Two Fanmade Videos

Our friend, Shelly, just finished making two videos.

The first one is Duo Yun’s Life Part 4 by YooAhIn@youtube.  If you missed out Duo Yun’s Life Part 1 through 3, you can find them here.

The second one is the Past and Present Story of Heuk San and So Yoon by YooAhIn@youtube.

And I just have to say one more thing…  The two of them look so lovely together at KBS Awards. ^^

11 thoughts on “Two Fanmade Videos

  1. yes i found it too…. nice to see them together… love it… i hope they the real couple. I highly approve of their being real couple 1000% hehehe ^_____^

      • YAI-GHS really dream couple, i am sure they will have super talented kids hehehe.
        I am imagine they had a mother as smart and creative as GHS and a father like Yoo AH In… and I am become they teacher ^____^ how lovely…
        I could consider giving her a good queue number… sorry guys may sound unfair but I really liked her for our YAI hahaha

  2. Thanks for it ^^ And I totally agree they looked very lovely together !

    I’ve something to ask, although I know it’s not directly ’bout YAI. It’s about Song Joong Ki (his lover forever….hum best friend xD)

    Someone asked on soompi if there is a subbing crew for him or something like our haven for YAI, and I don’t know one. Is there any ? If not, she suggested to make one, and as I know there are many persons who like him in our haven, I thought it was a good idea to ask here. Would you be interested in doing something for him too ?

    At the beginning, it was because many people were dying of frustration not to know what he was saying on his accepatnce speech, and for the best couple award (link with YAI !!!) xD

    • In fact, I just finished watching the whole KBS Awards. Luckily, the Chinese subtitles are out. I just located the video sources. So, depending on my time, I will try to sub the following in order:

      1. The Best Couple Awards. [This one, of course, you guys should see and understand what they are saying… They are just too cute~~]
      2. The Netizen Awards. [This one, because Ah In presented the award, you guys should also see it~~]
      3. The Popular Actor Award. [This one, Joong Ki’s speech is very moving…]

      Of course as soon as I am done, I will post them~~^^~~ And yes, I understand some of you guys are dying to know what they are all saying. So, I will do my best to get them out~~ 🙂

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