Regarding permission to use fan-generated contents

Hi dear Haveners,

I’ve posted the newest pictures of YAI that are taken by a Korean fan a couple of days ago, and I mentioned that we need to be more careful on bringing (re-posting) Korean Fans’ fan-art works here on Haven or on any other international fan-site. This is not because K-fans claim for YAI as their own and do not want to share with us international fans. It applies the same for any other K-fans as well.

Let me briefly go over why this has become a sensitive issue. There are different types of YAI’s online fandom in Korea: Ainese(the official fan cafe), DCinside YAI Gallery, Daum Ain-zone, and some private blogs (Powerful bloggers attract their own viewers, too.) I am a member of Ainese and DC Gallery,  so I can only recount from their points of view, so if there are other K fans out there who are reading this post and disagreeing, please, feel free to leave comments to correct the facts.

Some fans are really terrific photographers, and they are the ones who bring out their heavy camera equipments and go out in the cold weather to take beautiful pictures of YAI. (note: they are not stalkers who abuse YAI’s private life, and they only attend his official schedules so far.) These fans’ effort and time provide us those amazing quality pictures that no professional photographers could give us at the moment.  However, some of K-fans took it for granted and used those pictures as if the pictures were her originals. For instance, these a few fans cut out the nickname of the original and put their own nicks and gave it away to other fans as gift. (This was possible because there are 3 groups of online fan sites. One could easily steal the image from the other groups.) The original photographer found this out later and got upset with the person who took the credit for the pictures.

Some fans are good at making capture shots from YAI’s films and dramas. Some are skillful at retouching. All these pretty images that are easily available online are somewhat recreation of the fan-artists who would put hours into their work. It is okay to enjoy the image at the moment and save it to one’s pc to view it again personally. Yet, to re-post the images on one’s blogs or other fan sites, it would be nice to ask for permission of the original creator. People thought it was okay to re-post the images and video as long as they indicate where they were originally from. However, the original artists also need to track where their works are spreading toward.

I know it is extremely difficult for you to contact the creator of the images on DC gallery because you cannot read Korean. Then, shoot me the url, so I can contact the artist for you. My twitter account is @InKcho

If you find good images from Ain-zone on Daum, contact Ancientkingdom who go there regularly.

If you find blogs that contains good stuff, contact any of us K-translators or leave your comment directly to see if they answer you back. Here are some of the useful lines:

  • I love your fan-art work! (정말 멋진 작품들이네요! 너무 좋아요!)
  • May I share these beautiful images with other overseas fans of YAI? (다른 유아인의 해외 팬분들과 이 멋진 사진들을 공유해도 될까요?)
  • Is it okay if I make changes to your image? (제가 이 사진을 2차적으로 수정해도 되겠습니까?)
  • Is it okay to make a wallpaper with your images? (이 사진들을 이용해서 바탕화면을 만들어도 될까요?)
  • May I use your images to make videos? given that the original source will be shown/indicated? (이 사진들을 이용해서 비디오를 만들어도 되겠습니까? 사진의 출처는 꼭 밝히게습니다.)

I know it’s way complicated for international fans to ask for permissions when it’s still a little complicated for K-fans to follow. Twt me anytime if you need help on this. I can’t solve all the problems because I might not have all the accounts that are necessary to communicate with them artists. But, I’ll do my best to reach them for you.

p.s. As a person who hasn’t produced a single image of YAI myself, this whole issue regarding copyrights has been affecting me and my blog, too. I’ve stopped posting when it has to have images that are done by others. I’ve been scrapping others’ entire posts now after leaving them comments to save me from any trouble regarding copyrights.  I don’t know how long this issue will be lasting…

p.p.s. I can only show some of the images that are given by other talented gallers. If you look into these, the images have my nick InK (잉쿠) on them to indicate that the image was a gift from the friend who came up with the image.

Thanks for understanding, my Haveners~

20 thoughts on “Regarding permission to use fan-generated contents

  1. Really appreciate you doing this, InK! ♥

    We understand where they are coming from. I also belong to other fandoms and sometimes I share stuff like scans, translations, etc. I don’t usually put watermarks or disclaimers because it’s just my way of giving back to the fandom but I appreciate it when someone acknowledges and credits me somehow.

    As part of YAI’s international fandom, I admit that we can only get info based on what the Korean fans share. I know that there are some who may not follow the rules (stealing stuff and claiming them as their own), but most of us are not like that. I just hope that they give us a chance and allow us to partake in whatever YAI-related photos/videos/news there are.

    Thank you very much for this post 🙂

  2. Thanks for clearing this up. I wish all YAI lovers can work together and be one unit , after all we have one aim and that is to promote, support and love this wonderful man/boy named YU AH IN!
    thank you Ink, love, love this post and thanks for those useful lines! Again thanks for posting this!

    One for all All for one! Fighting everyone!

  3. Staying on deviantArt (art site), I’d say online copyright is a serious issue. A lot of people take it for granted and use pics/graphics/videos they find online as if they’re all made for public use, which is sad. It’s actually theft, regardless of how many people say otherwise (all those forum and journal posts on dA surely embed this on my mind).

    I’ve been careless before, too, but now that we’re more aware, I think it’s just right to give credits and ask for permission if it’s not clearly indicated that pics/graphics/videos in question can be shared. We’re Haveners, after all; I’m sure that’ll be easy. ^^

  4. Dear Ink unnie… Thanks for the post..^^

    Ok… I’ve been through this kinda thing too before. Some people takin my work and claim it as theirs. I felt really pissed off at that time, but realize…hey i posted it on internet where eveybody have all access to my work. It’ll be my own risk, once ur work is published on internet, it’s unofficially belonged to public. And I do understand that the original artist ,who spent their time following our master and spent hours makin those beautiful fan-arts, need to be respected for their hardwork of those pretty art.

    But the thing is… there will always be naughty fans who’ll take their work & post it somewhere else w/o proper credit. Don’t u think it’s better to let people spread their work as long as they put the credit? And i will say screw leechers, but there r tons of them.

    For now, i’ll do as u suggest, but as Janjher said, it’s very time consuming to ask permission for every single pics that r floated. I’d rather do the easy thing and save the pic to myself, but when i think of other int’l fans who don’t have access to the web nor understand the language… I feel really really sad. Even me who can read hangul found it too difficult to enter korean web sometimes T.T

    Anyway, we’ll see what happen. Me hoping for a better result in this copyright issue tho.

    Gomawoyo unnie! Daebak^^

      • Hahaha just some thought tho XDDD been there done that. It’s always the same thing. SCREW LEECHERS!

        Anyway…i can’t drink tonite coz i gotta work XP i need to be sober XD

  5. We also have some Korean fans here on our haven, so I guess K-fans surely know that we International fans never steal any of those incredible works… and I think we always give our highest honor to all of those sources. So I hope our haven never get any problem with copyright issue. Thank you InK, for the clarifying. Reading my timeline on twitter this morning made me teary eyes… not getting any latest pic of Ah-In is kind of nitemare to me… I hope it won’t be happen, not in my lifetime…

  6. Thank you inK…
    Thanks for posting this, it helps to see from both sides, thus helps to see the problems more clearly…
    All I can say is, we are also the victims of those irresponsible acts, not only the creator of the arts *sigh*
    I really hope this issue can be resolved, someday, soon…

  7. I am a new player in a virtual world, sometimes the basic rules that should be read carefully is often overlooked.
    some time ago I accidentally upload a video from this site without me realizing … hahaha the results of the experiments.
    Well, from now on I’ll be more careful and not do those things that could violate the copyrights of others …
    Ink thanks, I really appreciate your post … and the best lesson I learned today
    and collecting YAI image just for myself, is that Ok ?

  8. Ah… Seeksik Gallery has a lot of pictures from DC Gallery… But almost all is taken from Baidu Search engine and YAI Baidu bar. And like what has been mentioned by InK and Haveners, it is hard to keep track of all the owners and of course, if I have the chance and time, I would trace back the owners n personally ask for their permission to post. Despite of this copyright issue, I would like to assure all K fans that international fans really appreciate all the hard work and effort taken to share the memorable scenes in the world of YAI. It is hard to share images of YAI without the help of our K-fans as we are not from Korea and most of us international fans have the lowest probability to even meet YAI in person… So.. If there’s any misconduct or failure to credit earlier on, Seeksik Gallery will apologize and will be more careful next time.

  9. Guys~^^ Ink and I told ths issue yesteday. It is confusing and consuming your time and hard work, w understnd. ut i is very senstive issue rght now. So if you find any good pics or somethig about YAI, just tweet us. And we will do our best for u guys. I’m sorry if it breaks your heart… ㅠㅜ. I know some of my dear you guys got upset becauseof this news, but please~ just think those creators efforts for making thosebeauiful pics. And don’thestate sendg tweet me, and Ink. My tweeter in ancientkingdom. ^^ I play in Ainzone in dum. ^^

  10. Thank you, InK, for clarifying this whole issue. I think it is a very important but tough issue. Before a good solution is found (or maybe it will never be found 😦 ), I do think we should follow what InK suggested and show people that haveners do respect the creators of those great fan-works.

    And for both InK and Ancientkingdom, thank you for working so hard on this to help all the int’l fans communicate with K-fans… and willing to spend time to help obtain the permissions in the future. I just want you to know that your efforts are greatly appreciated!! 🙂

    • Yeah! I can see your K point of view on this issue!….. but it means that we’ll be right behind all about YAI….. (all will take time)…. Ah! THE SYSTEM……
      I think “WE” Haveners’re falling head over heel in love with YAI…. much more beyond…. his skillful of acting & his good look…(which many actors have)…. BUT…. his depth of THOUGHTFUL & MEANINGFUL of life…. PLUS he’s the one not ashamed to show his HUMAN side….
      I thought ALL his REAL fans should understand his purpose of life…. this’s more like…YAI’s been robbed his title (AWARDs) by KBS’ mindless system… who’re abided by their own selfish GREED… so there’re suckers everywhere!
      I’m very grateful for your help with all info & translating……… InK…. ancientkingdom…. jaeshinah and everyone… who’re working so hard for us here ***BOWs*** THANK YOU

  11. ((0))
    Haveners now activate supernatural power by pressing the button at the top … because I have many pictures YAI but sorry can not share on the internet point it at the coordinates with your mind … I’m directing my supernatural power to all of you …. so you can enjoy my pic today…. hahahaha

  12. amen to ya comments,its nice you acknowledge and you make us aware that we must acknowledge the person doing the hard work to capture the special images that we love!It is so easy to forget that there is a fan taking these pro looking pics and the least one can do is acknowledge em

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