Daum, Ain-zone fellowers said~

Hi~ Haveners~

I contacted to Ainzone fellowers and we discussed the recent issue, “about scrapping photo and copyright”.

They were really glad to share their pics with us!!!

So, I link AinZone here.


And please~ do not erase their Nickname which are on the photo~.

And Do not retouch their creations. ^^

And they say~~~~

“Hello, International YAI’s fans. We are very glad to know you~. Visit here and enjoy YAI’s lovely spirits together~.”

I hope it will be a good news to you, my dear~

19 thoughts on “Daum, Ain-zone fellowers said~

  1. Good to read this news… thank you ^___________^ Yes we International fans on #haveners will be good as always, thank you for sharing =)

  2. Big BIG THANK to ANCIENTKINGDOM and DAUM AIN ZONE followers for your KINDNESS and your HOSPITALITY for SHARING…..♥♥♥

  3. Gomawo Unnie AncientKingdom^^

    This is indeed a very great news. We are really grateful to have you here^^

    About the credit, no worries. We’ll make sure that the harwork of the original artists will be fully appreciated.

    Neon uri cheonsa! XDDD unnie saranghae^^ chuuuu~~

  4. Unnie … you not only an angel for your two beautiful daughters but you’re also an angel for us ^____^
    Thank you for this Unnie we really appreciate it ❤

  5. Hi! i’m happy the issue is finally resolved..tho am sure it will eventually cuz..come on guys.. we have something in common right?? we all love YAI..cheers everyone..

  6. Thank you Ancientkingdom & AinZone, this is goodnews indeed! Sharing is caring! Fighting to all YAI lovers! All for one! one for All!

  7. Thank you Ancientkingdom for writing this issue.

    I have a blog about Yoo A-in in Japan. I’ll inform fans in Japan of the problem of the copyright.

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