22 thoughts on “More with the Fan’s Encounter in London

  1. Yayyyyy mathedddddd… U made my day^^ melikes our master handwriting. If he’s only 5 cm away from me, i’ll probably sneak and steal a kiss hahaha can’t hold the temptation *blushed*

    okay i’m crazy enuf, u got me too excited but saved me from sleepiness XD Luv ya! ^_______^ me practically smiling from ear to ear.

  2. Thanks for always updating this site. I missed YAI already. I keep on rewatching SKKS clips but I hope he’s going to have a new drama soon.

  3. wow..that’s so lucky of her. and I do imagine her 5cm away from Yoo Ah In..If I was like that close to him I would be needing an oxygen mask. =)

  4. lucky girl! Sooooooooo jealous! …5cm away…..awwwwwwwww so close! Our YAI so cool and funny! I wonder what will I do if I’m in her shoes… ^_*

  5. Forever jealous of this girl!! XDDDD

    Kkkk, I love how she freaks out that Ain is within 5cm distance to her. I know I would too if I were in her shoes haha.

    • What would that be?…. for me, I am pretty sure someone would have to pull me away!! I cant go into details on exactly why…but lets just say I will try my best ^_____^! Goodness that girl is lucky!

  6. Hong Sik counting… (yes i squealed reading this part)
    thats so him >.<
    nice man
    Dear Halyu God,
    i pray more and more Haveners to meet this beautiful gorgeous man.

  7. *squeeeeeeelll*

    awww, that girl is soo lucky! can’t imagine what i’ll do if Ah-in -ssi is 5cm away, huuuu.

    thanks for the piece mathed! ^^

  8. Thanks JC unnie and mathed for sharing. It’s so cute to hear about Ah In through the lenses of fans. I wouldn’t take a shower either (and maybe for months) if I were hugged by Ah In!

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