YAY! It’s the 120th post!

Date :October 26, 2011


Time : 2:00 PM

Event : YAI HAVEN First Year Anniversary

It’s been year since the first article was posted and the Haven was founded by our very own  Tinysunbl, who’s nickname  came from the first  English newspaper she read “The Sun”. To commemorate this special event , the HAVENERS decided to finally meet up, POTLUCK style.

The first to arrive is AYA RYUUSEKI, bringing with her YAI Lasagna, her personal favorite and the YAI Leche flan for dessert. She said, that this dessert, no matter how much you eat, you still love it. One can be addicted to it.  “ I’m pretty much saying that I’m falling more and more in love with Yai the more I learn about him. I’m addicted!” she added .

Come next is LISDARINA, her real name, with her the YAI  Fried rice! Hmmmn, yummy. Being a nosy haveners I ask, why fried rice? She said, she’s having this once a week,  for it is a something that brightened her day! Without it, her  life will never be complete!The same goes to a life without seeing Ah In. Never complete! haha!! (Same here dear –Asha)

EUPHUNE, a Cassies and now a fellow HAVENERS, brought with her the YAI pat bing soo , it is kind of ice cream in korea that made from many kind of fruits that reminds him of our Yoo AH IN  coz he’s refresing to her.

The spicy chilli sambal with anchovies and potato on the far corner of the table was brought by MIRASCHINN, (whose Nickname  is a combination of her real name and schinn is from shin, in gokusen the first season). Next to it is the Filipino dish called Sinigang, brought by JAS. It’s a sour soup but it can be a little spicy because one of the ingredients is a long chili pepper. Jas said, this soup reminds her our our YAI because like the soup, , he add a little spice to himself .

For drinks, ESHI, brought a case of  Grass Jelly and Lychee drink. She’s completely in love with this drink and wanted to share to the fandom and she said  she love this drink strangely enough for the same reasons that  she love YAI, its refreashing and different . But, if you want something tradional KOREAN drink, our Korean American Haveners Angel Jaeshinah brought some Makkeoli,  it’s a traditional rice wine and it’s a bit sweet, quite strong, and very Korean. She said she feel like Ah In would be something alcoholic., so why not give it a try…

IZASAKURA, who loves Sakura for its cuteness and beauty, have brought with her some Nasi Lemak, a pack, mix with all kind of ingredients, spice sambal ikan bilis, with slice of cucumber, boiled egg, and rice cook with coconut juice. It really delicious. Nasi lemak.. hahaha… I think most Malaysians would’ve said the same thing, said ERLYNDA, who brought some as well. It’s really one feisty dish (with rice, anchovies, sambal gravy, hard-boiled egg)… just like YOO AH IN.

Next on the line is the Satay, shared by ARI, she said it would be perfect for this ocassion.  It’s a dish which consist of diced of chicken/beef moisten with honey (Ah In smiles is surely as sweet as honey) that is grilled over a charcoal fire.

Oooops, what’s that green bottle, on the corner next to the the YAI dark chocolate  fountain(discribe as bitter+sweet, it is either you like it or you don’t… but once you fall in love with it, you will love it forever )  sponsored by the chocolate addict SeYuLabme  & NAZETA? Is it SOJU? Yeps, its Soju indeed, brought to you by our very own SELVMORD, a weird name but a loveable person, a true blue HAVENERS. She explained that selvmord is from norsk… which mean “suicide”… don’t get me wrong, I love my life, it’s just another dark side of me, she said. She also mentioned that the reason for bringing the SOJU, is because it taste good from the first time I try, just like YAI when the first time I saw him at SKKS eps.1 (yup I’m his new fan). Chocolate and Soju? What a combination! BLUJEES, please stay away from SOJU dear, you’re still minor,  our baby HAVENERS, who is now adding one sweets on the dessert table, Ice kacang. Ice Kacang have so many colours and sides that reminds her of our YAI she said.  It appears tough and strong but sweet and really caring in side.

Another a must taste korean food was brought by QUIESU, PULDDAK, a very very very spicy dish – chicken dish! I LOVE CHICKEN! and no matter how spicy this dish is , you’ll want to eat more of it!I feel AhIn is something spicy … SUPER SPICY in other words HOT. and THE SPICIER HE GETS THE MORE YOU WANT OF HIM! She confesses!

Yoo Ah In is like empanadas, said CATERPLINA, They’re all cooked similarly, but you have so many different fillings. I prefer spicy meat (that would be Moon Jae Shin) and napolitana (that would be Kibum from Antique ^^), hmmm, quite agree with her and her EMPANADA are a hit as well! -Asha

WHAT_LIFE, whose nick is a reminder to spend less time on the internet(can I do that???-Asha). Anyway, she said she have a tough time deciding what to bring  on this special occasion, and so she brough with her Soto betawi. Because it is a rich dish with a variety of flavor exploding in your mouth. And… sinfully unhealthy too. YAI’s got depth and color/flavor to his personality and he is unhealthy for my mental being

Want something HOT? – AYUTACHIBANA, is preparing the Hot Pot, it’s her fav food in the world that  reminds  her of our YAI personality.

How about something exotic? Next to the uberr hot HOTPOT was, the Ateng Kura (it’s Makassarean-Cantonese dish. It’s Turtle’s liver (sorry to scare you guys) marinated with rice wine, sweet soy bean paste, salt, pepper and sugar. The dish looks like coal since the color is completely black. It looked hard outside and overcook but very tender inside and juicy too. Once I eat it I can’t stop. It tastes unique, can’t describe it! I’m addicted to it. Too bad the liver cannot be easily gotten. It’s quite rare! It’s precious dish for me. The dish reminds me to YAI. Its look is so much different from the taste! Expained  by Aoikarin who also explained that she  got in touch with net world when anime DNA2 was hot (in early 90′s in my college years) AOKARIN is the heroine’s name. With that nickname I made lots of good net friends.. I was so happy!

Our Indonesian Haveners, Eka Wachyu, Ainnee and Franchesca, bring with them the ever so fresh RUJAK or RUJAK Buah. It’s Indonesian dish like fruit salad with palm sugar and chili sauce. Taste so good, sweet but hot at the same time, just like a party in your mouth! Ainnee also added  “ i’m really addicted to rujak, it was like fruits salad with brown sugar + chilli sauce…the ingredient for rujak is pinneaple, manggo, apple, guava, papaya, ect (you can add all fruits you like to it) and for the sauce is mix brown sugar and chilli together.. it’s taste so FRESH , you could feel it all with a single bite. … so not only spoil the taste also spoil the eye Rujak! That’s so YAI. Said the our Indonesian HAVENERS.

Another Korean dish, in line is brought to you by INK된장찌개 (Korean Miso Stew) served at a hotel restaurant: 된장찌개 is one of the Korean traditional dish any mom can cook at home. No hotel restaurant would have it on their menu just because it is a commoner’s everyday dish. Yet, it is the one dish that any Korean who’s living in abroad would miss the most, homemade Miso Stew that mom used to cook. The reason why I picked it is because YAI to me is the one that’s very close to the realness, however he somehow seems out of place. I think it’s because of his name YAI that’s been packaging his real name Uhm Hong-Sik which feels very much like the miso stew.

Also on the side is Kimchee Chigae, brought by xiodao88. She said, “I think Yoo Ah In would be Kimchee Chigae b/c it’s a classic soup, it’s well balanced and it’s you always want more.

Are you guys full yet? How about a break? A cup of nice hot cappuccino … never fail to warm you up on a chilly day like this and strong enough to keep you awake for the rest of the day. Leena, is now serving! She said,  it’s like Yoo Ah In in the way he warms the hearts of so many people and at the same time is observant, grounded and critical.  Partner it with the sweet crèpes brought to you by our French Havener,  Lapsus. What she have to say about this dish? “Crepes? Because honestly, I really can’t associate him with other French native dish ! Moreover, it’s really delicious, cute and anything else. And yes, a great partner as well is the  Dunki’n Donut  shared by our very own Tinysunb. She said it’s “ Sweet, delicious”,  and he’s my guilty pleasure hehehe. Agree!!!

Ahh well, for HAVENERS who have a sweetooth, our resident MD, Summersky,  brought with her, a personal favorite (mine as well-Asha),  a mouth watering YAI cheesecake, simply – because cheesecake can be a little tricky to make. You have to make sure the ingredients are in room temperature before mixing them all together, and when you mix them you have to be careful not to overdo it or else it will create lots of air bubbles in the mixture causing the cake to collapse, then you have to put it in a water bath and time it very well so it doesn’t crack. When it’s done, you can eat it plain or put any topping you like and it will taste as great. Just like Ah In, he thinks hard when choosing which roles to play and though he seem to act quite naturally, you can see that he puts a lot of thought to make his portrayal as precise and accurate as possible. And like cheesecake, you can take him as Ah In, as Hong Sik, or as any of the characters he has portrayed and he’s just as wonderful!

Hmmm, party is now in full swing, everyone happy eating an drinking! It’s a success!!! But who’s that gorgoeus girl, with a delicious  “doubles” in hand? Well, who we have here, its Gabz, with the “doubles”! A must try dish cause its really delicious,like reeeeally delicious lol !!!

Chicken rice! Chicken rice!”  said Amylia, while elbowing the crowd of happy eaters. She’s late  as well, but who can resist  this dish she’s now  shashying around. At first look, it  doesn’t seem very special but the moment you’ve tasted it (Him)… you can’t stop. You’ve fallen head over heels in love with it (him! XDDD) Seriously, chicken rice is that delicious.

Hee,  another late comer(better late than never, I’d say!) brings with her, a mouth watering Fried chicken! Just becasue I like it and that’s the first thing that came into my mind, she confessed. Well, I like fried Chiken too! LOL-asha

Done, with the chicken dish?  Zeyzey, is offering the  ‘grilled meatballs’, it is a spicy –spicy, I mean it- delicious food from Malang, Indonesia, she said. Don’t care how spicy it is that it would hurt my gastritis I wont give a damn, since I like it so much.. and so does with YAI, no matter how hard or how many hours he got me to decode his words I wont care, otherwise, I enjoy it so much or try out  Arielna, who like the mermaid, sour and spicy asam pedas. Because it’s hot and I like it. But to me, AH IN is more like coffee. Totally addictive and can definitely chase away my sleepiness.

All foods are simply delicious and amazingly good! Specially cooked and inspired with a equally  delicious and amazing actor.

But, wait! Some dessert are coming our way,  Strawberry shortcake,  Apple pie and brownies!  Courtesy of the three lovely ladies Miaka20, KhineI & Kfan! Those sweet cound make you’re  mouth watered just by looking at it and then when you taste it, you feel like it’s just like you’ve imagined to be inside and out: too good for words It’s something that one can’t resist. The moment you’ll have one piece,  you’ll  go for the second, third, etc GOODBYE strict diet! Think of our YAI as the brownie, its hard on surface but when you chew it, its soft inside. 

 “ Everyone should be forbidden to know YAI especially me because once you get to know him, there is no stopping it. He is such person – apple pie”  added Kfan.   

Wow, its almost midnight, the food have been deliciously devoured and enjoyed. Apart from the food, what I really enjoyed were the laughters and banters we threw at each other. The spazzing and pervs thoughts thown by the P’mommas! Everything. It was really fun! But..time to go home…

But,  I forgot! How about my YAI Adobo? Ok,  since all are already full, you can bring it home…a YAIHAVEN POTLUCK give away! Enjoy!

(May this event come true..someday….somehow!)

Happy Holidays Haveners!

Note : the contents of this post is not written by me, it was a join effort from the talented and amazingly warm people of the YAI Haveners, who gamely joined the “GEtting to know you, Getting to know all about YOO post”. Thanks everyone ! Have  a warm Christmas and a Prosperous YAI & HAVENERS New Year!

48 thoughts on “YAI HAVENERS POTLUCK PARTY (fanfic)

  1. This potluck=lifetime diet plan afterward. But it’s worth it. Totally, especially for the to-go dish lol

    Wow thanks Asha and all the Haveners for sharing such amazing dishes and info about yourselves. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Tiny, HAHHA! Quite correct on the POTLUCK=LIFETIME DIET PLAN! LOL! Thanks Tiny for creating this BLOG! Thanks to all the HAVENERS for sharing something good with us, the LOVE for our YAI! It’s a loooooooooong post, but reading the description is really entertaining. HAVENERS JJang!

    @Tiny, are back @ home now? If not yet, have a safe trip dear, and have a happy reunion with your FAMILY!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Untill then…

  3. Someday… Soon.. this will be real… and with YAI… 🙂
    Santa, can you hear us???

    This is so nice Asha and Thanks….
    Merry Xmas to all and have a properous New year!!!
    * fireworks*

  4. Please help us ~~foreign fans of Yoo Ah In.
    i’m 아인‘s Korean fan.
    please vote for him. he is losing now.
    The difference between the fan’s scores is too big.
    it is available to vote only for him
    if you erase all your history ,then you can vote again.
    sorry . I can’t write English very well.
    so I don’t know where to write on.

    • we did vote for him… the gap is now way to big but I know we are not going to give up so easily… #HAVENERS FIGHTING!!!!!

      Hello 마린… nice to see you here ^^

      • Hello~ nice to meet you. your nick name is hidden by squre.
        So I can’t see your name.
        You know already this event.
        we will struggle to the end, too!!
        Thank you very much~~ see you again~

        • I’m selvmOrd… yes we already know about this event from dec 20 and we learn the trick so we could vote as much as we can ^^ Some Haveners here maybe having headache ‘cos lack of sleep, hehe… we vote all nite long. But we do this with much fun… I’m glad to have this vote party with our Korean fans too… so let’s make him WIN ^___^

          • Thank you very much, you are the best
            I love you all ~~~!!!
            fighting!!! your deep friendship moved us deeply~~
            we are friend~~We feel a tremendous empathy with you
            merry christmas and happy new year~Haveners fighting~!!♡♥

  5. one word…..brilliant

    awesome idea……we did something like thing for our grade when we graduated …..its kind of how i feel about all of u guys too….friends for life cos of YAI 🙂

    thanks asha

  6. the best recap ever ^___^ and now I feel really hungry. Don’t forget to bring some banana (need no further explanation for this one kkkk).. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday for my dearest YAI & #Haveners… Thank you Asha.. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  7. Wow this is so so mouth-watering. Asha you have done an amazing description here.You must be tired typing all those.Get rest dear.And great great thanks to the participants in making this dish look fit for our Ah In.Let’s give ourselves a round of applause! (= Happy Holiday & New Year 2011.

  8. ahahahaha !! i saw “QUESU” AHAHAHA
    BB! IT’S “Q.U.I.E.S.U.”
    this post makes me wanna quit my diet! >.<
    so loved! 😀
    so much PHILfood! 😀 imissit !:)
    great work!!

  9. wow!! this is so mouthwatering!
    makes me wanna quit my diet now!
    nice post! 🙂
    and btw .. it’s “Q.U.I.E.S.U.”
    🙂 love the adobo YAI!! i miss Phil food T___T
    as much as i want to see YAI again!!!!!

  10. oh gosh this really good… i am enjoy read it imagine we are in the real party… YAI fan united… gathering … oh i hope we can make this come true… thanks to Ashasummer this great.
    we are different nations, languages, and even food but we have one thing in common … we all love YAI …
    and this is depicted very beautifully by Asha … thanks very much.. merry Christmas and Hapy New Year everybody … i hope next time our YAI can fly higher … and we will be more loved him … saranghe chinggu bear hugs to all

  11. OMG! 🙂
    This was fantastic!! LOL
    Very, very creative ^^ and really fun to read ( there’s so much food that I’d like to taste).

    (On a different note, I went to vote to the site for our Yoo Ah In and google chrome asked to if I wanted to have the site translated to spanish, so I did. LOL Yoo Ah In’s name was translated to “infantil” which means childish haha)

    Happy holidays to all haveners around the world! Spend some wonderful time with your families and eat a lot (cause it’s THE holidays, no diet on holidays!)!

  12. This is the best potluck party ever! Reading this post, my mouth is watering already. Imagine if it really happens 😀 Asha, you are awesome!
    And we are back in business, YAI is currently leading on jkn.co.kr … but please keep voting, there is still a week to go. Fighting!!

    Happy holidays and happy new year everyone!

  13. Now I feel so hungry! Great recap Asha! I feel so homey and feel the warmth from each member here! I feel so much love here! Thank you haveners! You are trully great YAI diehard fans! I feel so lucky to join and contribute in this haven! I really wish this potluck party will take real event in the future!! Ok.. Let’s get back to the business.. VOTE VOTE VOTE YAI FTW!!! AZA AZA!!

  14. Lol. Sweet, mouth-watering post. The diversity and amount of food almost make me feel like there’s going to be no tomorrow. XD

    Oh, oh. YAI is leading again. Hoping so bad that he wins. It will be one more reason to start another potluck! Very cool post, Asha! Maybe someday soon, we can have a real one. 😀

  15. This is great and cool!

    Thank you tiny for this amazing blog! Thank you Asha!
    Thank you everyone for everything!

    You all are great, talented, fun and amazing!

    To you all and YAI,Love Forever!
    Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

  16. asha, you are brilliant.

    so much food and all of them are delicious, YEAH goodbye strict diet!!! But i think if this really happen it will be wonderful!! why not make it comes true? but not next year, it’s too soon. maybe 3 years later when all of us have save enough money to meet somewhere in Korea?

  17. thanks asha for writing this fanfiction, i would love if this really happen someday, lets meet someday in somewhere place everyone…*dear santa please makes our dream gathering comes true…

    happy seeksikMas and happy hollyday all haveners ❤

  18. **** S C R U M P T I O U S ****…….. Thank you Asha;)
    A BIG thank “tinysunbl”….. as well as jaeshinah….. InK….. ancientkinkdom….. and everyone….. HANVENERS


  19. woaaaaahhh! i thought it is really true!!! while im reading.. im thinking to all of this haveners that they are so lucky they meet each other…
    i hope that me too.., that someday they will come here in the phil. or maybe me..
    if i have a festival tour in other country,
    i could meet them, i was thinking that while im reading…hahahahha
    this is totally awesome!! all the foods, dessert and drinks,.. hahahahha,
    it makes me want to eat!!! yum yumyum…
    and by the way, asha… you forgot something!! how about entertainment?
    i will give a special number to the haveners and to our dear ah in… hahahahaha
    i think tahiti is the best for the party to make the party more lively..hahahha
    thank you asha!! i really enjoyed reading…

  20. ^___________________________________^
    thanks for this delicious fanfic anshasummer.. :DDD

    Merry Christmas 2010 n Happy New Year 2011 Haveners ! 😀

  21. Ahahahaha..LOL! This is really funny but I do hope this will come true in the near future. I think it would be really nice to meet all or even some of you in real life. And if this will really come true, I will cook Sinigang for all of you. 🙂 Nice work Haveners!!!

  22. This is one of the first site I checked when i was searching for Yoo Ah-in on the net, and I’ve been visiting this site for more than two months, and it has only occurred to me now that this is by Filipinos. I’m glad to have found kababayans. 🙂

    I don’t mean to be rude, though, but may I just ask what age range do the admins belong? I don’t mean to judge either, I was just curious, you know?

    Anyway, congratulations on the anniversary, and I hope you guys have more. 🙂
    Cheers for Yoo Ah-in, too. Fighting~! ^^

    • Hi, actually the admins of the site are from all over the places. Phillipines, US, Canada, Vietnam, Korea, China…

      If you check the “getting to know you” post, you can see the age range of this small international community, the admins included.

    • Hi Biff! Kaway! Actually I wouldn’t say this site was run by a Filipino. Tinysunbl is Vietnamese, she’s the Founder of this site, other contributors are Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish (Aylam, am I right?) Filipinos and all other nationality!

      I’d say this site was run by people who Love Yoo Ah In. No nationality, age limit or gender required! Let’s spead the YOO AH IN LOVE! Welcome aboard!

  23. Oh, I see. 🙂 Then I think that’s even better. Wow, Yoo Ah-in had all of us come into this site for one reason (hehe) regardless of nationality. I’m really glad. ^^

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