It’s SEEksik 2011!

So, how’s everyone?  How’s 2011 so far? Mine’s ok, just work and some P’ funtime @the twitterverse with Haveners …it was Awesome! Party everynight! Here are some “HOT”Topics to share, it varies from:

#VOTINGnonestopvsJGSvotingmachinezombies (sadtosaywelostinhereaswell)

(note: I think xia666 aka selvmord- is our yaivotingmachine at that time)

#Foot fetish 


#deleted twit  “O”





(cutttteeeeeeee!-thanks Janjher for sharing this)


Appartly, it cost Price: €125,00( Thanks to kitsuneMD & Knetizen

#LatinLesson “SERVAME, SERVABOTE”, save me and I will save you

(me, want the ring! couple ring with the haveners & YAI!LOL)

and sometime, Master Sik aka Professorsik makes an appearance, in the middle of the night or early in the morning (say around 3:30/4:00 am) , that can cause #Haveners panic attack! LOL

Year end awards was a hot topic as well, but I won’t go into details,  Conanblue, Ink and Ancientkingdom have shared those already, but I like to share this  intermisson, shared by summersky (AKA kitsuneMD of Twitterverse ),  its cuteness overload! Sexy Yoo Ah In, Pouting Yoo Ah In & Brushing Yoo Ah In, , in just 00:36 seconds!  ( Sorry don’t know how to share the video but here’s the link credit : dcinsider)

BTW, Latin lesson is still on going… admission still on! Care to enroll?Haveners are following an awesome syllabus,  I think, lesson will continue until, professor sik make another twit…


(Special thanks to all HAVENERS @ Twitterverse)

15 thoughts on “It’s SEEksik 2011!

  1. Thanks Asha… I really enjoy this post

    I watch that video… and how adorable is he… that smile… almost killing me.
    If I am there I am sure that is the safest visibility between me and YAI. I am really glad see him from a far coz I can’t approach him (afraid can’t control myself… hahaha )
    I’m not an active Twitter user, but I follow the conversation … very nice …
    I hope 2011 will give a lot pleasant surprise for you Asha … more happiness, joy and luck, of course … and all haveners… keep our love for YAI… Saranghe

    • Happy always to all of you,YAI fans,wherever you are!!
      Me so love you all!! ^^
      Happy always to our beloved YAI too! ^^

  2. Oh no!
    Sad to see that AhIn lost that voting poll. Better luck next time?
    I’m a new fan. His Geol-ruh character drew me in but his real personality is what made me admire him genuinely. He’s one of a kind. Articulate, smart and he has this unique worldview that refuses to look at life superficially. I expect good things from this guy and I hope that 2011 brings a lot of great things to him. I can’t wait to see what he is up to next. Good luck in 2011, Ah In-ssi!

  3. omg! cutie ahhiinnnhyung !:D ahhahahaha
    love his dimples! ^^*
    *who wouldn’ want a guy with that cute dimple! 🙂
    the goldenbowtie o.O WOW!
    me want the ring too!!
    where can we buy that??

  4. Thanks to all of you who shared something about YAI. My favorite so far is the fanfic potluck party. I wish we could really have that because I want to meet all of you. Happy New Year to all and may 2011 be a YAI year. Love love to all Haveners..:)

  5. I laughed when I saw the OTP arrow linking park min young with him. Though I find Kim yoon shik and lee sun joon a perfect match in the drama, I feel dat park min young and yoo ah in have more chemistry in real life.
    I find it odd during the KBS Drama award when Ah In seemed so pissed dat min young chose yoochun over him. I think I’m hoping for more btn them, hehehe … 🙂

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