[Interview] Japanese Station Interviewed Ah In – English Subtitles

Since SKKS will be aired in Japan soon, a Japanese station interviewed Ah In with, of course, Japanese subtitles.  Thanks to Ah Shin De Shin Fu @ Ah In Baidu, Japanese subtitles were translated to Chinese.  So, when you watched this video, please keep in mind that the subtitle translations were done from Korean to Japanese, Japanese to Chinese, and then finally, Chinese to English~~  Hopefully, it is close enough to what Ah In was really saying…  It is a video that is over 7 minutes AND with Ah In talking pretty much the whole time!! ^^  So, I hope you enjoy it~~

Ah In Interview by mathed2001@youtube

20 thoughts on “[Interview] Japanese Station Interviewed Ah In – English Subtitles

  1. This is an amazing interview!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t help out with this =( OMG Ah In is so perfect and thoughtful and lovely. In only 7 minutes he really shows who he is as a person and an actor. I’m astonished at how well most of the interview translated! It’s amazing that this it he 4th iteration of a translation ^^ There were some parts that were a little off, but not so much that you can’t understand what he was trying to say, and certainly more accurate than many YT-subbed videos I see out there. =) You worked really hard! Thanks for doing this ><

    • *repeating Jaeshinah’s every word of utmost thankful and admiration and everything*
      just really thanks so much for sharing. what a guy !

    • It is good to know that the translations are somewhat accurate. Thanks for the confirmation, Jaeshinah~~

      I hope you did have some sleep by now… Good luck with everything at your end!! ^^

  2. Yay, this is such a treat. Thank you mathed2001! And thanks to everyone involved in making the subs. I’m going to take my sweet time to enjoy the clip 🙂

  3. Everything about this interview makes me admire Yoo Ah In more and more as an actor and a man. He is so thoughtful, and so eloquent, even when answering the generic questions that many an interviewer must have thrown at him before, such as: “How are Jae Shin and Yoo Ah In alike?” In this, we see how mature his perspective is, how he aspires to become a better actor, and how much there is to love about him. ❤ Thank you for sharing!

  4. aww he’s such a sweetie and skldjgklsjhf he’s so fucking cute LOL 😀
    when he laughs i just melt off my chair !!!!
    thank you for sharing the adorableness 🙂

  5. Love it…I hope he can accept the many challenges to playing diverse characters … maybe someday he can play the antagonist, psychopathic … or character of the mentally ill … I want to see him fly higher … whatever role he played or the result … I certainly will continue to support i love you YAI …

  6. Thank you so much mathed2001 for traslation!!
    Amazing and lovely interview!

    Hopefully our Yoo Ah In will continue to be successful and happy,
    in career and in everyday life.The love and support of all fans always there
    for Yoo Ah In.

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  8. Thank you so much for the interview & subs ^^
    I just love his laugh lol; he’s so down to earth, how can you not love Ah-In ❤

  9. Whoa~Thanks for the hardworking in translating the interview.Its such a great pleasure to know what Ah In saying.I love it with the atmosphere is really showing he’s calm and relax.I really feel the tranquilness.So charismatic.

  10. im watching cuts of HWCM and love YAI’s role in it…kudos to his facial expressions, delivery and comedic timing.
    but seeng him in SKKS…he was just so different! like i watch comedic YAI and have to take a double take when watching
    serious YAI(SKKS). he runs the whole gamut of emotions!
    he has a bright future as an actor…he’s the type who’s defintely going to stay in the business bcos of what he can contribute.

  11. Awww, our YAI is improving his interview skills! He’s now more comfortable …which i like! He’s so witty and charismatic (echoing Ari here)! May SKKS be a huge success in JAPAN as well! (Who can resist our YAI – mathed2001, agree to this statement 110%) More love to our YAI!

    Thanks mathed2001 for sharing! Haveners rock!

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