Haveners~You can tweet him with English~^^

Hi~ Haveners~ ^^

I have some news from Ah-Inn Zone in Daum.

One fan went to Doo Ta (It’s a Fashion mall in Korea). And there she saw Ah-Inn in Coffeebean. He sat with three people and one of them is foreigner. They talked using English, and he spoke well. The pronounciation was not native speaker’s but he spoke in fluent English. ^^

So, I guess you can tweet him using English. Don’t be afraid when you tweet him. ^^ Is it a good news, right?

p.s- Thank you for sending your comments to me. I will post them today and fax them to KBS. Thanks again~ ^^

p.s2- One of my fellow was worried you guys think Korean fans are grazy fan girls because of KBS issues. If you think like that it’s all my fault. Sorry again. ^^

p.s3- I am not good at computer posting. So I don’t have my own pictures. That picture(I post with this comment) is Pepper’s who is one of my dear fellow Ah-Inn fan in Korea. It is one of my fan novel gate pictures. I just want to see my love to you guys~ Thanks. ^^

91 thoughts on “Haveners~You can tweet him with English~^^

  1. YAY! It now makes me feel that one day I might see him where I live! To my GREAT Translators and Admin! As a native english speaker, and the only langauge i know! GIVE YOURSELVES MORE CREDIT! You guys are fantastic!

  2. LOL i was lying in bed when i started reading this but the moment i read the part about him speaking english i totally jumped out of bed! Hahahaha thanks for this wonderful news! It really made my day. I only wish someone had a video of him speaking english cos i really want to hear him speak! Haha am i being too greedy? ^^;;

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