MOONDay hang-over?

Hello HAVENERS, it’s MONDAY Hang-over back again! Well actually I have no idea what to call this post, and since its MOONDay, why not bring it back…

Ok, here are some important announcement to share:

1.  Haveners @ twitterverse, have been cooking this special project for our MastekSik . (Haveners been calling him that for our YAI seem to be master of everything now….tweeting Latin, conversing in English, at ease with his interviews and making girls swoon, and etc). “Haveners” somehow becaming his servant  and under his spell! hahhaha, well I’m not complaining.  Anyway, back to the project, it’s called :  1000 Origami Crane for MasterSik

a. Why Origami Crane?

According to Japanese culture, The Crane – Symbol of Honor and Loyalty

One of the first books published on Origami was “How to Fold 1,000 Cranes”, released in the late 1700s. It is no coincidence that the crane was chosen as the subject for the book. For thousands of years the Japanese culture has treasured the crane as a symbol of honor and loyalty. The crane symbol is used on many Japanese heraldic devices and is a theme in many famous works of art. The crane is a majestic bird which mates for life and is extremely loyal to its partner. We “HAVENERS” are loyal to our MASTER SIK and we do Honor him,  right?

b. It’s 1,000 Origami Crane, why?

The bird is strong, graceful and beautiful (am I describing our Yoo Ah IN? ). Because of the great importance of the crane, the Japanese people feel that a person who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted his or her greatest wish. Well that’s it! According to the #HAVENERS of Twitterverse, target for sending to our Mastersik is before the release of his LATEST movie (it can we our way of wishing him success for his lastest MOVIE, am I right “Haveners”?)

c. Size & Color – Sizes and colors up to you, the more color the better! To help you select the right color to chose, below are the list of colors and its meaning :

Red -Red is the traditional color for roses and Valentine’s Day. Red represents strong love, passion and desire. Studies show that a woman in a red dress becomes a focal point in a room! This is a very powerful color.

Dark Crimson -Dark crimson stands for inner beauty and inner strength. It represents soul mates – a connection without words.

Pink -Pink represents happiness, tenderness, best friends and sweethearts. Pink is the fresh blush on a maiden’s cheeks.

Orange -Orange is a rich color of enthusiasm and energy. Orange is the lush autumn foliage and the warmth of a fire.

Yellow-Yellow stands for freedom and joy. Yellow is the perfect color to spur creativity – to celebrate the beginning of a new project or the complettion of a successful one. Yellow is the bright welcome of sunshine.

Green-Green is the traditional color of healing – it represents living things growing healthily and with strength. It is the color of harmony and finding balance. Green is the color of luck and wealth. It is of course the modern color for St. Patrick’s Day! It is the color of grassy meadows and lush forests.

Blue-Blue represents honor and faith. A trustworthy friend or lover is “true blue”. Blue is also the color of meaningful spirituality. It represents a bond of the spirit. In traditional celtic times, blue was the color of Ireland. It is the color of the sea and of the open sky.

Purple-Purple is the traditional color of nobility and courtly love. This is the color of knights and maidens, of princes and princesses. It represents elegance and wine. Amethyst is the stone for birthdays and anniversaries in February.

White-White represents the hope for the future, a fresh start, innocence and purity. White has been the traditional color for brides since the Victorian era. In many cultures white represents a joyous eternity.

White and Red-A combination of red and white represent unity, of two people who care for each other standing together. It combines together the red of love with the white of eternity.

Silver-Silver stands for elegance. Silver has been treasured by people for thousands of years. Silver is the traditional color for the 25th anniversary.

Gold-Gold represents a love and loyalty which is eternal. Wedding bands are made from gold, and a high compliment is to say someone has “a heart of gold”. Gold is the traditional color for the 50th anniversary.

Ivory-Ivory stands for luxury and tradition. It represents a quiet, steady, warm caring.

Brown and Beige-Brown and beige colors represent grounding, being down to earth and dependable. This is the trust and loyalty of a true friend.

Tea-Tea is a light brown color representing remembrance and fond memories

Black-Black is a classic formal color, the color of black tie dinners and tuxedos. It is the color of strength and stability.

d. Deadline : Last week of February

e. What to write : name , country and goodluck msg / wish 2011

Source :

For more info: please contact Janjher@twitter, xia666@twitter, kitsuneMD@twitter, ailave@twitter, Lee_raegie@twitter , SeyULabme@twitter, lynnly88@twitter. Or leave your comment here. Please come and join us! The more the merrier! ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL!

2. I wanted to share this artwork send by : ALE, another talented, “HAVENER”. Here are some sample of her wallpaper. (thank Tinysubl for the email, we miss you dear!)

You can visit her site for more Moon Jae Shin icons:

3. Seen this @ YAI soompi. It seems that another lucky fan have met him in London! And the YAI soompi angel Rxgoodleaf (hope it’s ok if I repost it here) have translated some of her blog entries :

사람들이 물밀듯 쏟아져 나어는 옥스포드 거리에 우뚝 서 있던,
썬글라스로 얼굴의 반을 가려도 유아인은 유아인.

Among waves of people, standing in the middle of Oxford Street,
Although half of his face was hidden by sunglasses, Yoo Ah In is Yoo Ah In

“어머, 유아인씨! 유아인씨 맞죠?”

“Wow, Yoo Ah In! You are Yoo Ah In, right?”

악수해 달라니 친절히 악수해 주고
쇼핑하러 왔냐며, 진짜 팬 맞냐며, 딱
유아인같은 목소리로 물어오고

When asked to shake hands, shook my hand, so friendly
Asked me if I came to shop, are you really a fan
Asking in that Yoo Ah In’s voice

성균관스캔들 봤냐고 묻는 취재진에게
어디 그것 뿐이겠냐며
결못남, 최강칠우, 우리에게내일은없다,
좋지아니한가, 반올림까니 다 봤다 하니

The reporter asked if I watched the “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal”
That’s not the only one
“The Man Who Can’t Get Married”, “Choi Kang Chil Woo”, “Boys of Tomorrow”,
“Shim Family”, “Ban Ol Lim” I watched them all I answered

빵 터지신 유아인씨,

“얘 진짜 내 팬이야! 얘 대체 누가 섭외한거야!”

Yoo Ah In laughed out loud

“She is really my fan! Who arranged this (who found her)?!”

쇼핑 뭐했냐며, 런던 좋냐며 조곤조곤 묻는데
결국엔 동문서답만 했네
미안해 홍식씨, 아니 아인씨!
아 자꾸만 홍식씨라고 튀어나오려해서 식겁했어.

Asked me what I had bought, did I like London
Ended up answering incoherently
Sorry Hong Shik, no Ah In!
I was so afraid, kept wanting to call him Hong Shik

싸인해달라니 흔쾌히 해주겠아 했는데
펜이없어 오마이갓

“어허~ 펜 없어요? 자 10초 드립니다~ 십-구-팔-칠”

Asked him to sign and he said sure
No pen Oh My God

“Geez~ Don’t have a pen? Gonna give you 10 seconds~ Ten-nine-eight-seven”

꼭 친구마냥 개구지게 껄렁껄렁 놀려대던.
“아아악-여기 펜 있으신분!!!”
난 정말 체면따위 개나 준 여자.
파란볼펜 건네주신 친절한 코디분?기자분?여자분!
근데 볼펜 참 가는거 쓰시네요

So friendly, teasing me so
“No-she has a pen!!!”
Where did my self-respect go
The one who gave a blue pen, coordinator? reporter? lady!
I so thank you
But your ballpen wrote so thinly

그래도 뭔가 아쉬워 한번 안아달라 했더니
또 흔쾌히 팔을 뻗어오는데
아 향수냄새 킁킁거려미안해요
안긴 안았는데 이건뭐- 갈비뼈가 느껴질지경.
팔짱끼고 사진찍을때 부터 알아봤어
밥은 먹고 다니냐
몸매가 참 앙상하시네요

Still lacking something asked him for a hug
So quick to open his arms
Ah sorry I was sniffing your perfume
While hugging oh geez I can feel his ribs
I already knew from taking pictures with arms locked
Are you eating
Your body felt so thin

Awwwwww, lucky, lucky girl and how sweet our Yoo Ah In!

visit her blog here : Chez Stella Naver Blog

Well, thats all folks! Have a goodweek everyone! Hope you MOONday is a happy one!

34 thoughts on “MOONDay hang-over?

  1. today I made 34 colorful papercranes and now I’m out of paper, so no folding until tomorrow =D wow… another lucky fan have met our #MasterSik in London, love to read her story… wanna hugs him toooo… *and he wears parfume? that’s too awsome* ^____^ thankyou for the post Asha… let’s do our misson #haveners fighting!!!!!

  2. Fighting for the #1kpapercraneproject!!!!
    Im super envy of the lucky fan in london…
    Mastersik fans, join us in twitterverse and ull definitely have fun there…. we will talk all about AH IN ssi!!! just include #haveners hashtag in your twits… cya there!!!!

    Lucky London Fan!!!! * now dreaming*
    Thanks Asha!!!!

    Thanks Asha!

  3. Awww. I feel lucky to admire him among all of those actors. He seems so friendly and accessible… What a lucky girl too !

    I don’t know how to do origamis T_T (poor little french girl…) Anyone could help me ? Please !!!

      • this link is awesome. I never make any papercrane before… I followed Diagram Instructions and I gave up on step 6 LOL… but when I follow the video instruction… BAM!!! I made one bird sooo beautiful ehehe. And I can folding it by myself without looking at the vid on my third bird… *feels like kindergarten student now* ^____^

    • Oh ! Another French girl ! =D

      Soudain la grande flemme d’écrire en anglais, sorry ^^ Comme selvm0rd me l’a proposé, pourquoi ne pas rassembler toutes nos grues et les envoyer ensemble aux Phillipines ? ^^ Enfin, envoyer toutes les grues de France ensemble quoi ! ^^

      • Coupinnne ! Ouais je connais la flemme d’écrire en anglais (et pis comme ça, si y a une autre français qui traîne dans le coin, il pourra pas nous louper ^^) Une idée pour s’organiser ?
        T’es sur twitter ? Je viens de débarquer => @LilLeiarn

        Let’s try to make a crane then !

        • =D En effet ^^

          Bah pour s’organiser, comme la date limite de réception c’est la dernière semaine de février, il faudrait qu’on les envoie avant Février. J’ai une correspondante coréenne et des fois ses colis mettent un mois à arriver ! Donc pour éviter tout risque, il faudrait tout envoyer fin Janvier ! Qu’est ce que tu en penses ?
          Ca nous laisse quand même un petit peu de temps pour les faire ! ^^

          Ah et pour twitter, je vais te suivre de suite ! ^^ @RedsEmergence ^^ On pourra plus faire connaissance dessus ! ❤

  4. I know that I teach my student folding with origami paper … not intend to cheat but I have 55 Kindergarten student, they could help me … hahaha right now i do 10 (black… imagine how handsome he is … oh gosh nose bleed again… ) #BrainBleach please …. *___^

    • awww, you must feel good watching those eye candies folding cute paper cranes that are meant for our eye candy Ah-in -ssi! I’m sooo jealous of you, heee 😀

      #haveners fighting! \(^^)/

  5. I love the poject of origami crane ! But -I know I have a lot of questions xD- what should we do with the origami crane we made ? Should we send them somewhere ? Or should we take a picture ? I don’t really know ^^
    Anyway, I’ll do some ! ❤

    What a lucky girl ! I'm jealous ! XD

    Thanks ^^

    • I think we could do this step by step… As for me, I’ll contact all the #haveners in my country (Indonesia) and we choose one person to collect all the papercranes, (domestic courier will be cheaper, haa!) then she’ll send it to the project master (in Philipine? hehe) of course we could share the shipping fee. Um.. I have no idea how to give a 1000 papercranes to our #MasterSik.. maybe we could just ask him to pick it up himself???????? haha….

    • i guess your right dear…i know how to make this before but now i forgot already..
      and oh!!!
      i found a book in my old travelling bag, hahahaha
      i got this when i was in taiwan, my taiwannese friend gave this to me,,,,
      it is about a papercrane folding and there are lots of art and designs…
      maybe i can used this to help me make, but,wait a minute how can i understand this….it is chinese… hahaha

      oooh… i wish i could do it…

      • by the way, i love pink… is it ok flower or boat i know how a boat but not birds, my books are all about flowers art and designs..
        and i want make it too, oh.. for ah in’s sake and foy my self ..wish… xdd

          • hello izasakura, thanks for joining! more details on the other post! So much fun doing this project with all of the HAVENERS! We can fo it! Fighting! BTW dear, may I know your location? thanks!

            • I’am from Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur… Really need more Malaysian HAVENERS now, to join this project…Long Live YAI!!!!

  6. Oh Asha dear… I really really love ur post^^ let’s make this project a hit to tell #mastersik how much we lurveeee him XD

    Anyway, i’m lovin the meaning of crimson dark, yellow, blue & white xoxoxo

    Wooottttt so envy with London’s fans… Our master really is a friendly and funny guy… We all know that we’re not in love with some illusion that we saw on TV… We love him because who he is… An amazing man^^

  7. omo i never know that he’s a friendly guy, he’s even hug her? ahh. im touched! now i have even moere reasons to love him. i’m dying for his smile.. even though he said to be a casanova in one of his interview cuz he date older women.. but who cares… hahaha.. his smile is too sweet to be wasted!

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