Hello HAVENERS! Me once again! Sorry about the vague details on the ORIGAMI CRANES project…in all honestly, when I posted those, it was unclear to me as well on how we gonna make it a success…but thanks to all your interest/and queries (and help of the ORGANIZER @ twitterverse), slowly but surely, the project is now going on its right direction. Details as follows:

1. PROJECT NAME: GOODLUCK YAI 2011 Origami Cranes PROJECT (see Mooday Hangover for more crane details).

2. OUR AIM: 1000 origami (see Moonday Hangover post for the reason why).

3. Participants : All YAI lovers & Haveners worldwide .

Here are the names so far who’s in charge of collecting:

NOTE : As suggested by LEE_RAIGIE, guys would you mind putting your Name and Location on the comment section so we will know how many are joining?

4. Colors & Sizes – Any color or sizes (see previous post for color guide and meaning)

5. What to write/send: Aside for the 1k origami cranes

  • A short massage for our MASTERSIk fo 2011 with your name & location.(individual message)
  • A local delicacies or any gift you want to give him (ex: socks, books etc)-Can be group of individual gift/s

6. Where to send

#####Hear yeah! Hear yeah…####

Ancientkingdom  (bless her)  have agreed to collect all out cranes, and she will send directly to our #mastersik! She will pack all our cranes  to one lovely container…we can all share the cost (for the container)… is it ok with you guys?

For those not sure where to send your ORIGAMI Crane, email here : ANCIENTKINGDOM @ piscium79@naver.com

7. Deadline : 2nd week of February ( Around Feb 7-13?)

Fighting! All for one, one for All!

Thank you  so much! We can do it! Fighting!!!!

108 thoughts on “(3rdUPDATE) GOODLUCK YAI 2011 ORIGAMI CRANES Project

  1. Hi all,

    For Indonesian fans you can send your paper cranes to me, you can contact me at ailave@twitter or e-mail/YM me at evalia_arisyanti@yahoo.com.

    So far we have 8 #haveners joining the project: selvmord/xia, lee_raegie, furbabe, aoikarin/sweetgodzilla, ekawachyu, ain_nee and conanblue32.

    Is there anyone i missed? please contact me asap so we can decide how many cranes we need to make for each person.

    Btw, of course i’m joining the project

    #name: Evalia
    #location: Jakarta – Indonesia
    #twitter id: @ailave
    #email: evalia_arisyanti@yahoo.com

    Can’t wait to hearing from you, Indonesian #haveners ^____^

    • hi Eva, I’m also an Indonesian #haveners (still self-proclaimed though cause I’ve been a lurker forever here -_-). I’ve sent a DM via your twitter, hope you got it.. I’ve decided not to just lurk anymore kekeke… so can I still join the project? thanks…
      #name: Rani
      #location: Tangerang, Indonesia
      #twitter id: @rt4882
      #email: run_e@live.com

  2. thank you for the 3rd update, Asha ^____^ and my highest honor to ancientkingdom for her willing to do the finishing touch of this project. Love you #haveners

  3. This is like so exciting! I’ve never seen fellow Haveners become so excited on something to give our dear Mr Yoo back! Sorry I’m not using MasterSik nickname. I’ve been using Mr Yoo for… ever. Anyways good luck to all origami folders (?) We can do it!

  4. I suddenly have some… wonderings !

    I agree to share the cost of the container, but how should we do that when we don’t have the same currency ?

    If cranes will all be together, we can’t add things in the package, like a list of all people who made cranes etc… ?

    Moreover, I’m really not sure French crane will arrive for the second week of February… Last time I sent something in Korea, the deadline was really long, it took at least 3 weeks. I plan to send French cranes next week, but I’m really not sure it’ll arrive in the second week of February. I’m sorry…

  5. Hi~*
    I’m so happy to know here.
    Anyone else in Japan? I’m Korean, but I’ve lived in Tokyo for 5 years.
    I’d like to join you. ^-^

  6. I thought more about it, and the more I think about it, the more I don’t understand a thing…

    Ok we will send all our crane to Ancientkingdom. So all our crane will be mixed together, right ? And if our crane are all mixed together, what the advantage of doing 1000 cranes by country ? Why not sending only 1000 cranes ? Do you understand what I mean ?

    • I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to work either but mine will be strung and packaged on its own and I would actually prefer not to rip all that presentation apart….

  7. hey one of the M&M twins kkkk

    My thought, each 1k from every country will be divided per box/jar. so each will consist of 1k from each diff country. And AncientKingdom unnie will put all together in one large box and send it to mastersik. That’s what i thot tho…

    Maybe the other haveners have a better explanation on this^^

    • AFAIK, the aim of this project is to show that Sik got many international fans around the world that unite in one place called Yooahinhaven. So I heard that AncientKingdom unnie will receive all cranes from all countries but she’ll keep them separated based on the country’s sender. And then she’ll bring them altogether to YAI management. Correct me if I’m wrong, guys.

  8. Here’s the 2nd twin ^^ And I have the same wonderings !
    (But as I cruelly lack of time, I can’t be sure to send my cranes next week, or not many (anyway, not as many as I want) =_=)

    And how many are we in Europa ? We, the twins, 2 or 3 friends of us and ?

  9. OMG!
    I really want to join this project!!
    But I just seen this thread today T T
    The package from Thailand already sent!

    stupid girl! *crying* T[]T

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