Happy New Year From Ah Inn

I am Sorry. I came on the hot foot for eating the Fried-Udong .


Take/My Good Luck.



Hi! Havenrs~ This is New years greeting from YAI himself.

It was uploaded on Jan.1st. 2011 on his minihompy.

Pleases, look at the food on the pictures. Those are gifts from Ah-Inn Gallers for celebrating to welcome back home from UK.

How delicate and lovely he is!!!!!

I am really happy because my actor is Ah-Inn.  

Which one is your favorite pic? My dear Haveners? Mine?

Hmm…… How can I choose it? ^^ I love all of them.

p.s- This post is my frist post in here~~ ^^ Finally. Wow~~~

28 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Ah Inn

  1. he’s so sweet!

    hope he have more projects this year! so we can see him all the time! (i know selfish reason but hey, win win!)

    * how cute is he?! he has a cookie monster!

  2. Omg he’s so cute here….. makes me wanna hug him.. hahaha… The cookie monster in the background attracted my attention too… Hahaha… and that Blackberry… I have the same model as him too. 😀

  3. I love these pics… So humble *and look how we so curious of his personal stuffs out there* LOL. He captured my heart big time with every single frame of his daily life pic ^___^

  4. glad to see him like that … love it … I hope the best for him .. now if I could share food with him …. surely I could die with a smile hahaha… keep it up dear Yoo Ah In, you’re the best and to me you’re the most shining … I Love you.
    thanks ancientkingdom… this awesome… (i am teacher too hahaha, Kindergarten teacher I am enjoy this post and in love with him)

  5. ancientkingdom~~~
    Nice to see your first post!! I love the first one…
    He is just too cute in these pictures~~^^
    Please post more news you from now on~~~ We appreciate everything here!!
    Thank you for sharing these mini-hompy’s pics~~

  6. thanks for sharing it..
    waaah..wish I could eat with him also..
    he’s so cute here, like a little kid..but still ozzing with smexiness and charm…
    and of course, the wine..and i notice he has a wii board..exercising much? kekeke

  7. Pictures like these make him much more lovable and endearing because they’re so real and unpretentious… I wish him all the best this 2011! I am so happy to be part of this fandom 🙂

    Thank you very much for this wonderful post ❤

  8. thanks a lot ancientkingdom!
    congratulation on your first post!! 🙂

    he’s so sweet,cute and still,really… really.. ‘Hot!!’

  9. ancientkingdom unnie! How are you? Long time no hear. So great now you can post ^^ I’ll be looking forward to your posts now. I love all his pictures too, he looks too good. Unbelievably good! Well, hope you have a happy new year!

  10. finally he came up with his greeting, and teasing us with his adorable pictures while eating ramyun, that ramyun must be more hotter since next to him, lol… he is really a loner, isn’t he?
    ancientkingdom unnie, thanks for posting, we wait your next post for sure 🙂 , i’m really happy too because my actor is him

  11. “Which one is your favorite pic?”
    no 4 . ^_____________________________________________^
    ano baka baka rabu rabu <3<3 expression :DDD

    saankyu for sharing ancientkingdom !

  12. Kyaaaa Ah In eating ramen style look so gorgeous!! Look at his expressions.. naughty boy! Congratulation for ancientkingdom on her first post in this haven. I will wait for your second third and so on ^_^!

  13. I love YAI too very much he is a great actor specially in SKKS, pity he doesn’t get the award but we can give you lots of thumbs up… Did I notice cigarette on the 1st picture and disappear on the next…. oh dear, please get away from the smoke it’s poisonous bad for your health and complexion… I will love you more without it..

    big kiss

  14. I love you Ah-In hihi =) i’m head over heels in love with you! twink! mwahh mhwaa thanks haven staff. luvin you and your site too. =)

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