More Pictures from The KBS Award

YAI received one of the Best Couple Awards with Song, Joong-ki.

But, that was about it. What is wrong with KBS????

All these pictures shows where they are from: some news pictures of lovely YAI, and those beautiful shots of Baked Banana from DCinside Gallery.

24 thoughts on “More Pictures from The KBS Award

  1. Ooh I love the headshots! Amazing!

    I just realized the head shots are done by netizens/fans. Goes to show that they can take pictures better than the actual reporters! Kind of sad, actually.

  2. ah i wish i at home now, really wanna watch this kbs drama award, i’m just stuck screening my phone, texting, and tweeting while waiting for firework with crowded people around, my thumb getting sick since i typo a lot by now…

  3. he’s so freaking beautiful~! i stayed up just to see his lovely face omo~!<3 I'm so happy he won the couple award LOL it was a really amusing moment between him and joong ki LOLOLOL.

    Does anyone know where I can watch the part of the awards when he presented the award?

  4. Now I see his dimples!!! hehehe my cute boy in gorgeous tux! And HE PUTS SOME LIPGLOSS ON HIS SEXY LIPS TOO!! I really want to steal quick kiss on those lips.. HAHAHHAHAHA *kiss and run*

  5. Thanks for this! It looks like they all had fun! Wish they did the supporting actor awards like we do in America. Song Joongki or Yoo Ah In would’ve definitely won!

  6. handsome…Handsome…HANDSOME YAI!!!
    im happy he chose to be in a suit this time.
    He really knows how to look good and at the same time show his quirky side…(gold tie).
    i wonder what it’s made of…it doesn’t look like it’s made of fabric.

  7. Anyone else realized he disappeared after presenting the netizen award? LOL. Something tells me he decided to usher in the new year doing something more meaningful and fun. πŸ˜› Just saying~

  8. this supper great InK, thanks, saranghe ^u^… the best gift new year for me… i am so in love with him..
    thanks InK…

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing all this pic,Ink!! Great and gorgeous!
    Wish all the best to him forever and ever!!
    Happy New Year everyone!

  10. Thanjs a lottttttt for sharing info and pict about AH IN….he did a tremndous job while act as Geol Oh…like his acting skil..he like a chamaleon..can change into anything in a minute… fightinh AH in…

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