Yoo Ah In’s Song Picks for Download

Hello ladies (and gentlemen?),

I’m back! As happy, healthy, and YAI-krazy as ever! Looking through the numerous things I missed the past several weeks, I’m truly amazed by the vibrancy of our international fan community.

To mark an exciting new year, I’d like to pass on to all the Haveners a small gift from Aylam.  Do you still remember this article where Ah In talked about the music he likes? Aylam made a compilation of these fantastic songs in mp3 format for everyone to download. There is concern that sharing the songs online would hurt the artists financially. However, since these songs are relatively non-mainstream, it’s very hard for international fans or those who live abroad to get access to them. So by sharing, we hope that this will give you a better appreciation for Korean music. These songs are for sample listening only. If you like them, please help the artists by purchasing their music whenever you can.


Link to Yoo Ah In’s comments

Lovely covers by Aylam. See credits on the back cover

30 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s Song Picks for Download

  1. Thanks you so much, Aylam and tinysunbl!
    I’ve been listening to a few of these songs on yt for a while now, but it’s really nice to have an mp3 version 😀

  2. Thank you both, Tiny and Aylam!
    Same here, I have been listening to some of them on YT. But now, the mp3 version is just great! ^^

  3. Thank you so much.
    Been wanting to download these songs.
    I love his number one pick by apollo 18
    that song is so comforting yet haunting at the same time
    I wonder what he feels while listening to this song?

  4. haha… good one… i’ve been trying to download the songs from YT and converted it to mp3… but some of them have a broken link so I’m glad to get this version… He has a good taste of music *and I guess for everything* and I really luuuuv Apollo18… Welcome back Tiny… and big thanks to Aylam…

  5. Thx a lot Aylam & tinysunbl~~
    I’ve converted a few from yt & been listening to them on the way to work every morning~ =D loving Apollo 18~!!!

  6. I love the 2 pictures above. ❤ (yai!) The wording on it is just befitted. (^.^) Green looks freedom near him. <33 Like his don also.Anyway thanks and welcome back tiny!!

  7. Hello! 😀 Just yesterday I was searching or these songs for download but to no avail. Talk about fate! 😉 Thank you so so so much! 😀

  8. Thanks a lot, Tiny & Asylum!!
    The songs picked up by YAI remind me of the UK / US alternative music scene in the 90’s.
    (Yeah, I’m an ahjumma surviving the 90’s 🙂 )
    Our YAI is an indie boy, and his musical taste matches him.
    I hope there will be some film projects in the near future,
    which will feature YAI and this kind of music.
    If it happens, he can rule the world!!

  9. thank you … ^^ myb i will add secret’s shy boy since Master Chic mentioned the girlsgroup, just because the songs title … ^^ Made me curious did Secret get inspired by him ^^?
    anyway thank you very smoooch

  10. thanks much for sharing… “when my loneliness calls you” is so melodramatic. i’m so hooked. just what i’m looking for this lazy afternoon alone…

  11. another thing… could someone give me the lyrics of when my loneliness calls you? it’s so frustrating that i could not appreciate the song because i don’t know the words… really nice music. so easy to the ears. her voice kind of reminds me of horan from clazziquai. the kind that cradles me to sleep during my insomnia days. please send them to me….

    thanks in advance….

  12. thankyou so much for the compilation, love it xD
    is there anyone of u who kno where i can find the lyrics??
    its so difficult, even google cant help me Dx

    thankyou so much 😀

      • These are indie music, not very popular with international fans. So I’m not sure with you can find translations. I would say trying to google the korean titles/band names to see what’s available out there first

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