a temporary replacement, which is a shame. She should think about her words more carefully next time.

  5. yeah i was really disappinted in IU when I read her statement…I mean really?It’s not even a valid reason -_- tsk tsk tsk…

  6. she’s just young and silly girl anyway… it’s ok to be fan of more than one person, I agree.. but the situation is not like that. it’s like… oh well… I’m wasting my times dealing with such childish yet puberty girl’s thought LOL. But if only she knew who Yoo Ah In-ssi really is, she wouldn’t has a nerves to named him randomly like that. Seriously, I even wouldn’t dare to mention @seeksik for some silly tweets, he’s not that kind of guy >.<

  7. IU seriously getting on my nerves! watta damn user fangirl she is.. who does she think she is to use YAI’s name.. oh well.. if i know.. she just mention YAI’s name to get some attention!! wth!! anyway.. i really like this post.. and i so love the GIFs.. hahaha.. i must agree.. with this.. ->”be happy with your choice. I’m happy with mine! I still have Younha hahaha” LOL

    yes! younha is better than IU.. LOL!

  8. lol guys, i’m a bit surprised at how upset some of you are. these kinds of dumb questions (who’s your ideal type) are asked all the time on variety programs and stars often change up their answers depending on what dramas they’re watching or what music they’re listening to at the time. it’s just that IU has always been a taeyang fangirl, so people gave it more attention when she said Yoo Ah In, because she was always the kind of girl who *didn’t* change her answer. for those of you who think IU was using YAI’s name for attention… IU is much, much more well-known than Ah In, and if anything Ah In’s stock only went up because IU mentioned his name. while SKKS was a ‘mania’ drama for the people who watched it, it didn’t have enormous viewership, and many people who did not watch SKKS have never heard of Yoo Ah In, including many of my own friends in Korea right now, who are mostly in their twenties. everyone knows who IU is. she definitely doesn’t need to do it to “use” him.

    what amazes me is that we have Ah In fangirls getting upset here, when it was originally Taeyang fans that were getting upset! at first Taeyang fans were upset she liked Taeyang so much (like some of you were sad that she liked YAI) and then when she said she liked YAI, Taeyang fans got upset at that, instead. that’s why she went on the interview to explain herself.

    an excerpt from the original article: “하도 방송에서 태양 선배님 얘기를 했더니 엄마한테 경고 받았다. ‘앞으로 한 번 더 태양이 얘기하면 내 딸도 아니다’라고 경고하시더라”고 말했다. 이어 “그래서 태양 오빠 말고 최근 드라마에서 멋있었던 유아인 씨를 말했더니 네티즌이 ‘태양 좋다더니..!’라고 하시더라. 이래도 욕 먹고 저래도 욕 먹고..(웃음) 정말 순수한 팬이다. 오해하지 말아달라”고 덧붙였다.

    translation: “I talked so much about Taeyang sunbaenim on TV that I received a warning from my mom. She said, ‘If you talk about Taeyanag again one more time, you’re not my daughter anymore.’ IU continued, “So instead of Taeyang oppa, I said Yoo Ah In, who was amazing in a recent drama, and the netizens said ‘But you said you liked Taeyang..!’ I say this and people get upset; I say that and people get upset..(laughter) I’m really just an innocent fan. Please don’t misunderstand,” she added.

    IU is a fan of Taeyang and she’s a fan of Yoo Ah In. she’s not actually in love with either of them, she just likes them the way you or I like celebrities. It’s all lighthearted and she’s allowed to have silly crushes if she wants. I’m 100% positive Taeyang and YAI understand this and that neither of them are actually upset about anything. so… let’s just all calm down and move on, k?=)

    • oh well this is much longer than i had expected. lol. by the way, i know some of you were just kidding and joking around in your comments above. it’s just that… some of you seemed to take this quite seriously^^ don’t worry. there is zero chance Ah In is actually “upset” by this….. lol

      • hi!! jaeshinah,
        thank you for explaining to us,
        im not upset anymore..
        and i think im just overeacted to what she said…
        it just because for our dear ah in….
        as what ived said before no matter what ill be ah in forever…
        love you jaeshinah!!! more power to you!!

    • nyahaha… I totally get your point, Jaeshinah =) it’s just… it’s my almighty Yoo Ah In-ssi that we r talkin’ about, we fangirl sumtimes become ‘extreme’ on things like this (coz fangirls think with their heart instead their brain) LOL. It’s just a li’l bit ache to read what she said after our YAI shout those “I love you too) in front of national TV (which was actually must be another joke ‘cos no way he take that thing seriously either) haha. still this post and all those comments is fun to read and thank you Jaeshinah to remind me the bold line of where we shud stand of this matter, love ya =)

    • Ok… ok, I am accept your explanation … hahaha …
      and i am agree with selvm0rd and we are fans more use our heart of our brain … love is blind … saranghe 🙂

      • hahahaha!!! good that Jaeshina clarified it and good that we havent released the nuclear yet (joke!!!).
        So, IU can take back her queue number now? I guess, she can… but she has to be the last *wink*.
        Peace and love to all!

        • Sorry but the queue is the number I already give to other girls (she was falling in love with YAI) … but I’ll give it a new queue number, if she does not mind…. dear, now back into line and wait patiently… and i have candy maybe you need it … you must be very surprised had to face the girls here … forgive them ha ha ha

    • I love this,Jaeshinah.^^

      And I also like this,
      “I’m 100% positive Taeyang and YAI understand this and that neither of them are actually upset about anything. so… let’s just all calm down and move on, k?=)”

    • I find it more amusing than upsetting, especially Asha’s gif lol. Hence reason for sharing. There’s really no reason to be bothered by a stupid variety program question and got trapped in the mind of a teenage girl

    • good explanation Jaeshinah. got to curb the adrenaline rush some fangirls had after reading the story.
      i can imagine cat’s claws were out already!lol! and wagging fingers while saying ” oh no you didn’t just say that girl!!!

  9. ups….it’s getting serious to ah in fans, yeah i totally agree with you jaeshinah, its kind usual question in korean variety show, cos i used to watch a lot of korean variety show and they usually ask what and who the ideal type for them…by the way i love the way you show your love to our YAI, love you… and thanks asha for the gifs

  10. Asha, i still can’t refrain from laughing with Yoo Ah In facial expression
    in the gifs!Lol!
    Especially in second gifs. Like a cute baby!!^^

  11. Thanks that u gals enjoyed the gif. Thats just 4 fun kids. Hehehe. As well as letting out a small frustration over miss fickle(state of mind) pickle(the sour tasting fud). I’m just human after all. Hehehe. Anyway, well let it pass…she still can line up if she want but no special treatment for a celebrity!!
    Fighting haveners! I’m so happy to see the love for our YAI.

  12. whaaaaat!!!
    i just can’t believe this,, before she said that she likes YAI because he is gentle and she watched the serious for him…but now all her talks has changed!!!!!!!

    no problem ,,many girls took YAI as their ideal type and that seems enough!!^^ kekeke

  13. i knew it. i’m not really into the IU hype just like most people are. Ryeowook, Seulong..the list can go on but I don’t think she’s that much of a catch anyway. If she’d sing better minus the sweetie giddy giddy look, maybe.

    She can be IU for goodness sake. I could care less about her. Just not involving YAI.

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