Ah In Is Finally Back Home!!

The news of Ah In being back home is all over the internet.  I thought all the haveners should know too!!  The first three pictures were shared on seeklyn’s twitter.  All these photos are from “bakedbanana” and “gkdisdnwn1.”

Airport 1

Airport 2

Airport 3


Airport 4

Airport 5

Airport 6

Airport 7

Airport 8

Airport 9

Airport 10

Airport 11

Airport 12

I am not sure if seeklyn is the same person who took the pictures or maybe just reposted the pictures.  But, the pictures are from “bakedbanana.blog.me” and “gkdisdnwn1.blog.me.”  Doesn’t Ah In look great?! ^^

Also, since some of you were wondering where Ah In was and what he did in London, here are few more pictures of him in London.  The first three are from Ah In’s tweets and the rest are from a post by diotima8383@naver.

As you can see, this one was taken at his hotel…
London Hotel 1

This one was taken at the restaurant called “Wapping Project.”
Wapping Project Restaurant

This one was taken, again, in his hotel…

London Hotel 2

Now, for the rest of the photos… since I can’t read Korean, I really can’t tell you what Ah In was doing…  The first one here seems to be with a fan.  But, the rest looked like he was interviewed on the street…

London 1

London 2

London 3

And here is an additional picture posted on the link of the Seoul Newspaper NTN which was on Ah In’s agent’s twitter. The picture was posted on Ah In’s mini-hompy on the 29th. The background is the world largest Ferris Wheel. Based on the news, it is confirmed that Ah In will be attending the KBS Drama Awards on the 31st. OH~~~ How exciting!!


37 thoughts on “Ah In Is Finally Back Home!!

  1. Nicely taken! The power of DSLR… Lol. I saw some fancam images but they r quite blurry s YAI was walking along the airport n the fans were frantically trying to keep up with his speed n bodyguards… DiCa is definitely a no-no for stalking. Hehe.

  2. yes HE’S BACKKKK… kkkk… there was another chaos on twitter cos almost #haveners were online when the news came up… For me, I’m so excited because our YAI spend quite long time in London and I can’t find any news of what he’s doing there except from what he tweet *poor stalker* lol… now he’s back to his homeland I’m sure we can see and hear more from him ^_____^ and don’t forget, we still have 2 days to vote, go go go #haveners!!!!!

  3. OMG, he so cute… adorable… my nose bleeding again… up-down… up-down… up-down… up-down… but this my exercise eyes too… make my vision become more healthy now …. oh i miss him so much ooooo love it… mathed2001 saranghe this great

  4. thanks for sharing!
    what?!!!he came from london? geez..im not there..im in the philippines at the moment..why did he go to london when im not there…it’s so cold in london right now..i worked in london..geez..this made feel more bad..did he spent christmas there? well, at least he is back to korea..geez..london of all places at this time..i would have stalked him there..maybe show him around..

  5. awwwwwww so gorgeous! Welcome back home our YOO AH IN! And please eat more now that your back! Skinny, skinny kid…

    Happy Yoo AH IN New Year Everyone!

  6. aaahhhhhhhhh……… you are so hot gorgeous !! ah in,
    am so in love with you!!!
    how can i get out from the icu, if i always see adorable face like that….
    welcome back koon jae shin!!!
    thank you mathe, for sharing….

    • he was in london since Dec. 15 (?) , i think he got stuck there due to the bad weather in London…he spend Christmas alone in there 😦

  7. “Doesn’t Ah In look great?! ^^”
    yyeeepp, he sure DOES ! ^______________________^
    saaankyu mathed for a speedy post !

    Happy New Year Haveners !

  8. GOSH, Ain has lots of cool shades!!

    I’m so glad he’s looking so good these days, lots of smiles, it’s awesome to see. And he’s quite the fashionista it seems, me likey!

  9. o.o just showed my mommy how gorgeous Ah In was in sunglasses. She still thought that Kim Jae Wok is more handsome~~

    Anyway, my hubby looks so fresh! he is skinny still, but at elast not too tired like during SKKS filming.

    • Tiny, coundn’t stay away right? LOL, me too! The Haven & YAI is now a part of me that I couldn’t live without! How’s your Christmas? Absolutely havenly right? Have enjoyable & quality time with your family!

      I’m working on my MOM as well, she said he’s too young for me! hahhaha! (as if, I’m introducing a future son-in-law!) But, my sisters are now an AH IN/MOON JAE SHIN addict ! Success!

      BTW, thanks mathed2001 for sharing those gorgeous pix! Awesome! What a New Year gift to us Haveners!

      • Haha yeah I didn’t get a lot of time online, but whenever I did, of course I had to make a home coming! I miss talking to you and the others on twitter already^^ lol@your mom’s reactions!!! Young whatever, Ah in is too delicious to be ignored haha

        Thanks so much mathed for the updates. I heard that Ah In got nominated for fav actor or popular award something at KSB Awards too. Can anyone confirm? Thanks ainee for the info. I’m looking forward to it!

        • I saw the KBS Awards main page and I believe there was a poll that includes him, which means he’s up for some kind of viewer’s choice award. Sadly, it’s for members only. Other than that, I’m not sure. I haven’t seen the nom list yet. Is it going to be published pre-show? I hope so, I’m just wondering.

  10. Hi!
    I heard he went to London to work about the program of Mnet.
    He seems to have spent personal holiday at the same time.
    Sooner or later you’ll see his program! ^^

  11. woooaaaaahhhhh a lotta picture of YAI, he looks more fresh now, seems he enjoy his holiday there….
    he dressing so well in london and love his style in airport too, my eyes nailed into him right now, how come he have such beatiful smile in that gorgeous face, i hope he unwear the sunglases so i can look into his eyes (the sunglases was cool, but it’s covered the YAI’s part i love the most, his eyes)….really missed his face so much, thanks for sharing this dear, ahhh can i go to dreamland right now???

  12. …and once again the HAVEN is alive and buzzing!
    it’s been awhile and the new pictures are a breath of fresh air.
    i have to give it to YAI, he really knows how to make an entrance.
    he goes silent for a time and KABOOM he’s back and looking fresh and happy.
    Happy New Year Haveners!

  13. Fuuuhh~Now what a relieve.He had came home safely.I thought he would lost nowhere to be found.I missed him so much.Those pictures have became my antibiotic now.I’m so worried that I think my immune system has flew somewhere else.He is my medicine,perhaps not yet a drug.But I almost find myself addicted to see him.Haha.He is always in a good don.

    • he’s already become my drugs, I’m so addicted… I even keep re-open this page thousand times *between my voting time* today, just to see his new hot-fashionably-fresh-gorgeous-edgy-looks… and i love his new hair colour ^_____^

  14. If I’m not mistaken, he was followed by some kind of Korean show all the way to London. Maybe that’s the whole idea he went to London? Again, I’m not 100% sure, so might as well wait for more info.

  15. Thanks mathed2001 for the pictures. I really like the bandana style hat (dunno what you call that) Looks good on him too. LOL at the last set of pictures. YAI is so cute.

  16. yoo OVERLOAD!!!!!AND I LIKE IT!!!!!!thanks!!!!!…the awards will be SHOWN on the 31st too?i wonder if yoo and i have a date lol….iffff they put it on the internet…and ifff i dont have to work new year night

  17. Yaaayyy! So many new pictures!! I love the 1st picture!Soooooo gorgeous! and I really like the very human side of seeksik eating outside with Ferris wheel view background… I feel like I was standing beside him and eating out together.. heheheh *^____^ *… Aiiigooo now i’m smillling like crazy starring all those pictures.. after crazy hectic days.. it’s so relieve to see his pictures and reading news about him.. thank you mathed! thank you!! and Haveners, you really spread the happiness virus to me!! Thank you guys!!! Happy holidays!! wishing you A happy YAI New Year!!!

  18. Oh for heavens sake!!!
    He’s nominated for ‘New Actor’ again! He’s been getting those for the past 4 years! When is he no longer ‘new?’ I know this is his big break and all, but I mean really. I just hope he wins the ‘Popularity Award’ ❤

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