[Contest] Write a letter to Ah In and win a copy of Cine 21~!

Hi everyone!!

YAI Haven is thrilled to announce our first ~contest~!

The rules are simple.

Write a letter addressed to Yoo Ah In–it can be any length, it can be typed, drawn, whatever you want–but it has to be in English, and it has to be submitted to jaeshinah1@gmail.com OR tinysunbl@yahoo.com by 11:59pm on December 31, 2010, KST. =)

We will post the letters on YAI Haven, along with an announcement of the winner, two weeks later. Empty your heart=) Write whatever you always wanted to say to Ah In.

*NOTE* We’re not actually sending these to Ah In~! This is just for the Haven.=)

The writer of the best letter will win a copy of the November issue of  Cine 21, featuring Ah In.

Yay! Good luck!!

16 thoughts on “[Contest] Write a letter to Ah In and win a copy of Cine 21~!

  1. That’s so cool. I might start when my exams are over. Are editors allowed to write too?

    I think it’ll be fun if the letter is sent to Mr. Yoo, just for the fun of it. imo

  2. wow contest in haven…i wish i have more creativity to write the letter and get the prize, hehehe….i’m not good at writing actually 😦

    ehhm everyone please keep voting for our lovely YAI, lastly i vote the gap between Mr. Yoo and Mr. Jang is getting close ><

  3. sorry for posting this here! i was trying to find a way to contact the admin of this site, but I couldn’t find a way to reach you guys so I didn’t know what else to do other than post a comment here!

    Hi, my name is Ace and I just opened a new Yoo Ah In Community on LJ:

    I was hoping you could help promote the community? It really needs some more members and I want to give this community a kick start!

    I also would love to be affiliates with you guys! If you don’t mind, I’m going to add you to my affiliates list and hopefully you’ll add me to yours as well? 🙂
    Thank you SO MUCH for your time and helping us out!!!
    Let’s spread the Ah-In LOVE~! ❤

  4. I’m not going to participate this contest… what should i do? i’m no good at writing.
    But for those who join the competition… AZA AZA!! I look forward for your writings!!
    Group hugs!

  5. Dear Ah In and fellow haveners,

    Wish you all a “Merry Christmas” and a very happy new year filled with blessings & wonderful surprises.
    May the peace always reign.

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