“Sky and Sea” wins the Media Award at TIFF

At around 2AM KST, the 8th annual Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) announced that Sky and Sea, in which Yoo Ah In starred and which was the first Asian film ever to be nominated at TIFF, was the winner of the Media Award at this year’s festival!

Congratulations to Yoo Ah In and everyone involved. =)

Source: DC Inside & TIFF website

17 thoughts on ““Sky and Sea” wins the Media Award at TIFF

  1. OMG Great news! Congrats to YAI and the crew. Plz plz tell me if that means a release of Sky and Ocean!

    Thanks jaeshinah, who always comes home with good news. I hope all the best things will happen to you soon. Good luck and fighting^^

    P.S. do you have a twitter account? I’ve talked about stalking you lol

  2. that a great news… congratulation… i can’t wait the movie release… this must be make my YAI really happy and smile all day…. all crew, or everyone involved congratulation… they deserve to get it making movies is a collective work involving many parties of players, lightingman, soundman , edititor, costumes, makeup artist, cameraman, director, producer.. . all … so all parties involved are entitled to celebrate this

  3. happy for him and to all crew that involved….thank you jaeshinah for share this…i hope this movie can release into dvd as soon….

  4. woaahh!!! this movie that im been waiting for,
    hope they will release soon,..
    cant wait for his movie…
    i saw the trailer already..
    and im sure this is a great movie!!!
    again thank you jaeshinah and tiny…
    you both are our angels, came from haven…

  5. Congrats Sky and Sea!!! Can’t wait for this movie to be released again… I wonder why it didn’t receive good response in the past… I always thought it might turn out to be a good movie, after watching its trailer review by Arirang (in Youtube).

  6. Wow, this is great news! Congrats to everyone involved in this movie. I’m sure it’s a great one. I mean, it did win an award all the way in ALBANIA! Now, I just hope someone can screen this back in Korea, or at least release a DVD so we can all drool over Mr. Yoo, please? And Jang Nara and Juny too, don’t forget about them. Okay seriously, I just want to see Mr. Yoo acting all cute and adorable like a 20-year-old. Yeah…

  7. CONGRATS to the whole film production.
    gosh, me so excited for Yoo Ah In.. more success to come YAI!

    saankyu Jaeshinah.. a great news to start the day 😀

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