Another pic~ by pepper~

Thanks for you helping~ I posted your E-mails on KBS board~ ^^

This is my gift for you~

It’s not mine. It’s made by pepper unnie~ ^^

15 thoughts on “Another pic~ by pepper~

  1. Acientkingdom~~

    Thank you for posting our comments on KBS! And please tell your friend pepper that her works are beautiful! They are really nice~~ I wish I can understand what those words she put in there. Could you roughly translate what they mean?

    Thanks as always~~ *hugs*

    • 2nd that! thanks Unnie! Awwwwwwww, Missed my Moon Jae Shin…send our thanks to pepper, hope she can visit the haven too.

      • Unnie you’re such an artistic person. I wish I could read your poem. It LOOKS beautiful already! Thanks for sharing

        About message on KBS. I was pissed off as well about how they treated YAI. But I gave up on KBS and other TV station in Korea a long time ago already. I watched a lot of dramas and followed drama news very closely since 2007. I came to conclude that TV awards never ever make any sense. Some awards were so ridiculous I could kill myself out of frustration if I took them seriously (case in point: the almighty Kim Myung Min shared a daesang with Song Seung Heun. WTF? FTW? WTF?)

        The final words: please don’t be too upset everyone. I’m sure with his true talents Ah in will fly far and high, well beyond the shallow visions of those $$$-driven KBS CEOs

  2. and he said he’s not handsome???? are you kidding me #Sik? that gorgeous face still haunts me until now… everlasting guh-ro syndrome ^____^ . again.. thank you ancientkingdom and pepper unnie for this gift

  3. Awwwww… #mastersik’s eyes *droolzzz* huehehe now i’m mouthwatering *slurpppp*

    Btw, thanks for posting the beautiful pics ancientkingdom onnie ^^ sent my regards to pepper also… haveners jjang! Mwahhhh *kisses*

  4. wow! I liked it! (though I don’t understand the writings in the picture ;p) thanks for posting!

    oh, by the way, who makes the banner image (I don’t know exactly how you call that, that picture above when you open this page?) of Haven? the tagline made me chuckle: “home to the virus carriers” 😉

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