YAI goes to LA, USA~!!!

Hey~ Haveners~

This is a great news for USA Fans~

Our Master Sik goes to LA, USA on 15th, JAN.


He will stay LA during 7days, but it’s not sure.

This trip is for picturing Jack And Jill Clothes company’ s/s season catalogue.


How exciting~ hehe I can’t wait his another photos~ Whew~

41 thoughts on “YAI goes to LA, USA~!!!

  1. Unnie… I seriously love u! XD thanks for the update…

    Haveners in westcoast…please stalk our masterrrrrrrrr… #sikcited XDDD

    • Thanks eonni ancientkingdom….

      Please-please-please, someone in West Coast… we need to launch Operation Stalk YAI, LMAO… and live report will be awesomesauce!!!!

  2. OMG YOO AH IN IN LA!!!!!!

    i hope there’s gonna be fans to meet him when he arrives. i would loooooove to go since im less than an hour away from the city. i just dont have a car. ;~;

  3. Thank you thank you thank you unnie!!! *big big hug*
    We seriously need to launch on an Operation Stalk YAI… Ha ha ha~~
    Sorry I am in the east coast, not west coast… >< So close and yet so far…

  4. Does anyone know when his plane arrives in LAX? I happen to live in Orange County and I have been waiting this moment for the past two months!! I am so excited I shall faint!!!!!

    • you must go after him… I hope there’s only one flight from Seoul so you can track him down easily… good luck dear… don’t forget your marker and please give us an update ^____________^

      • Last time I checked, there are about 12 flights from Korea that day.. starting from 8 am. Chances are he’s going to come vis KAL or Asiana, but there are three different flights from KAL on Saturday. I just hope someone posts his departure time so that I can at least guess when he’s coming..

    • you are so lucky!!! wish he comes to Malaysia.
      and don’t forget paper or ‘whatever’ for him to sign. good luck!!

      we will be waiting for good news form you. 🙂

  5. OMG!

    One way ticket to LA for me???????????????
    Though the US is big and I live very far from LA, imagine we breath the same air…
    Thanks unnie for this fantastic update. US fans, any plan to welcome Ah In?

  6. Oh my gooodnessss, LA is so far from me 😥

    Does anyone know when he’ll be leaving and what else he has plans for during his stay in LA? T_T

  7. Gosh, he’s so busy. He just got back from London, now he’s off again to the States.
    Hope he still manages to get plenty of rest. :O

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

  8. MasterSik is going abroad again?? @(o.o)@ Oh~please let MasterSik has enough quality rest there and come back with dashing photoshoot!!
    P/s To whoever stalker in LA, dunya forget to tell him to visit this site *promote please~* and don’t swoon.Good Luck!

  9. really?!!! it was good news to his USA fans…
    ahh!!! hope so, he can also visit here on philippines….^^

    but then,, have a good trip to him,, good luck!!! AH IN’s fighting!!!!:D

  10. NNOOOOO!!! come to Atlanta T______T!!!!! PLEASE our west coast brothers..please bring back stories of how you met him and hug and sniff him too! USA we gotta show our love!! BUT i am getting high on the thought that in a few hours he will be here on American soil!!! AHHHH!!!! I feel closer to him already!!

  11. Has been in L.A. now? ??
    Hope fans have met him ,and sent us news ,pictures as soon as possible~~~I’m waiting!!!(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……
    AI,Have a good time!O(∩_∩)O~

    My poor English ~~~

  12. 6:20 am?????????
    这是哪里的时间点啊??韩国现在应该是8 pm 吧,美国L.A。。。。3 am……………….

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