MNET Ah In’s Interview

In the interview, Ah In looks quite comfortable. And of course, he is still very adorable.

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I hope the translation is close enough to what he is trying to express… Thanks to jijing1985@tudou (and @Ah In Baidu), I was able to translate the interview [from Chinese to English] and add the English subtitles.

50 thoughts on “MNET Ah In’s Interview

    • I did my best to finish the English translation and subtitles as soon as possible. So all Haveners can enjoy the interview even more~~ ^^ ~~ But, again, a big big thanks to jijing1985 who quickly translated from Korean to Chinese so I can do my part~~

  1. 看到亚仁状态很好的样子,很开心,希望他2011年会更开心更充实的生活!!

      • (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……是我呢,今天居然能打开页面呢,既然开了,当然得留点话了,呵呵,我会常来这里查看情报的!

  2. Thanks Mathed!

    At last… first interview of the year for Ah In… he’ll be trending in twitter in a minute, Im sure… #haveners rocks!!!!

    my goshhhh, the god of beauty!!!!! sooooooooooo soooooooooooooo handsome!!!!

  3. Thanks very much, mathed2001 and jijing1985!!!!
    you guys are awesome!!!
    I’m sure subbing the interview had to drop some lines due to the lack of space, but I found some correction might be necessary.

    1)The second star we will have on The Wide Special’s Hot Guy is Yoo Ah In!
    (not the second leading character)

    2)YAI: Well, that he only watches and protects (Yoon-hee) from the back, I don’t think that was like me. It seems different from me. So, I thought that would be the awkward part for the viewers to see, too…(touching his ear)

    (Talking about Hyun-gyoo)
    3)Not productive –> Not provocative

    4)Embarrassing –> Looking shabby or pathetic
    (the picture YAI eating Ramen)

    (talking about idealistic girl)
    5)Doesn’t dress up beautifully but appears to be more beautiful –> A girl who looks prettier because she doesn’t pretend to be pretty
    Because of the honesty, she appears to be a competent person –> A refined girl because of her honesty

    And to mathed2001, are you good at making subs? I have some clips that i wanna share with the haveners, but i don’t know how to put sub on the clips. My channel is [dalbbit] on youtube. You can check them out if you want. Do you think you can help me with the subs?

    • InK~~

      Thanks for the corrections. The problem of making changes on the video is not as easy as making changes with a word file. At least, if there is an easier way, I don’t know how to do it yet. >< So, if you don't mind, I also posted all the corrections of this video under my youtube description.

      Am I good at making subs? ~~ Uh… be honest with you, I really don't think so. I am quite new to all these too. But, I should be able to help you with your videos. I took a look. They are not too long. So, e-mail me the translation and I should be able to put the subs in. Let's try to work on one first and see how it goes. How does that sound? ^^ I am always there for sharing~~ 🙂

      • Hi mathed2001,
        I didn’t expect you to be able to change the subs off the video either~ I know how hard work it would be (altho i don’t know how to put the subs lol). If you need me or other korean speakers to check before you finalize your work, i’m always here for you, too!!

        Okay, about my videos, there are three videos that need subs.
        So, I’ll email you the shorted one first to see how it turns out.
        Do i have your email?? I’ll check back with you on that~ Thanks, mathed2001! and, you always rock!!

  4. saranghe…. methed2001… this awesome…i will keep this forever…^___^ he so humble… smart… friendly… and adorable… i will keep drowed…
    Jijing1985… thanks this really great

  5. Hi Haveners~~

    The above Shelly is THE Shelly who has been kind enough to share her Guel Ro and Duo Yun’s videos with us~~ She finally made it here~~

        • It’s giving an answer to people who asked why Yoo Ah In was nominated for a Best Rookie award when he’s already acted in 2 KBS dramas before (Banolim & Chilwoo). The woman communicates KBS’s official reply, which is that the Best New Star award nominees are eligible for the award when 1) they have never received a Best Rookie award before, or 2) they have not been nominated for the Best Rookie award in the past. Because YAI hadn’t been recognized with an award or a nomination for his other two KBS dramas, he was eligible to be nominated for the role of Jaeshin. Plus, she adds, the nominees are also chosen by taking into consideration the votes of directors, PDs, reporters, etc.

          Ah In’s other Best Rookie awards came for movies, not dramas, which explains the above… anyway, I don’t really think it’s worth subbing because I basically explained everything. It’s not really about Ah In as much as it is about KBS responding to pissed fans. Haha.

          • Thanks for the quick translations, Jaeshinah!

            I’m glad that I got to see this clarification from KBS at last. I was assuming this on my own because Banolim was a show for the youth, and TSCW was almost killed by its competitor. Usually popular dramas take over all the awards.
            It’s just sad….hmmmmm

          • Hi!! jaeshinah…. Happy New Year

            I just don’t get KBS’ system… as i’ve seen Kim Nam-gil (QSD) won 2009 MBC Awards;
            ~ Best Couple Awards
            ~ Male Excellence Awards
            How ??????????????? different system !!!!!!!
            Are those people who chose and voted really calling themselves a big man ? I wonder:((
            If they were YAI…. What’ll be their reaction ?

            Oh! How’re his Kfans response to KBS ?
            Please lets us know, what’s going on ? THANKS

  6. i love this blogsite!!! thank you so much Mathed2001 u r amazing!!!! hope you sub the other vidoes of Yoo Ah In particularly the SKKS ending party.

    Anyway, i love this interview (and all his other interviews) especially when he said he feels good that people like him even if he’s not handsome (too humble, for me he’s the most handsome Korean actor, not so much fuzzy and vanity) and also his ideal girl is sweet 🙂

  7. honestly, ive never been a fan of any Korean actor because of their vanity and so much fussiness in their physical look. they almost look like gay. the best thing about YAI is that, he’s not like them who have these silly boyband look. with full bangs etc. YAI is more manly and has a unique personality 🙂

  8. hello im choly cruz ,i admire yai how he reply the interview,besides he is really very charismatic.. yai is very humble..what is the name of his twitter account?.. i became his fan when he is team up to koo hye sun,i like them both…please send my regards to him..when i saw him in sungkyunkwan scandal ,omg.!!! he is a very good actor indeed…..

    • Hello choly~! YAI’a twitter ID is seeksik, do Follow him! 😀 And welcome to YAI Haven – a place where you can get all your YAI treatment with your fellow patients. xD

      On the other note,
      Thank you jijing1985 and mathed2001 for the translations… I enjoyed every bit of the interview.. I especially love looking at YAI smile with his dimples and all…. he looked so darn fine and adorkably cute all the time…….

      Noodle pictures FTW!

  9. Actually, I usually go to Haven, But my english is not so good , so I never leave message here. Thanks to mathed2001’s encourage

    • Yeah! I think mainly just for him to have a break to get away and have a quality time with a special person….. if you notice from london’ photos…. so MNet was just a part of his london journey….. i’m so happy for him and hope he’ll be back again in summer time….. much nicer!

  10. It’s too bad that I was not able to see the video. It’s no longer available in youtube. But still, thanks for sharing this to all Haveners.

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