2010 KBS Drama Awards Videos with English Subtitles

I don’t know if everyone had a chance to see the videos of KBS Drama Awards yet. But, here are some parts of it.

First one is the red carpet.  I am sorry that it was short.  Ah In walked so fast…

Ah In on the Red Carpet by mathed2001@youtube

Second one is the Best Couple Award with JYJ performance at the end. I only translated and subbed the part with Ah In and Joong Ki.

Ah In and Joong Ki – Best Couple Award by mathed2001@youtube

Here is the one where Ah In presented the Netizen Award with Koo Hye Son.

Ah In and Hye Son – Netizen Award by mathed2001@youtube

Finally done with working on the Popular Actor Award part requested by leiarn.  I only did the part with Joong Ki when he gave the speech.

Joong Ki’s Acceptance Speech

18 thoughts on “2010 KBS Drama Awards Videos with English Subtitles

  1. Awwww…thanks a bunch mather2001^^ never get bored to see the jalgeum quartet together… Esp those cute smile of YAI XD

  2. First of all: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH mathed 2001! =)

    I’ve actually watched the KBS drama awards myself on december 31st however it did not have any subtitles on it so i was like only watching…watching without understanding, that is. But i was really happy when he and Song Joong ki won the best couple award! so that’s what they we’re saying. hehehe..the downfall of being an overseas fan. thanks again! =)

  3. Thank you so much !!!!! I loved the “Is it me ?” of Song Joong Ki ^^ and of course YAI’s reaction !

    Also thank you for working on the video I suggested. I’ve posted it on soompi too (and if by chance we gain haveners it wouldn’t be bad xD)

    • No problem~~

      I thought Joong Ki’s speech was moving~~not to say others weren’t~~but he is one of the J4 and friends with YAI, right?! 🙂

      And of course, if we are able to gain more haveners, that is even better!!

  4. oh my thank you so much for all the subs.. when i watched on TV i really could not understand anything.but i still watched it though.hehe..thanks so much for translating!

  5. hey mathed2001…hmmm…can you also sub the part where park min young received her excellence award? but you don’t need to be burdened or anything..It’s just Im a bit curious what she said that moment. thanks! =)

  6. Thank you for the subs! It was really hard watching videos with no subs. I was like guessing what the hell they were talking about. And that’s why i desperately want to find time to have korean classes and finally understand kbs dramas wth no subs! :>Again, kamsa hamnida mathed2001!

    Firstly, i really loved Ah In and Joong Ki since the series started. I only watched for them. Haha. It was so fun watching Ah In and Joong Ki in the lines of the best couples. 🙂 I so loved the theme song of sungkyunkwan and i almost cried to Joong Ki’s speech. I really adore those people. :>

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