YAI leaving for LA on Jan 15th

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These pictures are taken and retouched by a bloger named BakedBanana! She was generous enough to share these beautiful pictures of YAI with us, yet please do not retouch more than what’s done already nor cut out her blog address from the pictures. Please, have her blog address wherever you take these pictures to if you need them posted. (She removed YAI’s beard using photoshop for some reason, so I’m not sure if he still kept his beard.)

Yes, as Ancientkingdom posted earlier, YAI arrived in LA yesterday, and I’ve been hearing stories of personal encounter with YAI at the airports (both Incheon, Korea and LA, US).

About 18 hours ago, YAI jokingly tweeted that he is going to learn dance moves from LA. I assume that he is referring to Chris Brown‘s “Take You Down” choreography which Lee, Gi-gwang showed on a TV show once.ย  K-fans are imagining YAI dancing like Chris Brown, but I cannot picture YAI dancing that hard lol. Enjoy the pictures. And, I’ll come back with his TWT mentions that I have been delaying for this long sometime soon.


53 thoughts on “YAI leaving for LA on Jan 15th

  1. WOW… have a nice trip…. really glad look he is fine, healthy, and happy… I m sure lollipops is your escape from a cigarette … I hope you pay more attention to your health … cigarettes can make you sick … hehehe

    • YAI…. dance hahaha must be awesome, i hope i can dance with you.
      thanks InK this really great…this fun I can add my collection of photos YAI, thank you very much

      • You are very very welcom, Eka~
        That lollipop and Vitamin Water were given to him by a fan at the Incheon Airport. I heard that he popped out the lollipop and put it into his month even though he had a gum already in his mouth. I don’t know how he managed chewing gum and licking lollipop at once kekekekeke He’s a cutie for sure!! and I notice that he shows his genuine cuteness to his fans only and not to the press people. how sweet~ I heard that when his fans call out “Ain Oppa (Brother Ain),” he turns back and gives that lovely smile, but if a fan calls him out as “Ain-ssi (Mr. Ain),” he gives back that rigid business look. lol Cute~ and Cute~ and Cuuuuuuuuute~ Wish I was in LA TT

    • I absolutely agree your opinions YAI has to pay more attention to his health by stopping smoking. ^ ^*
      But I’m so afraid YAI doesn’t seem to stop smoking yet.
      The candy (We Koreans calls it ‘Chupa Chups’) he’s eating in the pictures was just a tiny, instant gift from his fans in Incheon International Airport.
      And he was quite enjoying them! ^ ^
      With Fabulous Ah-in’s appearance, there was a enjoyable commotion in the airport. And he was EXTREMELY gorgeous, I heard!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Bakedbanana, the greatest photographer, – Her skills were gorgeous, too!!!!
      I know he’s coming back to his mother country in 7 days,
      and really look forward to going to the airport to say Welcome back to him!!!!
      I can’t wait!!! >.<

      • oh, Hi~~~ It’s great to have you here!!
        So, it’s a 7 day trip, huh?? That’s good to know~ I never knew about how long the trip was going to be~
        Will you be going out to welcome him at the Incheon Airport?? How lucky you are TT
        I’m guessing that I’ve known you from somewhere else like Ain-gall or Aineses.. But,, if you don’t want to, you don’t need to come out and indicate who you are~ heheheh btw, I’m ์ž‰์ฟ . so nice to meet you!

        • Oh, gosh.
          You must be ‘์ž‰์ฟ ’, one of the passionate & enthusiastic gallers of YOOAHIN gallery.
          I’ve already seen your Korean nickname before on Ah-in gal… ^ ^*
          So nice to see you again!! ^ ^
          If you wanna know what my Korean nickname of Ah-in gal or Ineses is, you can make a direct translation of my English nickname… haha~
          You’re surely Korean and live in America!!!
          Actually, I’ve been quite wondering who on earth translates Ah-in’s writings and twits (sometimes they’re completely ambiguous!) into English on HAVEN FOR YOU so exactly!!
          Probably, the skillful translater is you! kk..
          As far as I know, Ah-in’s coming back to Korea in 7 days. maybe on Sat. Jan. 22. But it’s not certain. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
          Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing him at the airport in person on that day!
          (If I succeed, it’ll be my second real experience I can meet him in person!)
          I don’t want to miss the nice chance!! ^ ^

          • Are ‘ancientkingdom’ and ‘Jaeshinah’ Korean as well? Honestly, I was very curious where the people who are managing HAVEN FOR YOU come from.
            And I have to say, is my favorite precious place just same as Ahin gal!! ๐Ÿ™‚
            I’m a frequent customer of your blog as well..
            I’m always admiring the managers’ speedy updates of information and elaborate English translation! Sometimes, they’re completely surprising!! ^ ^
            Really nice to see you again and I’m quite envious of you ’cause you’re in the same country (in Korean – ‘๊ฐ™์€ ํ•˜๋Š˜ ์•„๋ž˜’ ) with Fabulous Ah-in in the end!!
            Have a great time!!! *^ ^*

            • Hi, ancienkingdom unnie, Ink Cho, and Jaeshinah are indeed Korean. The rest of ppl managing this site are from all over the place.

              Sorry I haven’t been around, if you’re new to Haven, you have my warmest welcome!~cyber hug~

            • Hey`welcome~ ^^ I’m ancientkingdom and my Aineses’ nickname is ์˜ค๋ž˜๋œ์ œ๊ตญ~ ^^ gallery’s is ๋ชป๊ฐ€๋ณธ๊ธธ~ nice to meet you~ I live in In-cheon, Korea~ ^^

          • Hi again~
            haha. thanks for remembering me from the gallery, but i’m the laziest krn translator they have on the Haven. hehehehe;;; The other kr-eng translators and chn-eng translator do most of the work. I know you well for your video works!! I’ve visited your blog before and recognized your videos that i’ve been loving on Youtube~
            It’s so nice to have you here, i mean, i mean it!!! I’ve checked all your posts under ์•„์ธ์–ด๋ก and how impressive!! I like your interpretations on his pieces of hints very much!! If you can join us to check and revise the translations, that would be awesome!!! I don’t wanna give you much pressure, but please, think about it ^0^

            • Hi~ Thanks for your warmest replies.
              So glad to be warmly received by the managers.:-)
              But there’s something you’ve misunderstood. Ink.
              It’s really understandable for you to get something wrong ’cause I didn’t exactly tell you whose the blog it is.
              Actually, the owner of the blog (blog.daum.net/acesisters)is not me but another blogger nicknamed Sylvia(Gurotaryung).
              Almost all of the video clips and interpretations regarding Ah-in posted on the blog are obviously Sylvia’s.
              Sylvia was so intimate she permitted some frequent visitors to post Ah-in’s recent articles and video clips, etc.
              And, now you know, I’m just one of the viewers who frequently drop by and post some articles on her blog. ^ ^;
              I thought I was permitted to write something down here along with the address of Sylvia’s blog. ^-^;
              But if I stand by letting you misunderstand, I’m afraid for fear Sylvia’ll be offended by that! ^ ^;
              Anyway, Sylvia’s blog is so nice and I just want you to come there sometimes. ^ ^;
              And.. I’m not such a fluent English speaker.
              I’m so unskilled and lazy that I can’t help you with translation any articles into English. >..<
              So looking forward to seeing him again in person!!
              I'll come by again and have a nice time!!! *^ ^*

            • I see I see~ Now i understand better about Sylvia’s blog~ Hope she doesn’t get offended by this confusion. I also understand about your declining my request, and that is totally okay. But, continue visiting the Haven tho~ we’ll always welcome u~^0^

  2. Hi guys~
    Hope everything’s well with you all!
    Hmmm, copyright’s been a tough issue among YAI fans recently. As his fandom grew bigger recently, this basic manner’s been ignored by some of the newer fans, I heard. It took me several hours to communicate with BakedBanana and get her permission to upload the pix. And, I’ll be asking for permission from now on whenever I bring someone else’s fan-art pieces.
    If you find a great piece of fan-art online and try to ask for permission to share the work, please don’t hesitate to ask me to translate your message into Korean to send it to the original artist. I’ll be glad to help you on that.

  3. Yeeeyyy!! At last Seeksik’s latest pix! Ink my goddess thank you for your effort to get bakedbanana’s permission posted all these lux and gorgeous pictures!!! My eyes being pampered so much!! Ok let’s back to scroll up n down and zoom zoom zoom ^_______^

  4. AI like to be called Oppa? hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..(*^__^*) ๅ˜ปๅ˜ปโ€ฆโ€ฆSo Cute

  5. omg, i can’t stop spazzing. damn LA fans are so lucky.
    T-T did he shave off his moustache?? that sexy stache….*weeps*

    thanks for sharing. ^^

    • not just yet~~~ We’ll see on that. BakedBanana removed his mustache via photoshop. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why she did that lol. im gussing the sexy mustache is still there, however, his newest role would be too young to keep mustache, so… we’ll have to say good-bye to his sexy mustache sometime soon TT

  6. To all the fans in LA right now: if you decide to come to the airport to greet him, good luck! Please give him the warmest welcome on my behalf. A mention of our fan community here to him would be fantastic too!!!

    • Hi Tiny,
      There are lucky fans who ran into YAI at the airport on the 15th in LA. Funny that he left Korea on the 15th and arrived in LA on the 15th because of the time difference~
      But, don’t miss the chance to say good-bye to him when he flies back to korea!!

      • lucky….lucky… envy….envy… *______*
        when he come to Indonesia, i will fold 1000 cranes for that, wish our YAI come to my country ^______^

  7. Haha, I guess the stache has been really Ain’s biggest identifier as of late! The first thing that went through my mind when I saw these photos too was where’s the stache???

    Hope to hear someone from YAIHaven meeting the guy personally! That would be epic!

  8. well based on the comments i guess he cut his facial hair?i actually liked it on him..will miss it..but these pics are divine!!good photographer and good subject!!

  9. First of all, thank you, InK! *big hug*

    And I always want to leave bakedbanana comments/messages.
    But, sadly, I don’t know how~ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So, here is what I always want to say to bakedbanana: Thank you for all those great pics so we get to see YAI so closely and clearly! *big hug*

    • Ha ha! That makes two… no, three of us… because I am sure that is how Tiny feels also! That is why I keep feeling “so close and yet so far…” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    *he look so clean!!! ^^
    LOOKING healthy and young!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    though you with cigar IS A KILLER HOTNESS …
    i prefer you with that lollipop ๐Ÿ™‚

    have a great exp in LA
    will be waiting for that dance steps !:DDD

    “I’LL TAKE YOU DOWN!!!” -i hope ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LOL! yes! I was reading the comments and no one comment on the “take u down” dance moves! I was thinking has no one seen the music video with Chris Brown! He was hot in it! And to think Master could do such moves….”flat line o.O”

      “I have no regrets!” Dead x___x

  11. Our Ah In is looking good eve without the moustache … thanks for sharing Ink .. and BakedBanana is one awesome photographer.

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