Yoo Ah In’s Movie Picks

Yay! Finally yummy news of sik! Make sure you check out Ah In’s music picks, too.

“I just watch everything. The same goes for music and movies too — I’m not picky.” Like he said so of himself, actor Yoo A-in is not fussy about the movies he watches. One moment he will sympathize with the intensity of love shown in “Between Love And Hate” (2006) and the next, start questioning the boundary between dream and reality in film “Inception” (2010) and the depth of truth, criticism and mindset of people with “Sicko” (2007). He will then go wild over the sentiment shown in “2046” (2004) and at the flashy action sequences in “Swordsman II” (1991), making it all the more harder to figure out what this actor is about. His taste is almost like himself in the way he takes on unpredictable paths in TV dramas to movies.

Betraying the cheerful and innocent aura expected of a young actor who debuted through teenage drama “Banolim 1” (KBS, 2003) he then immediately hinted to his unpredictability by appearing as Jong-dae in film “Boys of Tomorrow” (2006) who gets pushed around by others and becomes desperately in need of a gun in order to be strong. In contrast to Jong-dae who was lost in a tunnel of despair, his other character Hyun-gyu from “He Who Can’t Marry” (KBS, 2009) was a pathetic guy who cries out for free love but will quietly stick out his point-accumulation card to take the purchasing points for himself. A mild and meek city boy equipped with charm and wit but lacking in boldness — that was how Yoo brought about the full image of young people nowadays.

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::Feb Elle:: 50 Top Men

(scanned by SIC from DC inside YAI Gallery*)



Yoo Ah In

“It’s better to be a man than a kid, sure.” Yoo Ah In, with whom <Elle> has met in one and half years. Instead of fair and tender looks, he has become a strong and sharp man. His reasoning that expends to ten words when a word was thrown and his eager eyes that would stop you from turning away stay the same. “There are people who like me in my old days better. So, my conclusion is that I do whatever as I please. It’s possible to meet projects that could reverse (my) image like <SKKS>. That’s fate. However, I don’t wanna change it every time to (their) taste. It would make me unhappy. I live with many names. I encounter two to three new names every year. But, I don’t wanna be obsessed with the names that I once had and that leave me after all. It’s me who is (more) anxious, yet I wanna think of it as not a big deal, and I try not to be obsessed with it. Attention and love are not continuous.” Wonder what this guy would think of love ultimately. “The love each one has, the heart that tries to keep the love, and the trust on that heart… wouldn’t that be enough rather than when the two meet and say, “you keep your promise!” “you keep yours, too?” I don’t really have a type that I avoid nor go after. If the first meeting is possible, then anything seems to be possible. But, usually it ends at the first meeting.”

LATEST MASTERSIK TWITPICS! ^_^ & Haveners pick-uplines

Hello! Hello! Haveners! How are you all? Its been awhile.  Haveners @ twitterverse just finished a fun pick-up line party with Mastersik! Well we are assuming he is reading our mentions …and he was playing the #pick-uplines vs mastersik twitpic game with us…and he never dissappoint. Here are the twitpics to share… Enjoy!

(We think he is still in LA…he have some wonderful tweets as well , but I will let our KOREAN HAVENERS do the translation later, Mr Google is not much help with his kind of Tweets)

Here are the twitpics:

He loved making funny faces infront of the camera, so cute! And that’s what you missed @ twitterverse! HAPPY DAY!

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Reviews for Yoo Ah In’s works-part 1

Do you remember the review book project hosted by DCInside last year? At Haven we received 18 amazing entries from international fans from all over the place. Some fans are generous enough to allow me to post their reviews up for sharing. So starting from today I’ll do a multi-part review series, each featuring 3 fans’ reviews. Reviews are in different languages, but for convenience, I only post the English versions. My apologies to the writers.


Geul Oh’s Tears! Satisfactory! Written before the conclusion!

Written by mywayangela

Language: Chinese (original)-English (trans. by mathed2001)

Title: Sunkyungkwan Scandal

Just watched Sungkyunkwan’s episode 19 today! Finally I have seen the moment I have been waiting for – – Geul Oh’s tears! It did not come in the form of his confession towards Daemul, but the tears came when he could not rescue Karang who had become his scapegoat! These are the tears which truly belong to Geul Oh! These are the tears which shocked me!

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Fan-Arts: Wallpapers by Black Tea and The Others


Dear Haveners,

Today, I will introduce you the beautiful fan-arts made by Black Tea from DCinside YAI Gallery. She’s been producing fantastic wallpapers for the fellow YAI fans, and some of the images that are used in these wallpapers are given by Baked Banana, Moonai, and Hongsikhye. Most of the newer wallpapers show the credits, but some of the older ones do not (they will be shown when you try to save them as file names). I asked them all individually if it is okay to share these fine wallpapers with you Haveners, and they were glad to do so~!

Here they are, and hope you guys have fun putting these wallpapers up on your pc!!

size 1680 x 1050

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Fan-Arts by Slime Bear (小史萊姆熊熊)

I came across some cute fan-made arts of YAI by Slime Bear (小史萊姆熊熊). I think what caught my eyes are not only these cute images, but also the software that was used. She posted her art work at Ah In Baidu. She also would like to share her work with ALL the YAI’s fans. So you are welcome to repost her work if you like them. ^^ Thanks, Slime Bear!

Here is the one from Antique.


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Daum, Ain-zone fellowers said~

Hi~ Haveners~

I contacted to Ainzone fellowers and we discussed the recent issue, “about scrapping photo and copyright”.

They were really glad to share their pics with us!!!

So, I link AinZone here.


And please~ do not erase their Nickname which are on the photo~.

And Do not retouch their creations. ^^

And they say~~~~

“Hello, International YAI’s fans. We are very glad to know you~. Visit here and enjoy YAI’s lovely spirits together~.”

I hope it will be a good news to you, my dear~

Regarding permission to use fan-generated contents

Hi dear Haveners,

I’ve posted the newest pictures of YAI that are taken by a Korean fan a couple of days ago, and I mentioned that we need to be more careful on bringing (re-posting) Korean Fans’ fan-art works here on Haven or on any other international fan-site. This is not because K-fans claim for YAI as their own and do not want to share with us international fans. It applies the same for any other K-fans as well.

Let me briefly go over why this has become a sensitive issue. There are different types of YAI’s online fandom in Korea: Ainese(the official fan cafe), DCinside YAI Gallery, Daum Ain-zone, and some private blogs (Powerful bloggers attract their own viewers, too.) I am a member of Ainese and DC Gallery,  so I can only recount from their points of view, so if there are other K fans out there who are reading this post and disagreeing, please, feel free to leave comments to correct the facts.

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YAI leaving for LA on Jan 15th

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These pictures are taken and retouched by a bloger named BakedBanana! She was generous enough to share these beautiful pictures of YAI with us, yet please do not retouch more than what’s done already nor cut out her blog address from the pictures. Please, have her blog address wherever you take these pictures to if you need them posted. (She removed YAI’s beard using photoshop for some reason, so I’m not sure if he still kept his beard.)

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