KBS Drama Awards 2010 Schedule

In case you want to watch live, here is the schedule:

Part 1
(3 other awards omitted)
Best Couple

  1. Park yoo chun + Park Min young
  2. Yoo Ah In + Song Joong ki
  3. Moon geun young + Jang geun seok (geun-geun coulpe XD)
  4. Yoon si yoon + Lee young ah
  5. Jang hyuk + Lee Da hye

Rookie awards
Presenter Lee Min ho, Kim so eun
Nominees M: Park yoo chun, Yoo ah in (debuted since 2004, Yoo Ah In is a rookie? WTF?) , Yoon si yoon, Joowon, Ji chang wook, Taek yeon
Nominees F: Go ah sung, Kim Ha eun, Oh ji eun, Su woo, Lee si young, Ji yeon

Part 2

(4 other performances omitted)

Popular Awards
Netizen Awards
Presenter Yoo Ah In, Koo Hye sun

Credits: KBS World@ Facebook, Shared by: DBSKnights

8 thoughts on “KBS Drama Awards 2010 Schedule

  1. cool! thanks for the update tinysunbl.

    Rookie award? hmm. they’ve really got to stop rookie-ing our Ah In.
    Anyhow, luckily they nominate the correct couple – Yoo Ah In + Song Joong ki
    gonna root for them, tee hee 😀
    thanks again tinysunbl!

  2. Now I know. The awards is finally tonight! I might do a live report, maybe on the comments and not a post on its own because I won’t understand everything and I might be too preoccupied watching and leave my laptop! 😀 Anyways, I can’t wait.

  3. So here’s the live report!
    Mr. Yoo is wearing black on black tux, with a gold bow tie! His hair is dyed brown, styled into a spike (see A awards).
    Now, the best couple award(s) are being handed out and yes, all the “noms” are given. Seems like they’re not noms, but real winners. And the Jalgeum quartet is finally together! Mr Yoo-SJK and PMY-Yoochun. Cool, huh? And I think the MC asked PMY who she’d like to be coupled with or smth like that and she chose PYC. Mr Yoo was pissed off a little bit. Aand there you go for the first live report!
    One more info, I think they have the same system of winners like SBS, which is co-winners. So each category has two winners.

    I’ll be back with more!

  4. he’s been nominated for the best new actor awards since 2006. what kind of whatthef***ery is this?
    whatever. he looks adorable. ❤

  5. hi haveners,

    here’s the link to watch.. I saw it on the news feed about YAI..

    (the best couple award)

    (netizen award presented by YAI)

    =) happy new year everyone!

  6. Thanks for bringing this up tiny. I thought something was not right there … why would YAI be nominated as a newcomer? He already won Best New Actor wayyy before this … uh helloooo KBS?!

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