Please, Haveners~ We need your help!

I have to edit this comment, haveners. I don’t know your situation not knowing what’s going on. I just want to help the other Korean fans who make comments on KBS homepages. ^^;;

I don’t talk about he won the awards or not. In fact , he is a man who doesn’t care about winning awrads things.

And his tweet mention. Ink said I have to come down~ so yep! I don’t know what he want to say to the others. But we have to surpport him if he wants or not.

And he is not a crybaby~ if you feel like that when you read my comment it’s because just my poor English not his attitude.

Wow~ I don’t want to express him like a cry babe. OMG. I just feel sad my poor English. And I was angry those days, but not now~. I can’t explain whole things using English, and that’s the problem. Ink will explain more rationally than me~ ^^

So sorry if I make you surprised.

In fact, every one of you might watch 2010 KBS Drama Award.

I really felt sorry and anger all my heart.

It’s not the problem if he get the award or not. A lot of Korean fans are angry cause thier attitude to Ah-In.

His management company is very small and they don’t have much power.

And one Korean fan got a call from KBS. And they said they couldn’t realize YAI’s social impact, and they are really worried about the anger of his fans.


Can you leave comments for him? On the KBS website?

Don’t care about your mother tongue. Leave comments by your mother tongue,please. They have to know how many abroad fans felt sorry by thier unfair attitude to him. And how many abroad fans support YAI. Please~ .


This following site addresses are KBS’s.

Please~! ^^

* KBS 게시판 :   (KBS-시청장광장-시청자상담-자유게시판)

* KBS 1TV비평 시청자데스크 :

* 1:1 메일문의 :  (KBS-시청장광장-시청자상담-1:1메일문의)

* 정보공개청구 :  (KBS-시청장광장-시청자상담-정보공개)

* KBS 시청자전화 : 02-781-1000  #2 시청자상담

OK. ^^ I understood what you said.

1. He acted 4 dramas only KBS. But they nominated him as an Rookie award part. Tht is really unfair to him.

2. I just don’t understand why they skip him nominate another awards. He played three roles in that drama. Hong Beok Seo, Gul-ro and Moon Jae Shin. And his play~OMG. It was just perfect. (maybe it is just only my opinion) He didn’t nominate any other awards except Best Couple and Popular actor. I can’t understand that.

3. I don’t know our actions for him will result what kind of impact to them.

But I hope never ever he will treat like that again.

Because he has a small management company.

Because his fans are not fans who show off  their love for him.

4. Tutorials….. ^^;; My English skill is too poor for explaning that. So just send e-mail and I will post yours with My ADDRESS. is my e-mail ADDRESS.

5. Yep! I know it will be too much reaction about KBS Drama Awards. However, when you watch that, I’m sure, you felt like me. 

 I couldn’t sleep for five days because of sleepness and anger.

I will do everything for my, our voice. It just makes nonsense.

Sorry for this post. ^^ But I want to show KBS his abroad fans’ anger, too.

Oh~ one more thing~ I don’t want to act like crazy fan girls. I want to support him for his future career. If we just keep silence who knows it will happen again? In fact, a lot of Korean Ah-Inn Fans are not crazy fan girls. ^^;; I just want to he has a lot of fans who have rational reasons. So write polite but strong comments to them. I just want not to happen that kind of unfair treat to him because we are not showing off fans.  I don’t care he wins the awards or not. I care he treated unfair even if he acted well. I know he is not a man who care about Award things. So if you want to with me just send me your mind with strong and clear and polite(^^;;;) words . And I will send your voices to them. ^^

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